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  3. Flex727

    Net 3.5 tip

    I sure wish Unitronics Support would reveal their super secret way of rolling back the version on a VisiLogic project.
  4. Did you apply a touch property to the frame? There should be no need for that. It's hard to tell what you're trying to do from your description. Post your program here and we'll take a look to see what's up.
  5. Hi, Just like to know if there's any app or tool to insert pop ups? Like in Shopify Stores, we have Milk The Leads.
  6. Good morning all, I'm a super newbie about VisiLogic. I bought a Samba SM70J and I'm trying to develop my small application to dialog with a pump. I draw a frame and inside of it I put a button and a numeric variable with the keypad showen when I press it. The thing is that inside the frame when I try to click on the button or the numeric variable, it's the frame itself that take the hit and not the others, even if I press "send to back". any advice? thanks a lot cesare
  7. I want to control temperature of extruder using heating and cooling. how i configure PID for heat/cool ?
  8. Hello, I'm quite old for the Unitronics ladder, but mainly in Jazz. I am having the same issue with my V130-33-TR34, all the programming side should be okay, only a sample application trying to get it to work - go to target with given velocity in PTO. It is configured, I set the profile and the succes bits are on both, but then when issuing the Move it only sets the succes bit on, but the stepper motor doesn't budge. My wiring is such: O1 and O3 to PUL + and DIR + of the stepper driver (through 2k resistor since it has 24V), then the PUL - and DIR - to 0V on the PLC. I have tried to switch the PUL and DIR from + to - and the 0V too, but no luck. When reading position from Read PTO block, it starts moving, but also my target is 2500, units and pulse/unit are 1=1, but the read position stops at around 4290 - 4320 values. Can somebody explain how am I supposed to wire/program/change something on my setup so I can get it going?
  9. kratmel

    Net 3.5 tip

    Yes Ausman, i do the same thing... but in this case visilogic stop to open his own "normal" project... And after try to recovering with "OK" button - Visilogic crashed. Only reinstall help to solve this issue.
  10. I'm sure there's a bit of sarcasm there. Much better than mine! But they still need a cleanout and terminal reinsert now and then. cheers, Aus
  11. Hi, is it possible to set the CPU Ethernet (IP Address, Subnet, Gateway) and ModbusTCP (IP Address, Port) parameters with a .ini file? Please can you provide a file syntax example for the above metioned parameters? Thanks, Daniel
  12. Maybe there is problem with my functions One liner for swapping words static void Swap_Bytes(unsigned int input, volatile unsigned int* result) { // User code starts below this comment *result = (unsigned int) ((input&0xffff0000)>>16) | ((input&0xffff)<<16); // User code ends above this comment } Thanks to @Saragani I was able to write this simple function for rising just one output in array. static void Set_one_Bit_in_Array(volatile unsigned char* Arr, int ArrLen, unsigned char index) { // User code starts below this comment int ndx = (int) index; for (int i=0; i < ArrLen; i++){ if (i == ndx){ Arr[i] = 1; // true }else{ Arr[i] = 0; // false } } // User code ends above this comment } So these are my functions I cant tell what is wrong with them ?
  13. Certainly I don't have top notch PCs. 5th and 6th gen Intel i7, drives are Samsung 860 and 970 1TB. Both has 16 GB RAM. One of them is water cooled, so yeah not top notch, but maybe they still manage to run Unilogic some how? My windows install is minimal for running some windows specific programs like Unilogic. My main desktop is on Linux.
  14. Yesterday
  15. Ausman

    Net 3.5 tip

    I know we are digressing, but for me, most of the time a project made on a newer Visilogic version will try to open but display an error. Most of the time, but not always, you then have to close Visi in Task Manager. Open the project again and it will bring up "Visi not shut down properly, reload blah blah" and if you select ok it will open the newer version, which you can then work with. I do this frequently on the forum's user projects as I am still sticking with just 8.65 and many of the submitted projects are done in later versions. cheers, Aus
  16. Annatooli, I'd be interested to see if a complete dustout and wiggle/remove/reinsert every connection including ram on your puter would fix this. Also do a serious check on your drives, check and also defrag them if not solid state. If it's a laptop, you'd also be surprised how much gunk can get into cooling systems. They need a good periodic clean, excess heat issues can cause havoc. cheers, Aus.
  17. gijoe. Thanks for the comment and your eagerness to berate someone who tells you to use your own initiative and FIND OUT ABOUT SOMETHING SIMPLE FOR YOURSELF. Do you own a car? Did you read the manual to learn how to operate some things in it? Or did you ask a forum how to put fuel in the tank? Hmmmmmm.
  18. You could of said "Press and hold the screen till the INFO menu shows up" but instead you wanted to be a jerk and spell all that out. Nice.... Thank you and have a nice day.
  19. This is a good opportunity for you to check out the Help in Visilogic. The forum is mostly staffed by volunteers who are very helpful but also expect users to do a bit of digging on their own before they throw questions out there. Joe T.
  20. Yes, first make sure the SD card is properly formatted using Unitronics SD Card Suite. In VisiLogic go to Project / Create Project Files... select VisiLogic Project only (that's the default), then copy the resulting file to the folder on the SD card called USER_APP. Then go into INFO Mode to download the project to the PLC. You didn't mention which model PLC you are using - I'm not 100% sure this works on every model PLC.
  21. I have two units where the USB Com Ports are bad and are unable to download the program. Is there a way to Download via the MicroSD Card? Thanks, Angel V.
  22. Hi, is it possible that second compared value goes from ADC or another not filtered sorce? On display you maybe have visualy correct but flashing with high speed result. Output maybe is not high speed and cannot activate with the program scan speed.
  23. I really cant tell. But, today it happened again, with different PC. This time when I downloaded program into PLC it told me, like I have changed all my C functions. But they wasn't even open that time. Again I closed - opened file and they where back once again.
  24. Ans: hi all~!! i got both sockets working for two wireless devices~!! Thanks & Cheerzzz~!!! Pls see the link below reading analogue & digital signals.. 😄 https://www.dropbox.com/s/7a10ab5fdqiefnt/Two sockets to two wise devices.MOV?dl=0
  25. Hi, thanks. But the real question is: what keyboard will be on the screen? Numeric only, or full QWERTY ? Or will this be selectable / auto selected by the choice you mentioned above?
  26. Hi All, I've posted a time ago: Now i have strange things again.. A simple compare goes bad, I compare a real with a real. But the output is visualised online as true, but it does not execute the output. Changed the lower compare value to a constanst and then it executes normal. Don't understand. Updated to the newest version of Unilogic, reallocated memory, downloaded a new empty project, Resetted plc, change tag names, change the location of the code, But only solution is to use a constant. It may be a coinsendence but i t happen after the last two latest releases, Please advice,
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