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  2. Hello, I´ve got a problem with the initalisation of an Sony Ericsson GM29 GSM Modem. I have an M91-2-R34 Controller and just want to send sms. But every time the initalisation of the Sony E. failed. SI 70 ist 2 and SI 180 is 1. I use the Example-prg. Simple SMS-send. It´s my first time with the U90 Ladder. Could anybody give me a step-by-step instruction? Or have an idea, what i am doing wrong? Thanks for every help
  3. hai all, in my new project i have been trying to communicate two v700 plcs through mod bus tcp ip communication.intially the communication was established but after removing the ethernet cable or restarting the plcs the communication is not establishing.but the socket status of both master and slave is listening.please help me inthis issue.
  4. Looking for a piece of advice here. I put safety contact on wire that brings power to outputs, and noticed while testing that sometimes PLC loses serial connection with laptop when safety is activated. This made me wonder is any circuitry in controller powered from this side and is this good practice or should I change it? Jazz controller is on the picture but I also noticed this on Vision.
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  7. If the video system has digital inputs available or communicates with a protocol compatible with the PLC, then it should be simple. Otherwise, it might be more difficult.
  8. Hi All, I am wondering if anyone has used the Unilogic PLC's to cue videos on a separate television monitor? I am hoping to create a few hot buttons on a screen that start videos on demand not sure if this is possible by using just the PLC or if I would need some type of interface. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
  9. Fortunately, VisiLogic makes it easy. Copy, paste, drag, and drop. You can break those nets up literally in seconds.
  10. Split it out as you suggested Flex727 and issue has gone away. It must be related to the newer Visilogic version I am using. (8.0.1) I did get a message while uploading that the PLC file was created on an older version and that it would be recompiled using my installed version (8.0.1) Obviously these programming techniques were accepted in older versions. Its a pity that the error messages dont contain more information in relation to the specific cause of an error. Anyway thanks for your help, a bit of work ahead of me to get all the routines modified.........!
  11. By the way, your picture shows horrible programming technique. That ladder rung could easily (and absolutely should) be broken up into 7 separate rungs. Do that and your compile error will go away. I can't account for why it seems to be allowing it elsewhere.
  12. Hi Flex727, Thanks for the response. I have tried moving the 2nd net to another net but error remains. I have had a look at other routines throughout the program and there seems to be alot of routines with multiple HMI screen calls, which are not causing any problems.
  13. It's the latter. I just tested and VisiLogic still allows multiple networks in a single rung (don't do it, though), but doesn't allow multiple HMI calls in a single ladder rung. Perhaps an older version did allow it.
  14. Also, I don't think you can have multiple HMI screen calls in the same net.
  15. You have two networks in a single ladder rung. That is a no-no. Perhaps VisiLogic has changed that from a Warning to a Critical error in later versions.
  16. Hi All, New user to Unitronics Hardware so please forgive my ignorance. A client has a number of small bench testers with V120-22 PLC/HMI units in them. I have downloaed and installed the Visilogic software and successfully uploaded the program from one of the units (.vlp file) I am trying to download this file to a new V120-22. However when I compile the file prior to download, I am getting an a bunch of errors all pointing at Network 1 of every routine in a certain module. Each of thes networks has exactly the same structure . The error is "error #1012-Illegal Net" That is the extent of the feedback I get. When I go to the rungs in question, Im not sure what is causing the problem. I have deleted a parallel branch network from the rung and it compiles ok without any error showing for that routine. However I have tried to narrow down the problem be deleting elements from the branch individually but this does not show anything. Only if I delete the branch will the routine compile OK. The fact that this file was uploaded from a working unit is what is bugging me. I have attached a image of one of the rungs in question
  17. Hi, SB95 is the system bit to change the resolution of the analog input (for Jazz 2 only). It enables 12-bit analog input sampling (0-4095). Turn it ON at power-up. It is OFF by default (10-bit, 0 to 1023) If you don’t see it in the comments, please try restore System Symbols - Menu -> Restore SB default symbols.
  18. The resolution shouldn't be a problem, did you configure the input to be 0-10V? the resolution will only affect your measurement by making it more or less precise depending on the case. Try measuring the output of the Oxygen transducer, since its 0-10V you can just put the probes on the Analog Module.
  19. Hi all, I have a project, where I need 2 x 4-20 mA (2-wire) pressure transmitter and 1 oxygen transducer with 0-20 mV output. In the past, I tried to use that oygen transducer with Vision V570 and V200-18-E3XB snap-in I/O. We have succesfully read the input with that configuration. However, last week I tried to connect that oxygen transducer to a Jazz JZ20-T18 alongside with 2 x 4-20 mA pressure transmitter and we couldn't get the measurement from that oxygen transducer. I don't know what the problem really is but I thought that the resolution or the un-isolated inputs can be the problem(s). Jazz has 10 bit, un-isolated inputs and Vision has 14 bit isolated ones. Which PLC model should I use? We need touch-screen display and a model with a lower price would be better, of course if it is possible. Thanks in advance.
  20. I contacted support and Guy Sela helped us, he explained this: We were confused with the addressing of the directions, it seems that the read only and the readwrite are stored on the same byte regardless of the type. I hope somebody else find this helpfull too.
  21. Joe Tauser was kind enough to educate us all on this topic and wrote a very nice example program, which can be found here:
  22. Thank you for the fast response. Indeed, I could arrange this with setting and resetting bits but a state machine may be also a solution. Anyway it is hard for me to start programming this since I don't find a proper example of how to build a state machine. Do you maybe know where I can find it? I've searched on this forum and examples but maybe I’m overlooking it.
  23. I know that @Joe Tauser would recommend a State Machine, and I would agree, but there is no reason you can't do it exactly like you would in S7 using ladder logic. You can SET and RESET bits in VisiLogic in any way you see fit.
  24. Dear, Since a few weeks I started working with the Vision PLC 430 J T 2. I have three expansion modules (2 for analog inputs and 1 for load cells). Recently I've started writing down the logic of my final program. Until now I only have experience with the Siemens S7 with associated software. I want to create a sequence where the transition from state to state is based upon conditions. Only one transition can be true at any point and the sequence is always the same. I've always done this with flip flops which set and reset each other. Now I’m searching for the correct way to implement this into the Vision software. Can someone advise me on this? Thank you in advance! Nick Verlooy
  25. First off, use COM Port 2 for Modbus unless you have no other choice. Port 1 is used for programming and OS updates - the PLC will stomp on your communication code if you need to log in while the program is running. You want to use the SCAN_EX block in new applications. The SCAN blocks are for legacy support. Be sure to read the Help on "Slave Address Tables" to see how Unitronics maps Modbus addresses. I modified your code a bit to show good programming practices. You had several logical statements in one net in several locations, which is generally a no-no. Look at what I've done and you'll understand. Additional nets cost nothing, but having too much going on in one network can cause unexpected behavior because of the compiler. I found this on the web for the Pi side: Joe T. modbus car spray1 JT.vlp
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  27. Wow, what an ordeal! Glad you got it working.
  28. Hi all I'm using EXF-RC15 with PTO function, I need to control stepper motor with speed range 0.008-0.4hz so I want to clearify 1. how to set "Unit" and "Pulses per Unit" in PTO config, and what meaning of these parameters 2. What is relation of "Unit" and "Pulses per Unit" in PTO config and "Velocity" and "target" in PTO move Thank you
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