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  2. Dear all, i am new user of UNITRONICS products. I would to introduce myself in Visilogic programming, and i bought SAMBA V43-J-R20 for testing. I have air srew compressor and i want to make a plc program for it. I will use four digital inputs, two analog current input and four or five digital outputs. I was make a screen objects in HMI with some text and the first problem is when i download project in PLC the text objects is invisible on the screen. First picture in attachment (samba1) is from my LAPTOP, and second picture (samba2) is from SAMBA screen... I don`t know where the problem is... The version of Visilogic i use is 9.8.31 build 0, and SAMBA OS is 4.3(06), boot 2.2 (44)... Visilogic is running on win 10, connection is with USB cable and Serial emulation port. can enyone help me with this problem??
  3. Scale Vibration Isolation

    FYI: I'm referring to the Filter Function Block that is independent of the Load Cell module.
  4. Scale Vibration Isolation

    The "Discard Values" parameter does exactly that.
  5. Scale Vibration Isolation

    I am using the filter function. The Settling time is all the way up to 50 and the Active band at 100 and that is the trouble. The filling already is very slow at the end. that is the reason for the 2 speed fill on the cycle. Without the filling equipment running the settling time can be set down to 15 and the Active band at 30 and the Motion band at 10 and all is calm and settled. But as soon as the thing is turned on causing a slight vibe the display goes wild and the motion is on constantly until the settings are increased. The filtering only slows the reaction time and that causes the uneven cutoff. Is there a way to filter out the high and lows rather that extending the response time?
  6. Scale Vibration Isolation

    There is a Filter function available to help smooth out this type of variation, but it seems to me that, fundamentally, filtering data necessarily causes delay. You may have to experiment and stop the filling just short of the required weight. You can also try filling more slowly as you approach the weight limit.
  7. I have a V700 coupled with a LC1 scale module. The unit is doing a control of the filling of bags using a 2 speed fill cycle. The problem I am having is the unit has a light vibration and so it does not stop the final fill uniformly. It seems that the bouncing around is causing the gate to close early or late making the weighs either high or low. Is there a way to smooth out the vibrations without making the settling time so high that the updates are so slow?
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  9. Hi, thanks for your message ! I'm using ethernet. In design>pc ports it appear as : "Ethernet(call)" so i guess i should select "TCP/IP(call)" in connection type ?
  10. Stopwatch in VisiLogic

    Nice and neat, Joe. Ditto on the screen problem. But it has also jogged a query in my brain. I often do a direct compare for a time result, and wonder whether using a FB is easier or harder on the system. There are a myriad other things I use that I can say the same for. Is there somewhere that I can find a list of scan times applicable for any element or FB? I've never stumbled on it. Even an excel sheet or similar from the Creators would be good. cheers, Aus
  11. proportional valve

    Also, does the valve do a fixed rate of change? cheers, Aus
  12. SD Clone with OS Downgrade

    Geee......I thought I was the only one doing this for the one thing I need it for...but I'm still on 6.2!! It ain't broke yet, so I don't fix it! But it might change to Uni when it does, for the very reasons TM says. Regardless, I often fix if I can, sometimes it's the most minor component that has failed. Once, I could only get a non-RTC version of an older PLC 2nd hand but new. Needed the RTC though. On the hope it wasn't different firmware b/n the RTC and non-RTC models I purchased the unit, sourced and fitted the RTC chip, and bingo....major issue fairly easily solved. In eventually checking out the old unit, discovered the bit of swarf on the board that some careless person had created drilling above the unit letting it all fall on things below. How do I say "Fair Dinkum!" in everyone's language?! But was also able to fix this too. I'm old enough to be a fix-it bloke, but today's world has very much changed to "throw it away if it stops", with TM's observation of "we'll make it to fail in 3 years anyway" also high on the list of annoyances. cheers, Aus
  13. 4-20mA sensor to 0-10V

    A 500 ohm resistor is the way to go. Or a 470, which is easier to come by and not a huge loss of resolution. You'll be scaling it anyway. Joe T.
  14. SD Clone with OS Downgrade

    Totally un-Unitronics comments- I'm still running RS Logix version 9 - last of the key disks. Works great. SLC 500 hardware is an eBay purchase. Joe T.
  15. proportional valve

    I'd use a couple of Linear blocks controlled by a register you increment containing total seconds. What is your ramp rate in % per sec? Or, better yet, could you draw a picture? Joe T.
  16. SD Clone with OS Downgrade

    In general, I also avoid this, but on the other hand, I like to keep reasonably current. This was the last project under 9.3.0, so upgrading it also eliminated a version from Swapper. The transition went smoothly enough, only one major hiccup. I had a Modbus TCP PHR function block that was writing to memory address 0x402 in the target device, and it spontaneously changed to decimal "4" out of the blue. I corrected it, and communication was restored. The peculiar thing is, there are two of these FB in the program, but only one was "mutated". On a side note, we also have an AB SLC running on their OS version 307, and programming in RS Logix 500 version 7. We never upgraded because we have never needed to, and still don't - only two of these in the building. We needed to get some spare parts, so I contacted our local vendor, and they informed us we would have to purchase the spare processor with the latest firmware (around $2k for 1 card!) and our RSLogix would not support it, so we would need to buy that too ($2500 more!). Of course, we could always sign up for a Tech Connect contract that we would never use, but includes software upgrades, etc etc etc. Just one more reason I love Unitronics - we could actually have this discussion about whether or not to update. With Rockwell, it's forced on you, a planned-obsolescence money-making scheme... grrrrr,,,
  17. Good Morning, i'm having trouble controlling a proportional valve i'm trying to use the accelerate function block but i'm not sure how to use it. i'm trying to make it rise from 0-20% after some seconds rise it to 80% and from that lower it to 80-0% basically it's a ramp up-ramp down could someone help?? or is their another method of how to control it??
  18. Well i knew it was something simple Thank you
  19. You cannot have the same Direct Coil in two different ladder rungs. Only the second instance of the coil will control the output.
  20. Hello Can anybody help me with the problem i am having. I have 2 almost identical net-s, one working the other not. They both set O80 on for the duration of the timer. Net 3 works, but net 2 will not set the output ON. The rest of the net is working. After the timer expires the bit resets like it should. Only problem is the O80. I tried changing it with something else (other output, a MB), but it still wont turn on. I know i must be overlooking something extremely simple, but i cant find it.
  21. Hi Gael, Are you communicating via Ethernet or Serial ??? Connection -> Communication settings Will let you test the port you are trying to use in DataExport, however in order to set the port up for DataXport to use while running you need to go to the Design drop down menu Design->PC Ports Set up the port you want to use in the window which pops up. Then when you set up the site make sure you have the correct port selected.
  22. Hello all ! I'm trying to get data from a V1210 using DataXport. When i try to get OPLC information i got this message : "Communications could not be established due to failure to open port. Port maybe in use by another application or device." Or this port seems to work perfectly and is not used by other application... Can somebody help me ? Regards, Gaël.
  23. Hello, i have a JZ20-J-T40 and four 4-20mA pressure sensor´s. I need connect for two 4-20mA sensor´s for 0-10V analog input´s. How it could be done . Can i use 500ohm resistore? Sorry for my bad english.
  24. LOL, that's so funny طراحی سایت
  25. Hi. Hope someone can assist. Installed 8 v570 units at client. First tried ethernet, then canbus and then modbus. No luck. Sometimes plc loose comms with other plc's and sometimes some plc's loose comms with omron cx supervisor scada. Any assistance will be appreciated. Thanks. Rodger
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