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  2. Hi Guys, The links sent out after trainings are meant to expire after a few weeks. This training was held in October of 2016 which is why the link is not functioning. If a certain program is needed, or any questions arise, please contact for further assistance. Thanks!
  3. Hi Justas; I have looked at your program. You appear to be using the USB port for programming and COM 1 for Modbus, You cannot do this . The USB port is probably set for 115,200 and the Modbus is set for 9600 The Installation manual says : The USB port may be used for programming, OS download, and PC access. Note that COM port 1 function is suspended when this port is physically connected to a PC. Recommendations: . Add a 2nd Com Port to the PLC V100-17-RS4X or Setup the Ethernet port and program thru the Ethernet Port - nice feature in the V700. -- see below You Initialize the Modbus several times - 1 for each device. This Modbus Config is for this unit- the Master(Client) This is Modbus ID 1 - only need to do this once. You have to set up each device to a different Modbus Address. ID address 2 , etc. In the Modbus Read Holding registers, this is where you define the Server(Slave) address to read from.- Trim the program to work with 1 Modbus Slave unit to start, and get it working, then add the others in. Typical Ethernet Setup Line: --||-------PLC Name ----- TCP/IP Config ------ TCP Socket Init SB2 - Power up Set the IP address Socket 1, Port 20256, TCP,Slave In the Connectons, change Serial to Ethernet, and then favorite, and enter the PLC name, IP Address, and port 20256. Be sure the IP address is on the same network your PC is on, and is an unused IP. After setting up the PLC, do a PING from the PC to be sure you can see the PLC. DanT
  4. Utilized this, is helpful. However for Visilogic veterans transitioning to unilogic a help page with examples is always a welcomed sight.
  5. Ausman, I just had to look this up yesterday. It can't be found with search for some reason. You have to go to the Contents tab, then expand Communications, then Communications FBs, then expand MODBUS. There you'll find the topic Slave Addressing. It's very handy to have at your fingertips.
  6. i'd be happy with Uni to Vision. My last project used Vision slaves and a Unistream master. Uni to Uni would be a given. I don't expect Uni to third party. the vision R/W mixed was Vision only (no third party). I can't emphasize enough how incredibly valauble the MODBUS R/W mixed I/O is! Cuts airtime in half on RF data modems.
  7. Yes, you can display your MI read from the slave directly on the HMI screen. If it's just displaying zero, then you should confirm that you are in communication with the slave. Are you getting increments for Status Messages, Sessions, and Acknowledgements? Are you certain you're reading the right register addresses? Are you sure the slave registers have a value other than zero? One other thing, you only need one COM INIT block unless you are wanting to change your COM properties on the fly.
  8. The asterisks normally indicate a value that is out of range for its display properties. You need to examine that operand (either in Info Mode or Online with VisiLogic) to see what its actual value is and then work your way back to determine why it's out of range.
  9. We want everything, Cara. You know that. As far as priority, I think it should be tackled in this order: 1) Uni to Uni 2) Uni to Visi (and the reverse) 3) Uni to other (though I suspect this would be quite a bit more difficult)
  10. Yes. UniOPC set to "Run as Administrator" but it doesn't work with honeywell UNIFORMANCE PHD SERVER. I don't want use UniOPC, I want to use kepserverex, because kepserverex already runing with honeywell UNIFORMANCE PHD SERVER. can you explain me how can i configure kepserverex and unitronics plc side? Best regards.
  11. I'm using MODBUS RTU. The tricky part is that baud rate, parity, stop bits, slave ID and port matches perfectly. I will try to check status register using online test. One more question - if I'm reading only one register from slave, can I display measured variable on HMI at set time frame? for example every 60 seconds it asks for measurement and refreshes last one.
  12. Hi, There is no attachment file here. Are you using MODBUS TCP or RTU? You will need to check that the communication settings are properly configured (Baud rate, parity, stop bits etc.. IP address, port) Check also the value of the status register that is linked to the MODBUS command - this can tell you if the problem relates to communication , register address, etc..
  13. Hi, First of all if you replace the IO-DI8-TO8/RO8 to IO-DI16 ,you will not have outputs. If you are not using it then you will need to remove this module in the hardware configuration and add the new one. BTW if you do need the outputs you can use the IO-DI16A3-TO16
  14. Hello, I am currently working in a project with expansion modules IO-DI8-TO8/RO8. All my expansion is full I have 8, could I change one of the IO-DI8-TO8/RO8 for one IO-DI16 to increase the inputs number? Thanks,
  15. Hi guys! In which cases do you want to use the R/W mixed? Uni to Uni, Uni to Visi, Uni to other?
  16. Hi people! You may want to check out my blog post regarding our UniLogic Tech Tidbits on YouTube:
  17. Hi, I'm having hard time displaying data on V700 PLC. After MODBUS config and reading holding registers HMI still shows 0. Do I need to write data to data table and only then display on HMI? Data has to be read from MIO 12-V I/O module. Network ID matches, start of vector links to hmi variable. What could be done or I did wrong? Thanks. I'm attaching vlp file here
  18. Hi, I'm having hard time displaying data that I get through MODBUS. Need to read from multiple slaves, but after download display still shows 0. Maybe do I need to write data to data table and then display on HMI? Or I can just display data vector? I'm really confused, thanks in advance for your help. P.S. Program attached below. Thermofisher.vlp
  19. Dear Friends, In dryer I changed CMOS battery... After that it working normally.I can set my values as like before replacing CMOS battery... When I start the machine I can't see thee temperature on display.It simply showing ****.****like How to solve this problem..?
  20. Thanks Joe, could you please be a bit more specific as to where this help file is? Looking hard and can't find it, even on search. 9.8.31 Always want to learn something new. cheers, Aus.
  21. Do you have the properties of UniOPC set to "Run as Administrator"? Joe T.
  22. Depending on the endianness that your SCADA system is expecting, you can do a Modbus read of an ML and the combination will be done for you. If you haven't already read the Unitronics Help on "Slave Address Tables" I would suggest you look it over. The ML's can be read but you have to specify an offset. You may have to specify a read length of two words, as the original Modbus spec was written around 16 bit words. How is the variable defined in the SCADA system? Can you give us more specific details of what you are trying to do? Joe T.
  23. Can you please clarify. Is it just three users/levels with 1 password per user/level? Or multiple users with three access levels(multiple users per access level with different unique ID's and passwords) For the first case you may want to look at a password screen. For the second case you may want to look at a data table that would conatin the user login, password and access level. Cam
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  25. Hello: I am using Visilogic to program an application for a V1210 HMI unit. My application requires 3 level of users: Operator Supervisor Programmer Each kind of user should have a password. Of course, all of those passwords should be different. Can someone suggest a way to do this? Thank you in advance
  26. And the answer about the OS question is.............????? Anyone?? cheers, Aus
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