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  2. There are basics to this, but the main extra thing we need to know is what Vision model you are using, as there are different methods for touch screen models vs non-touch. cheers, Aus
  3. If your program previously worked, you likely have version conflicts. Reload the O/S you originally had in the PLC. Power reset. Load an empty program. Initialise and Reset. Power reset and reload your program. cheers, Aus
  4. Hi all, stumbled on this little gem today that makes one really annoying aspect of W10 a little easier. If you already have it you can congratulate yourself! Create a new folder on your desktop. Rename the folder by copying this entire string, including the curly brackets, by using whatever rename method you do. GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} When you open the folder it will then display all the things you used to be able to get via Control Panel, and a whole lot more. Very useful at times. It doesn't show a name, but that's a small price to pay. With the folder opened, you can also dragndrop to create shortcuts as necessary. With joy and chocolate from the Australian Easter Bunny. 🍫 🥚 cheers, Aus (In doing those emojis, it did occur to me how odd it is that we have a bunny delivering eggs. Why don't we have the Easter Chook? oops...Chicken for you non-Aussies. Then again, perhaps the "Easter Bunny" is only an Aussie thing.)
  5. Hello, I need some help to understand how can I create a function that I need In my program. I got a machine that I have to clean every 10 or 20 minutes , I would like to change as my wish this time variable on my HMI screen (5 min, 6 min or 15min, 16min...) to clean my machine by entering the time I want on a pad , I can't figure out how to change this time variable, I try tu use timers but I didn't understand how they work, so I've use increment function who increment a A=B but I don't think it's the easiest solution. Can you help me ??
  6. Thanks a lot. I tried localy and everithing works great. What is the general practice for realizing MODBUS TCP? What if I have to do multiple read/write to several devices? At the same time to send request for read/write is not possible as I know? So the sequencing is the key. Possibly solutions: 1. Realize read / write for several devices in sequence. 1. read 1st dev -> 2. write 1st device -> 3. read 2nd device etc. 2. Realize read for several devices in sequence. Write will be done on request. Sample: 1. read 1st -> read 2nd -> read 3rd -> write request for 6th device generated -> stop reading -> write to 6th device -> read 4th -> read 5th
  7. After updating os I ve got te screen as in the attacment. I can comunicate with V130, and download the application but can t run it. I ve tried to reload OS again with uudated visilogic and again with no success. I am building aplication for local waterworks. Please help! Regards, Z.Matic B.Sc EE
  8. I asked about the ability for the PLC to format the card ages ago, when the corruption of DTs issue arose for me. It still happens occasionally and I stil haven't figured it out. Kratmel is correct in saying about bigger sizes, reinforcing what I was saying about "off the shelf card sizes are getting bigger all the time, with smaller ones that used to be big now not even being available". For ages I have used partition manager programs to manipulate big cards to be smaller with various Fat formats. At present it is easily done, but perhaps in the future in might become harder as card systems evolve. Alex, we're not insulting you here, just pointing out an issue that is only going to get worse. The suite needs to be changed to accomodate what a user might encounter through buying an easily sourced, current production type card. Like Kratmel, I have 16Mb CF cards that I still use for some things. But try and buy one these days and it is not possible, so my method of doing images needs some size "fiddling" each time I need to do one. In some ways it is the same as modern computers not having onboard serial ports. It seems that makers only consider the "latest and greatest", conveniently forgetting that a lot of the world still needs a facility that was in very common use only a few years ago. The saying "If it ain't broke, don't fix it", seems to have evolved into "Let's constantly change things and create endless problems for some specialised end users, that they never had a while back". Even my terrific USB-serial converters fall over now and then, something the dedicated ports never do. cheers, Aus
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  10. I seem to recall that there is a read socket status command under the COM>TCP/IP menu
  11. @Cara Bereck Levy, I can find nothing on this in the Help file. Am I missing it?
  12. Hi AlexUT, I know about card and controller capacity limitations and format limitations. Especially about Siemens :) There will be a problem with the small capacity card in the future. It's just a matter of time. Last week I was looking for a new CF 128MB card for the machine (2009). It must be formatted only in FAT. It's now impossible to find them smaller than 4GB. The Unitronics controller now meets the requirements for card use, but 1TB cards are already flooding the market. Therefore, the search for solutions for the use of new large memory cards in controllers will become relevant very quickly. Supported FAT32 File system is limited to 1 primary partition - it is not problem - problem is how to make this one partition on large card.
  13. This is my simple protocol configuration for zebra motorola LS2208 barcode scanner. You can use numbers placed in vector copy MI150 (in my sample), if you scan another barcode it will be replaced (MI50 to MI150 copy vector) P.S. But maybe moderator can place this part of topic separately.
  14. I didn't get MCR-C-I-I-00-DC (2814508 -Phoenix Contact) which is 4-20mA input to 4-20mA output in the market, so I bought MCR-C-U-I- 4-DC - (2814537- Phoenix contact) which is 0-10V input to 4-20mA. I changed my Analog Output to 0-10V in the Hardware Configuration, I connected the 0-10V as the input to 2814537 and connected the output from it which is 4-20mA to my I/P Transducer, it worked well. Thanks to everyone.
  15. Hi kratmel, Unitronics PLCs are not computers, and supporting FAT32 formatted SD cards up to 32 GB. Supported FAT32 File system is limited to 1 primary partition. For example: Siemens PLCs: S7-1200 CPU only supports the memory cards that have been preformatted by Siemens manufacturer, whose order numbers are shown in the table below: Order number Capacity 6ES7 954-8LF01-0AA0 24MB 6ES7954-8LC01-0AA0 4MB 6ES7 954-8LB01-0AA0 2MB Table 1: Memory card information If SIMATIC memory card is reformatted by Windows formatting program, CPU will not be able to use this reformatted memory card. At present, S7-1200 still cannot help the memory card realize such advanced functions as recipe and data archiving. https://support.industry.siemens.com/cs/document/87133851/usage-of-s7-1200-memory-card?dti=0&lc=en-WW ABB AC500 supporting 512 MB SD cards in FAT16 format (SD card may be 2 GB formatted to FAT16, and MUST BE SLOW). https://forum-controlsystems.abb.com/360488/Using-aftermarket-SD-card-with-AC500 MC502 supporting 2 GB and ABB recommends to use SD cards, supplied by ABB. Allen-Bradley recommends to use only Allen-Bradley SAD cards 1GB or 2GB capacity, formatted to FAT16 file system. And there are many other restrictions. https://literature.rockwellautomation.com/idc/groups/literature/documents/ap/logix-ap007_-en-p.pdf So you clearly can see Unitronics PLCs advantages of SD cards use. B.R.
  16. Hi, i´m having issues reading from a barcode reader Honeywell MS5145 on RS232. First i modified the visilogic example for communicating with hyperterminal but without any success. Than i made some mods on your sample and i could receive messages from Docklight V2.3 (that is free insteed of hyperterminal), configured to be the same message size and config as from the barcode reader. Atached is the modified sample code and the docklight screenshot The text on blue is what i sent to the Samba SM35, the text on red is what barcode reader sends to the SM35 but without success. Same 7 char message with <CR><LF> as ETX. But the Protocol scan FB just completes sessions from docklight, nothing from the barcode reader. PROT_FB_test.vlp
  17. Thanks Joe, I have seen the make of the loop converter, I will place order for one to use
  18. Dear all, Is it possible to change the alarm display too fit the 4,3 display? And color to grey or black? Thank you in advance. BR, Jonas
  19. I have only built a couple of projects so am still a relative 'Newbie' in using Unilogic but am very pleased with it so far. If possible I would like to see an array of strings, at the moment I think the only way to achieve this is to create a data table though in may just be my lack of knowledge. The other thing I have found awkward is using the vertical slider bar on the data table widget and especially the alarm status/summary viewers where we found you keep tripping the alarm actions or info button as you operate the slider. We have calibrated the screen and done our best to optimize the screen sensitivity. The final issue is a hardware issue so maybe not for this forum, but we have found the terminal cover catches on the din rail modules that clip on the back of the Unistream modules can be incredibly hard to open.
  20. Than you , this article helps me. Best wishes Marko Tica
  21. Good day, I have a question: SI103..106 sockets 0..3 TCP/IP Keep alive integers. Since V700 has 8 sockets, which Keep alive integers are for sockets 4..7? Thank you.
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  23. Ok . . . What is it exactly you are asking? In the last post chrobakpeter mentioned he needed to add a powered loop converter to get these Samson devices to work. Joe T.
  24. Spot on Joe! Cheers, and stay safe
  25. Hello, could you load again the project? I try download but it doesn´t exists. Thank you Best regards Mario
  26. Hi, As decleared in https://unitronicsplc.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/IO-RO8_L-5408-0051-9.pdf I0-R08 has 12VDC option ----- I0-R08L. The main issue with expansion = P-ON condition. Both - PLC controller and EX-A1+IO-R08 IO must be powered from the same power supply. By the way if you power M91-2-R1 and EX-A1+I0-R08L from 12V 1. Both the OPLC and the EX-A1 must be connected to the same power supply. The EX-A1 and the OPLC must be turned on and off simultaneously. 2. The 12VDC power supply is supported by versions V2.00 (EX-A1) and later. As for me you can power M91-2-R1 PLC with power supply 12VDC and only galvanic isolated version EX-A2X+IO-R08 from separate 24VDC but you must turn ON both PLC and IO at the same time.
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