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An update on what’s going on in the UK, including FREE training days

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i4 Automation

A short video on YouTube showing you....

We show you how we connected the STOBER servo range of drives (MDS 5000) to the Unitronics Unistream range of integrated PLC and HMI. In this example we use just the CPU, USC-P-B10 and a 7" display, USC-P-B10 plus the free programming software Unistream. It was very simple to do, please contact us for more information or a demonstration.

We have also done this with the STOBER SDS 5000 range of drives.

i4 Automation

There are many training kits for people starting off on their journey of Factory Automation (FA). Here at i4 Automation we think it's worth while going strait for the real thing.

We offer:-

1. Free training place for ALL new customers (T & C apply).

2. Free programming software (integrated solution for the PLC and HMI)

3. Free programming cable.

4. PLC and HMI all in one. (you only have to learn 1 software package and do the job once!)

More information on our website http://www.i4automation.co.uk/samba.aspx

Max headroom video http://www.unitronics.com/e_Learning/Getting_started/index.htm (if you are too young to remember Max you can find him on youtube http://goo.gl/XsnqX0)

Software and getting started info http://www.i4automation.co.uk/visilogic.aspx

i4 Automation

We will be exhibiting at the NEC in Birmingham (UK) 8, 9,& 10 April.

Fluid Power & Systems 2014 is the only event in the UK that is 100 per cent focused on a comprehensive range of hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, together with products that facilitate better electromechanical system design and application for improved process automation, control and monitoring.


The new show will also be co-located with a series of FREE highly complementary exhibitions: European Offshore & Energy, Drives & Controls, Air-Tech, the Plant & Asset Management exhibition, National Electronics Week and MACH. The combined shows will create the biggest event for the UK manufacturing and engineering sector in 2014, with an anticipated attendance of well over 40,000+ visitors.

If you are looking to use your first PLC or you are a “power user” (with extensive PLC programming experience) we have a range of cost effective products and a training course to meet your needs. We hold regular training course at our office to enable new users to get up to speed quickly. We cover all aspects of PLC & HMI control with our
All In One
integrated units that come with our free programming cables, software and support. Unitronics and i4 Automation have a comprehensive range of products from 2 line 16 characters text display to 12” full colour networked solutions.
Come and see the product range for yourself at the show.

We will be on stand F400


i4 Automation

If you are looking to use your first PLC or you are “power“ users (with extensive PLC programming experience) we have a range of products and a training course to meet your needs. We hold regular training course at our office and can also come to you and train your team.

Give us a call for more information. 01 480 395 256 (UK)

Or download the 2014 training schedule.


i4 Automation

We thought it would be a worthwhile exercise to emphasise how easy it is to connect our range of PLC and integrated HMI's to 3rd party intelligent sensors or nearly any other device’s via RS232 / RS485.


Unitronics engineers have worked hard to reduce the pain involved in serial communications by producing a function block that allows you to configure a message using a comprehensive set of pre-defined conversion and calculation tools. The net result is a neat little box in the middle of your program that sends out a question and returns the answer to a place of your choice.

Plus the added value of free programming software

Integrated PLC & HMI

Choice of communication protocols, Modbus, Profibus, Ethernet, CANbus, UniCAN, DF1...

Demonstration stock to prove your application

Great technical support

For more information take a look at our website http://www.i4automation.co.uk/serialcommsfb.aspx

i4 Automation

When you install the Unitronics programming software this includes a comprehensive set of example programs covering all aspects of Vision and U90 Ladder functions.

These example programs can be opened by selecting Help > Examples from the Visilogic or U90 Ladder software.

The examples split into two general areas, those which demonstrate how to use the PLC functions, such as maths or comparisons, and those which show how to configure applications, such as sending SMS messages or logging data to an SD card.

If the example program that you need is written for the wrong type of PLC then simply Project > Export the PLC subroutines and then Project > Import them into a project for the correct PLC type.

These small programs really work and can save huge amounts of development time as you learn from the experience of others.

And if need further assistance then you can always ask us!

i4 Automation

We know its the summer Holidays but looking forward we have some places on our next training course in September.

3 day Visilogic training starting on September 17th.

Book early to avoid disapiontment. More information.

"The course was great and the products are great too – I’ll try my best tomorrow to see if there’s any chance of trying to integrate these into the stuff we’re doing –it would certainly make my life easier!" MB (experienced PLC programmer).

Many thanks for the training day.

Really learnt a lot yesterday – I think the “stabilisers” have been taken off the bike – so I need to get some practise with this unit, and try to make it do a few things such as counting, and speed measurement ! DB (first time PLC user).

Limited places so please contact us for more information.

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