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  2. In each Vision PLC, I take a reading every minute, which is saved to a Data Table. DataXport then connects with each PLC at a given schedule, copies the Data Table, and saves to an Excel file on a shared network drive. (some of the PLC's are read only once or twice a day, others are read every 15 minutes as the end user of the data wants close to real time updates). The end user of the data, reads the Excel file on a similar schedule (but not at the same minute) and puts it into fancy charts and graphs for every one to see..... run time error 3709 says; "The connection cannot be used to perform this operation. It is either closed or invalid in this context." I'm not sure if the connection in question is the connection from DataXport reading one of the PLC's, or from DataXport saving an Excel file to the network drive. And of course, the error always seems to pop up when I'm out of the plant for a couple of days, and then I have to listen to the end users griping about missing information... Which of course make me look like an incompetent boob having created such an unstable data collection process.... JohnR
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  4. Thanks for the additional information--I'm checking up on this :-)
  5. Until we will update RN/Help, you can use next to check if MODBUS limitation is working or not in your version: As soon as you can write into stated SI/SB, MODBUS limitation should work. *System registers are write protected, if not used for additional functions. At this time only MIs and MBs MODBUS limitation works. We added request to wish loist for feature implementation. B.R.
  6. Hi, To communicate and download project to UniStream: Disable "Use Ping on Discovery" option in "Project->Options" UniLogic menu. B.R.
  7. Does the problem reproduces if you download the project to a different PLC? If so, send the project to Unitronics support with the instructions on which page and which image, so they can try to reproduce it here, and if it does then it will be forwarded to the R&D. What version of UniLogic are you using?
  8. Tom, a simple thing to try....just in case it needs it.....have you done an Initialise and Reset? Available either via online, or through Info mode. cheers, Aus
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  10. You need to break your 115 into two pieces, 1 and 15, and display them separately separated by a ":". All you need to do is divide your accumulated time by 100 to get hours and then immediately move the remainder (SL 4) into another register for minutes. Use leading zeros on the minute register. If you post your code and tell us which register is the off time (containing 115) I'll hack it in for you. Joe T.
  11. I don't use DataXport so don't know it's intricacies. Does it do a save every time it does a read? Or does it temporarily store it and then do a save? If it is the latter, then perhaps decrease your intervals b/n saves, just to see if it helps. cheers, Aus
  12. Flex, I think Gonzalo means use the UniStream to do the download to another PLC. I don't think that's possible. But maybe I've misinterpreted this. Or maybe there's a facility in Vision I don't know about through not having the need? cheers, Aus
  13. Since none of what has been presented here is documented anywhere, including Visilogic, is there a document that can be made available for these ranges? It seems that MODBUS access security is going to become very important with the new cybersecurity laws being passed in California and elsewhere and it would be nice to find out if there are any undocumented features or other methods to implement cybersecurity in our PLCs. I noticed that the information presented by @AlexUT is not documented in Visilogic 9.8.80.
  14. I do this all the time with Vision PLCs. I can't imagine not being able to with UniStream. Did you try it?
  15. Hi! I would really like to be able to sort data tables! That will be an excellent upgrade. As @JPowell said: Another great thing, is to have the possiblity to change Web Server language and also the language of the UniApps in the HMI. Thanks!
  16. Hi everyone! I'm developing a project with UniLogic v1.25.61 for the UniStream USP-104-B10. I would like to know if there's any way to donwload a project via Internet to a PLC that is connected to it (internet, not in the same network). The PLC is working as a WebServer, and has its own static IP address. Thanks in advance! Gonzalo
  17. Systematic problem elimination- The problem may be in your wiring. I saw that you have 4 mA on each wire but that doesn't mean that there's not something flowing between the channels. These modules are not isolated. Disconnect all the inputs and put a jumper between I and COM on each channel. It will still show out of range but the values to the PLC should read zero. Let us know what happens. Joe T.
  18. I take it you have two images, one for state 0 and another for state 1, correct? Swap the logic and see if the image comes up correctly. Then swap the images and see if it works. That's where I'd start.
  19. Hi again. I am trying to figure out how to calculate off time. If I use SI31 I can display the current time. Every time the machine is running I have a TA timer counting up. I want to deduct 6 hours of the SI31 (production shift starts at 6:00am) but when I deduct 600 it will display as an MI eg. 7:15 will be 115. How can I display that it time as 1:15? Thanks in advance!
  20. Hi, I'm trying to build a log for my system using the Store DTI to File function. This runs after the struct containing the date is inserted into row 0 of a table, which should be appended immediately to the log file. The writes are sufficiently spaced (~30 minutes) that the SD write interval isn't an issue. I've found that when using option 2 "Only CSV" for the "Create CSV" input (F), the file is simply overwritten, and only ever contains 1 row. Option 1 "Create CSV File (All - udtf,csv,csv.zip)" does append correctly. In both cases "Append to File" (E) is set to 1 "Data will be appended to the file". This looks like a bug to me, and combined with the missing documentation for those options, I've wasted a little more time than I'd like trying to figure that out. Option 1 is an acceptable workaround, so I don't need further support, but this should be fixed. Sandy
  21. Hi, I have a Problem with a binary image in an Unistream USP-070-B10 Web Server. This image doesn't update when there is a bit change . I have many other binary images that are working well. Thanks in advance.
  22. This is connected to an EX-A1 expansion module. The HMI/PLC is a Vision 570 There are 2 other analog modules in the set up. There is an identical IO-AI4-AO2 module immediately preceding the one that isnt working correctly, and there is an 8 channel analog input card immediately following. Both of these are working fine.
  23. I've googled it too, but it seem all the posts are older and not relevant to windows 10.... And these fixes seem to point more to a VB error containing an "Invalid Procedure Call" rather than the message I'm getting from this 3709 error... Any other ideas out there guys? JohnR
  24. Hi NoamM, successfully I could able to configure local mosqutto broker. Thanks for the help.
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