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  2. Ausman, I already did it. I just wanted everyone to know about the problem. Thanks.
  3. Neels, Yes, you can. But it is so vulnerable, as digital inputs can be altered.. B.R.
  4. Hi, I have a similar need. I use different models of Unistreams and would like to connect fingerprint scanners in stead of using the screen login. The finger print scanner I have in mind can either produce a single logic (relay contact, single DI) or 2 x DI to provide 4 levels of security. Is it possible to manipulate the User Access Control Struct in Ladder based in a combination of digital inputs?
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  6. fbojan, Flex is heading into explaining that you have fallen into the trap of "always having the latest", when in fact if it isn't broken, don't change it! (This is the reason why the Vision system has Version Swapper, but such a thing doesn't exist for U90.) You need to use/download the U90 version you wrote the original program with and also use that to correct the OS to the correct one. The download area lists these under Previous Versions. Many people have an area of their program that specifies exactly what they used at the time. Some have it showing on screens, some in a hidden location that is consistent b/n all jobs. cheers, Aus
  7. You will likely have a timeout and number of tries overlap error. For any 485 comms you need to allow for the TOTAL time the plc may spend trying to contact a node, before you switch to the next attempt. A simple example.... If you have a timeout of 1 second and 3 retries, then if there is an error on one node it will take a little over 3 seconds for the plc to ignore the error and reset the connection attempt ready for the next one. Your interval/method of triggering the next call to any node must allow for this possibility. To speed things up you often only do a single try, on the reasoning that if it fails once it will fail again. cheers, Aus
  8. Your question is too broad. What are you asking? !!! cheers, Aus
  9. Orso, I think I use something like you are proposing. In my analogue instances there is always some sort of minor variation going on. I have code that recognises something sitting at a constant reading for a given time, and if this happens I then initiate a power reset on that sensor circuit. This came about because I have had occasional instances where a power disturbance has upset sensors somehow and they lock up. They still output, but nothing is changing and the process is sent completely astray. It is set as a count system so that if it repeats the reset a few times in succession it throws an error. cheers, Aus
  10. Yes. The PID Config without Auto-tune is an older version that remains there for non-Enhanced Vision products. Your V570 is an Enhanced Vision product and should use the PID Auto-tune FBs. Besides the P, I, & D, be sure you enter values for: Sample Time Process Value Low & High Control Value Low & High and of course, target value.
  11. I forgot to mention that I use v570. And that was my concern. As there seems to be a FB just for PID configuration and then also the auto-tune one. So I should use the auto-tune one and just insert the PID values myself?
  12. Oh, I see I may have misinterpreted your question. You would still use the PID Auto-tune even if you don't plan to use the Auto-tune functionality.
  13. Assuming you are using a Vision PLC (you also posted this question in the UniStream forum), then you can always determine and set P, I, & D, with or without Auto-tune. When you set up the PID Configuration, you assign operands to the P, I, & D. Just manually place values in those operands, either through HMI entry or Power-Up and you are good to go.
  14. Hello! I'd like to make a PI(D) without auto-tune, so that I can determine P and I myself (D is going to be zero). Which FB do I use? -Mia
  15. I bought new laptop and I download new U90Ladder. No reason.
  16. Dear all, We communicate 10 nodes through rs485 communication in v700 port 1..the problem is if my one divice is failture means other 9 nodes getting delayed..kindly provide solution RegArds Mohamed
  17. Becouse I update the program U90Ladder and then always when I download the program to Jazz program offer me to download the OS.
  18. Hello I have Jazz JZ20-R10 and modem Cinterion BGS2T. Everything works fine until I update O/S JZ from V2.41 to V2.42 and to V2.44. PLC can`t established communication to modem. SMS: Initialization Failed Register SI180 = 3 When I return O/S to V2.41, everything is OK. What should I do? Best regards.
  19. Hi Mia, Take next example and enter parameters before you run PID. You can copy your parameters one-by-one from separate structure instead of entering manually. PID Autotune, when finished, store parameters. You cannot force this. UniStream_070_PID_UISPT4_Test_AK._530_bck.ulpr
  20. Dears, I am using the module UIS-WCB1; I need to use the two analog input for a 4-20 mA range, with the output value between 0 to 16383 ; at the moment I donpt have the sensors the the inputs are "free"; in this case I have the status of 0x10, that is ok, but also I have a value of 308 in both inputs...exist a way to define, directly, a value when a "problem" is present?..or I have to store the input value in a tag and, checking the value of the status, forse a value in case of faulty? thanks
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