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  2. Meet in the middle

    Very cool, I will look at this tonight:-) thank you very much!!!!
  3. Yes; put it behind a firewall and use a VPN to get access to the network.
  4. Hi, I am able to access my unistream using DDNS and port forwarding on my router. However, how secure is this? The VNC password is unencrypted if i understand correct? Is there any way to access my unistream more securely? Thanks, Adam
  5. brightness and contrast setting

    No, there's not, but you can adjust SI9 directly through INFO Mode and it will retain that setting unless the PLC is initialized or the battery fails.
  6. Hmm, when I go to their web page, here: https://unitronicsplc.com/jazz-series-jazz/ I find it says 0-10V, but I see in the specifications pdf it says what you show above (+/- 10V). I've never encountered a +/- 10V analog output, but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist. You may have to email Unitronics Support (support@unitronics.com) for a definitive answer.
  7. brightness and contrast setting

    I am using a V1210 and have the same question. Is setting the brightness via SI 9 the only way? Is there not a built-in screen config page with these types of settings?
  8. Meet in the middle

    I tried breaking NET 86 into several smaller ones and making it simpler, It couldn't been done in one NET anyway. It's always better to have simpler nets, I learned it the hard way. I don't have much free time now to work out the logic of the whole thing (like when should T1 start counting), you'll have to test if this is what you were looking for. I'd also suggest breaking programs into smaller subroutines, so you'll have Main routine (with optionally couple of nets for config blocks) calling other subroutines. Much less scrolling. Also, I see you went with SB15. Tell us how it works, and what precision you got. All the best, 59c0a61fb1bec_Sheetfolder.vlp
  9. Where to find unitronics PLC

    Type Unitronics Belgrade in Google. As close to Kosovo as it gets.
  10. Thanke you for the answer, but in documentation of unitronics JZ20-11-UA24 is written for analog output: 2 12-bit +/– 10V, 4-20mA
  11. SMB 3.0 may have something to do with it. It prevents Win7 PC's and printer/scanners from seeing Win10 PC's shared network folders. Spent hours fighting an issue with that recently. Win10 has a setting in windows features (checkbox) to force support of "SMB 1.0" Disclaimer: less secure, however if it makes things work in a LAN that is relatively well isolated from WAN then why worry to much. My experience with Win10 shared folders being invisible to NOTwin10 machines was not Visilogic related, so it's worth what you paid for it. This is Microsoft We are dealing with, headaches come at no extra charge!
  12. Linearizing Analog Input

    With UniStream you don't need to use the linearisation block, the analogue input configuration does it for you. See details below, this will scale the 4...20mA input to 0...10,000 as an integer value. There is no need to understand the min/max range of the digital input (or output) word (of course you still need to know if the hardware resolution is high enough to measure the value accurately). Set up the analogue input hardware config as follows: The only downside to this is that the scaling is a literal constant - you can't vary it during run-time. You can still use the X1, X2, Y1, Y2 method and linearisation block if you need the flexibility as it will allow you to use variable tags as your linearisation points. You might do this if you wanted to do field calibration in the PLC. BTW, when you first open the properties box above, the "To" field shows the range based on the native resolution of the analogue input (for example 14-bit = 16383).
  13. Where to find unitronics PLC

    @Cara Bereck Levy may be able to help you. Sales is not Her specific department, however history has shown that She is very quick to respond and assist in any way She can. @Joe Tauser is an authorized distributor and PLC expert in my Land. UPS ships worldwide. Unitronics is an excellent choice.
  14. Meet in the middle

    HI again JayC, I was going to have a look at your vlp, but owing to hearing here about some issues with 9.8.64 I can't open it because I haven't upgraded yet from 9.8.31, and don't yet want/need to. So others will have to chip in on this, which I'm sure they'll do soon. Could you perhaps post a screenshot of those nets? cheers, Aus
  15. Last week
  16. Couldn't agree more. No matter how many times I have meandered around the program, the forum still brings me useful info I have completely missed. cheers, Aus
  17. Hi Joe, I note your comment about Explorer access being fine, so although this may not be the answer, my W7 32 refuses to connect correctly to one of my NAS's until I have accessed it via Explorer after booting. Importantly, even though I tell the system to remember the logon settings, it asks me for the NAS's user and password every time during this first Explorer access. Once that is done it all works fine. This need is for both normal windows access and also using FTP. It can be confusing because a lot of access through other paths simply doesn't work without any advice coming up at all, and if I've forgotten the "logon" bit it is headscratch stuff. But once I do the explorer logon it all comes back, with everything working perfectly until next restart. Wondering if perhaps your sequence of doing things is fixing the problem? Or a forced manual logon might cure things? cheers, Aus
  18. I'm from Kosovo I want to buy unitronics PLC, I trid in Macedonien but nobody answer. please help me. I mean where can I get near my Land. thank you very much
  19. Joe, I have ran into this before. It is something within the fine grained security of windows that wants to prevent a program from reading and writing to "mapped drives" you circumvent that by following the path. That being said there has always been an issue with visilogic and permissions. If they would get it certified by Microsoft a lot of issues would disappear. One Try running it as administrator and two turn off your uac and firewall and see if it lets you in, Keep me informed I am curious.
  20. This has been happening a lot lately. When I go to open a project on my mapped network drive Visilogic comes back and tells me the location is unavailable. If I go the long route in the tree - Network -> Computer Name -> Drive Name -> Directory -> project name.vlp then it works. I have no trouble accessing the location from windows Explorer. I noticed in the corner of the Visilogic "Open" window is the ancient VB6 file icon. Is this function in the program still using that control? Any input on this? Joe T.
  21. The Jazz, like most PLCs with analog outputs will drive 0-10V, not +/-10V. It is possible to convert a 0-10V unipolar output to a +/-10v bipolar signal with something like this: http://www.ti.com/lit/ug/slau525/slau525.pdf
  22. HI to all. I have one project that I need to drive hydraulic proportional valve that has +/-10V. So now I need PLC with analog output +/-10V and I found JZ20-11-UA24 PLC. Will this Jazz be a good to drive my prop. valve or is there another unitronics product that can handle +/-10V output? Thanke you in advance for you answers.
  23. Let me tell you--this is going to be GREAT!!!! We are proud to introduce an addition to the UniStream family that is going to be a favorite among those of you who enjoy the compactness, the no-hassle approach of the All-in-One Vision series. UniStream 5" is a PLC+HMI+I/Os , with the impressive UniStream user panel built-in, available in a number of I/O configurations, that you program in UniLogic. Below is the official release document--you can access specs, etc, over here. UniStream® 5”: PLC+HMI+I/Os Compact. Contemporary. Connected Unitronics’ newly-released UniStream® 5"- a multi-function programmable logic controller in a superbly compact hardware profile: PLC+HMI+I/O built into a single unit. All-in-One, compact PLC + HMI with built-in I/Os fills a niche in the programmable controller market—serving OEMs and system integrator who need space-saving controllers that deliver the functionality to control complex machines, while creating a competitive advantage via a color-touch HMI panel. This All-in-One controller is available in two series: UniStream 5" and UniStream 5" Pro. Both series support SNMP, VNC, FTP, SMS, email, and communications via GSM/GPRS modem. The Pro version also offers a built-in Webserver, audio jack, and video support, as well as SQL, a plus for system integrators and OEMs facing Industry 4.0. The Hardware UniStream 5", with its resistive color touch-screen reduces space and wiring requirements, and eliminates the need to set up Panel-PLC communication. Built-in I/O configurations vary according to model, offering digital, analog, high-speed and temperature I/Os. Users can expand the configuration up to 2,048 I/O points. Built-in COM ports include Ethernet, 1 USB host and 1 Mini-B USB device ports; additional add-on ports for serial and CANbus are available. Powerful Programming The rich feature range of UniStream includes auto-tuned PID, data logging, data tables and Recipes, data sampling displayed via built-in Trends and Gauges, Alarms, multi-level passwords, and plug & play communications for CANopen, CAN Layer2, MODBUS, EtherNet/IP, and more. A Re-Use paradigm enables the programmer to build Ladder and C functions, design HMI screens, and create Web pages in multiple languages including Asian languages—then save it all in a Library to reuse in other projects. Another benefit to the bottom line for the OEM and system integrators is Unitronics standard policy of customer care—no hidden costs or tiers. All software, utilities, and support—including membership in Unitronics’ Community Forum—are provided at no additional charge
  24. Remote operator

    Hi, Thanks, is provided in a future release? Regards
  25. Meet in the middle

    Gentlemen, I have only been learning this stuff for a month please be kind hehe:-). Net 86 through 90 are the first fold that I am referring to that I am trying to use time to find the mid position of a sheet with. The fallowing folds will fallow suit when this one is worked out. The rest of the project is still a work in progress although I have worked out the Fold 1 jam circuit and have yet to make the same changes to the rest of the jam nets. Anyway, I wrestled with posting the whole program but figured being my first one its a learning project anyway. Thank you for any help guys, JayC. Sheet folder.vlp
  26. This EVENT block is new to me. Glad I found it. I always used ladder with mesh of timers and indexes to achieve such scrolling through messages. This is much more elegant.
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