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A lot of my time is spent explaining/verifying/demonstrating. The attached program shows the scan time for a V1040/V1210 and also demonstrates the logic required to do the same for any of the Enhanced family of PLCs.

SL20 - in V570 gives the scan time in units of 250 ns. In V130 and V350 - in units of 200 ns. In standard Vision models it's not supported.

Small tip - you can measure execution time of any part of your program via the function Interval. You can find it in VisiLogic > Utilities > Debug. It's described in Help topic On Line Test Mode.

from: http://forum.unitron...rch__1#entry458

ScanTime Tester.vlp


After a lovely chat with our friendly Unitronics Desk Manager about promoting the new V1040, I sat down the next day to prepare our demo box for a trade display and realised it only has the V570 fitted! This is the Unitronics factory demo with the V570, V350 and Jazz.

After some quick action to find a piece of panel material, the afternoon was spent cutting and soldering to migrate the existing V350, Jazz and peripherals to a new panel that also accomodates the V1040. The modem was moved inside the box, internal cable ducting was ditched for a more "free form" approach. Program changes were minimal, mainly to stretch the HMI screens to the new resolution. Some of the graphics did not re-scale well, but as time was not on my side they will have to do for now. Some screens are yet to be modified and the documentation pages needs updating with the new products.

However all in all it was a good result for a last-minute re-build, and now we can have the V1040 proudly on display.

blogentry-16-086768700 1300923000_thumb.


I was offered an unused ABB pressure transducer with HART interface (see http://www.hartcomm.org/). HART stands for Highway Addressable Remote Transducer. Showing the ability to read all values from such a device using Unitronics is an advantage for applications in the mining and resources sectors in particular.Using the Turck BL20-E-GW-EN and BL20-2AIH-I a simple ModbusTCP gateway module was possible. Whilst all HART values are accessible as Modbus registers, the conventional 4..20mA input value is stored as a 16-bit signed integer (MI) but the HART values are 32-bit Float values (MF). Also the Float registers must have the word order reveresed. I currently have a V530 program that reads all values and displays them on the screen. Using SB102 allows the word order to be reversed when reading the Floats.Two problems currently remain* The remote device does not appear to detect a lost connection, and doesn't automatically connect on power up. Not sure what is happening here, but it seems like the problem is with the remote device, as I have not had this much trouble communicating with other ModbusTCP devices from a Unitronics PLC.* converting the project to V350 mostly worked, but the reversal of the float words did not work - also not sure about that one, and haven't spent the time reading the help files for clues at this stage..


Clearing the Decks

It has been a couple of months for cleaning up unfinished business. Old repairs have been completed, non-working demos restored to life, papers filed, notebooks purged and so on. My desk is now a streamlined surface of effiicient productivity. Just the perfect time to start a new forum and blog.I am looking forward to new level of interaction and a place to ramble about stuff without getting in anyone's way. Hopefully some of my ramblings might even be useful.

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