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  2. Hello Dear, I have send my question to support@unitronics.com. Hope you will help me at least by telling me approximate time gap between questioning and having answer. You are selling industrial PLCs, so you know that time matters. And today ....... the very same hardware tells me - look attachment! BR
  3. In VisiLogic, go to Connection / Communication & OS / click the second tab / click the button for Initialize & Reset.
  4. how can i reset the PLC? i found switch to factory boot in visilogic but the PLC screen just turned red
  5. yes is a 3 wires PT100, two of them to 7 and 8 inputs and common to 4
  6. Please show how you set all Input jumpers and how you wired PT100 sensor. Hope it is 3 wires. Use minimum configuration for test - only 2 AI. B.R.
  7. On another SAMBA you can use the same program with the same sensors without problem? Then maybe something wrong with PLC... I recommend: replace battery, init & reset PLC, download blank project, download your project --- Result? Last chance - replace firmware via visilogic... P.S. You change green connector to another one for test? P.P.S It is only temporary for find what is wrong.
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  9. i replaced the IO board and doesn't work, i have 4 PT100 and doesn't work with any , i just hace one connected with the PLC but i changed the PT100 input and was the same prpblem :c
  10. Hi, 1. Please check jumpers for good contact. *Take jumpers from other PLC for test. 2. It is not recommended to exchange board. Upside board store all calibration data for upside board. Downside board store all calibration data for upside board. B.R.
  11. If you have two similar PLC - then you can replace IO board for test what is wrong - PLC program or PLC IO hardware. By the way - you have two PT 100 input on SM35-J-RA22- do you test the same PT100 on another one? P.S. Maybe replace green connector is the solution?
  12. This is all a good result, but Mitchell, please note that you posted in the Unistream part of the forum. There are dedicated forum areas for different model types. The initial responses here were based somewhat on you using Unistream, which then turned out to be Vision after all. When you have another little hiccouph which we'll gladly help with, please ensure it is in the correct area. It's bad enough the regular responders getting confused as to where they are, let alone those asking the questions! 🤔 cheers, Aus
  13. the wires and jumpers are well connected, what could be wrong with the PLC?
  14. 32767 is an open circuit. You have a wiring problem, the jumpers are set wrong, or the PLC is bad. In that order. Joe T.
  15. i measured the PT100 (connected in the plc) and marks 110 ohms, it can be a continuity problem in the connections ports?
  16. Good to hear. By the way, you can type in uW/cm^2 in the area labeled "Text After" and it provide your displayed number with the correct units.
  17. The value 32767 is an error value to tell you that the input is greatly out of range.
  18. I'm understanding now. Thank you! I've taken these steps and it seems to be giving me the data I expected.
  19. The value is 32767, but doesn't have sense because the other PT100 port have the same value (not used), l think plc is not reading PT100 ohms, but again, with other PLC, the same program and PT100 it does
  20. Hi, Please send your request to support@unitronics.com Add to your request PLC SN, from what version of firmware to what version of firmware you did upgrade, or what is a UniLogic version you used for firmware upgrade. How you did upgrade - Disk on Key, or remote. Does USB connection to PLC works? B.R.
  21. You are correct. I was stupidly looking at the analog OUTPUTS on the spec sheet instead of the inputs. Yes, Normal Mode is 14-bit and your hardware config looks to be in Normal Mode. This is referring to how the MI 3 operand is displayed. It is an integer, but you can display it with a specified number of decimals. For example, you are linearizing your input of 0-10uW/cm^2 using 0-100. This gives you one decimal place of precision. If your input after linearization is about 6.3uW, the result in MI 3 will be 63. You will then display it on the HMI with one decimal and it will app
  22. I see that the resolution says 12 bit at "fast mode" and 14 bit at "normal mode" I had assumed normal speed is default, maybe this was a bad assumption? And is there a reason I should be using 2.1 instead of 2.3? Does it have to deal with the literal amount of data being transferred due to the resolution size?
  23. My spec sheet says the Samba analog inputs are 12-bit. You should be linearizing from 0 to 4095. Otherwise your linearization function block looks correct. Your HMI Numeric Variable display looks wrong though. I think the format should be 2.1, not 2.3.
  24. Is the help topic "LF: Write Value to DTI column" referring to the toolbox item "Set DTI Column Value"?
  25. Unfortunately, I'm using Visilogic. Here is the screen where I select the type of input. I'm trying to use a 0-10V sensor that measures UV intensity. The scale is supposed to be 0V = 0 uW/cm^2 to 10V = 10uW/cm^2. I seem to be getting some strange data and I'm sure it's due to the fact that I have something configured wrong. I am trying to bypass translating the 14 bit resolution into 0-10V and go directly from scaling 0-16383 to 0-10uW/cm^2. Is This valid or do I first need to translate into 0-10V and then translate that into UV intensity? I've attached a screenshot of this too. I should add t
  26. Hello, can anyone advise me what to do with this? I installed new software, but the screen remained in this mode, it will turn off after a while. Thank you
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