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An invitation to suggest ideas for new UDFB's

Eyal Koren


Hi all,

This is an open invitation for you to suggest new ideas and thoughts for Unilogic UDFB's.

It is very important for us to keep track of our customers needs. As part of this agenda we want to create and develop useful tools for your benefit.

These UDFB's will be attached to the next releases of Unilogic.

Please feel free to suggest any idea that seems useful.

Thank you



Recommended Comments

Totalizer or Integrator UDFB: (Trapezoidal approximation)


A. Analog Value to be totalized (integrated) (REAL)

B. Sample Rate:  milliSeconds (INT16)

C. Number of Integrations (UNIT32)


D. Integration Value: (REAL)

E. Average Value: (REAL)

F:Integration Count(sample#): (REAL)




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A UDFB to communicate with other makes of PLC's would be great. We use Unitronics but some of our customers use Siemens/Omron/etc. and talking to them is a real pain. Any chance you can code a block that removes this pain?

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