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  2. sgull

    Password Protect Formulas

    Hi Joe I think this only protects the ladder and where the formula is called. The formula editor is lower down the tree and does not appear to have the protect option. Regards Denis
  3. Joe Tauser

    Password Protect Formulas

    You can password protect a function - That would be the easy way to protect your formula with the tools currently available. Joe T.
  4. Would it be possible to have the option to password protect formulas in the next version of Unilogic. Regards Denis
  5. It worked !!! Thank you soo much for the quick response ! 😊
  6. I don't know why you use Drums, maybe just try rapid fire like in the picture, it could go faster. It works for me, but I always use 9600 though. Good luck.
  7. Flex727

    Problem with Timer in Unilogic

    As a general rule, it's better to stay with integers. The way you do this is to use "implied" decimals. If you need precision to 1 decimal place, multiply by 10 before the division. If you need 2 decimal places, multiply by 100. You can display the integer with implied decimals or do the math for the correct timer preset before storing. Timers will only use integers, but are in 10 ms increments.
  8. Hi, I have a problem. It's the firt time that I work with Unilogic and I need help. I have to divide two numbers, that gives me a comma value as a result. I do not know how to handle values with commas in Unilogic if I have to set REAL values. On top of that I want to put the result value in a timer. Is it possible with this soft? Thank you! Attachment screenshot
  9. gongue2005

    How many 485 serial ports can be installed?

    Thanks for your help, I posted my problem in the visilogic forum where I have 9 modbus rs485 slaves and with only one port I was able to convincingly connect up to 3 slaves. each slave has a timeout of 100 millisec to go to network failure. the data exchange is to force 5 coils and read 11 coils each. (in less than 100 millisec) so when I connect the 4th slave, it goes to failure for more than 100 millisec. (manufacturer's fixed value) softstart PSTX ABB. with your answer I can think that each port works with 2-3 slaves. but there is another problem with unistream that in the configuration sheet, you can not decrease the speed of penny popping at less than 100 millisec. I have added my code developed with visiligic. I'm still not happy with this work, I think I lack knowledge to have a fast 485 network (with 9 slaves) I forget to say that slaves have only 19200 bps.
  10. I look for the solution in either of them. with unistream it is not capable of polearning less than 100 millisec. the slaves are PSTX ABB sofstarters with native modbus rtu port that only has two values 9600 and 19200 bps. You have to force 5 coils by FC # 1 and read 11 FC # 15 coils. I have put the time out in 7 (70miliseg) and D # 1 retries in the modbus configurator and with a sequential drum active 3 MB every 70 millisec and works well with up to 3 slaves. no more. I must repeat that the slaves have a communication failure function that is activated if there is no data exchange in 100 millisec (fixed value) already this week it occurred to me to use a V1040 with 3 RS485 ports and each one connects to 3 slaves achieving a possible solution. Unistream was limited to not being able to have more serial ports (I do not know) and not being able to power less than 100 millisec. (or if?) something interesting that you do, is that if you look within 70 millisec of the requests, the same MB makes two requests, one on the positive pulse and one on the negative (trying to optimize the time of intervention with the slave). I annex my development for your criticism. I am not happy with this solution, I am very lacking in knowledge. 3 Vision 6 esclavos pstx.vlp
  11. Yesterday
  12. That is all so true Kratmel. I had a variety of very old Toshiba laptops for the same reason, but they all slowly had their screens fail. I replaced them with other units I was able to pick up 2nd hand, and still use them to this day. However, I have also had great success in using DosBox on my Win7 laptop. With careful setup it operates all my DOS programs perfectly, all from the desktop. Even to the point of using a usb-serial adapter. So the old laptops are there as backups, but for the most part I can now do everything involving the older stuff I work with on the one laptop. As for your comment that "Microsoft update is a small worm...." it isn't a small one, it is a huge one. It consumes vast amounts of network resources (worldwide), changes things for change's sake, in doing so often creates ever more steps to arrive at where you want to go, and overall appears to be made and styled to cater only for the dumbos out there. Whilst making it exceptionally difficult for those people who are actually capable of using a computer correctly to tailor it yet keep it as they want. Every major update is essentially a complete reinstallation and it always breaks things, resetting a myriad of personally tailored settings. Totally arrogant behaviour. I'd love to see the M$oft execs' reaction to their BMW/Audi/RollsRoyce service centre constantly changing their engines, tyres, dash...entire car to something far different from what they originally purchased every time the dealership (without asking) took them in for a service! "But it's now a T-model Ford". "So what......it's what we have decided you need to have!" End of rant. 😩 cheers, Aus
  13. I have to keep a zoo of computers with old operating systems: 1) Siemens PG710 8086 CPU and MS-DOS 5.0 for simatic S5 cartridges. 2) P233 + Windows 95 for the old ROM programmer. 3) celeron 800 + win 98 for ABB robots, 4) fujitsu siemens IPP + WinXP - for all old servo, VFD, PLC, Jazz and M91. 5) core i5 + win10 - for the rest of the programs and drivers who can not swim.:) Everyone except No. 5 does not need or is not updated at all, but it is always in work condition and bring benefits to me. Microsoft update is small worm that must eat something for dinner.👻
  14. LMAO! I did not catch that. It's not a bad reference since with every Microsoft update; you do not know if it will sink or swim.
  15. voiptel


    I need to communicate with 2 IO-Link masters via Ethernet/IP. The manufacturer of the IO-Link masters provides an EDS file for this devices. I don't find a possibility to import them in to the configuration of the Ethernet/IP protocol (like I normal do for Canopen). Is there an other way?
  16. You need to close the loop. It sounds like you want to enter a new pressure setpoint. You have no guarantee that adjusting the analog output by a certain amount will result in the pressure you want. Rather, you need some code that will adjust the analog output accordingly until the pressure is equal (or close to) the number entered on the HMI. This could be done with a PID block or some simple compare blocks. Post the PLC ladder program (the .vlp file) that you've worked on so far so we can see the hardware you're dealing with the the scaling you've done. Joe T.
  17. Last week
  18. Initially you need to be going to this page: https://unitronicsplc.com/support-technical-library/ and scrolling to I/O & Com for Vision, and then looking at the IO-LC3 guides and also, more importantly, the guides listed under "I/O Expansion Module Adapters". The I/O modules connect together thus only using the one expansion port via the adapter. Before committing to anything have a good read of all the manuals for the possible options. cheers, Aus
  19. Hey Visco, isn't this what sharks love to do whilst cruising their coastlines, looking for "diver software"?...... Those lovely yummy things that also are a little bit crunchy on the inside! Yum yum. 🦈😀 cheers, Aus
  20. Awesome! That was easy and worked well. Thanks Cam!!
  21. Look at the installation guide. There's a jumper you need to move.
  22. Hi, I am working on a project to control a press. As a safety feature, I am using Optical thumb buttons to activate the press. Specifically, the Banner OTBVN6 model. Here is the data sheet http://info.bannerengineering.com/cs/groups/public/documents/literature/28436.pdf. There is a Blue (-VDC), a Brown (+VDC), and 2 signal wires. I'm using the black signal wire. When I hook the Blue and Brown wires directly to my 24VDC power supply, I see power to the switch, and I can confirm switch operation through LEDs on the switch itself. When I hook the signal wire in to the PLC the only way I can get the bit to flip is if I use a wire to connect the signal wire to +VDC. I cannot get the bit to flip when the switch is activated. I would love some direction on how to properly hook up the PLC to the switch. I've tried every configuration I can think of and still get it to work. Thanks in advance, Darin
  23. "Problem & Fix" Best kind of post right there.
  24. Hello friends, I am new to Unitronics hardware and have about 1 year experience with ladder logic (studio 5000 up to this point). I am tasked with writing a program for a machine that uses the following components and I just need some help on choosing the right Unitronics PLC and what snap-in's I will need to work with the components: -conveyer belts (1 requires indexing/location tracking) -motor driving an actuator -motor moving a tray back and forth along rails -9 load cells I am leaning towards the Vision 350 TR20 currently, and it looks like the IO-LC3 module supports up to 3 load cells each, so I will need a PLC that supports at least 3 expansion ports (one for each IO-LC3) Also, in general I am wondering about how servos/motors are added to a program using Unitronics, it seems like there us usually a data bit to enable the servo (maybe controlling the power supply) and then a bit representing motor go/stop? Any help you all have is greatly appreciated, thank you in advance!
  25. With the new windows 10 update that rolled out; it breaks the USB to UART Bridge drivers. If this happens, confirm that you have a yellow exclamation point in the device manager indicating that there is a driver issue. If so, disconnect the PLC/USB cord from your PC, download the newest CP210x drivers from Silicon Labs https://www.silabs.com/community/interface/knowledge-base.entry.html/2016/12/30/downloading_cp210xd-ek07. Unzip the new driver, right click on the yekkow exclmation point | select update driver | Browse my computer for diver software | navigate to path of unzipped driver folder | then "next" your way through the install. NOTE: This is not for the USB to SERIAL. This is only for USB direct to the PLC.
  26. Greetings Qassim, basics first please. For both the pressure regulator and the pressure sensor, what types of signals do they work with? 0-10 V? 4-20ma? PWM? What PLC & I/O are you using? Can the system mechanically tolerate immediately changing to the new setting, or does it need to ramp? cheers, Aus
  27. Greetings, I'm new to this form and to Unitronics PLCs and I would like to ask for some help/ I previously programmed "allen bradley" PLCs using a software called "RSLogics". The were 4 programming languages that I can use to build the PLC program. However, VisiLogic doesn't have "Structure text" language. I already have done the analog conversion using formulas and created the HMI, but I'm stuck now The program that I am trying to make is simply as follows: A number is written using the HMI and stored in a variable. This number is then compared to analog reading of the pressure sensor. If the numbers were different, then one analog output will be changed to reflect the number entered using the HMI - which will control a pressure regulator. Could anyone please help me with this issue ? Many thanks, Qassim
  28. DarBur

    Recipe and DTI question

    Thank you, Saragani. Now I know what I need to do with my project.
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