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  3. Hi Bob Once an alarm has been configured you should see an ALARMS STATUS STRUCT under global tags at the bottom. Click on alarms status struct and you should see a bit for any alarm active. Regards Denis
  4. hi Rinehartrr, are you talking about "generic PLC alarm" or "generic alarm of your project"? If it is the first one...if I well remember a tag about ERRNO is present in the General struc...maybe others tags...but I don't remember exactly. if it is the second one ...how are you managin the alarms in your project?...by the builtin alarm manager or by something done by you? in my projects I don't use the builtin alarm manager (that is good) but something done by me... in this way,in the struct that I use for the new/actual alarm, I include many information for each alarm and what the PLC has to do for each of them...obviously if an alarm is present I have included an OR bit for the alarm that enable the horn and the red lamp.
  5. after some more searching I was able to find "Alarm Status Struct.Num of Active Alarms" I can use this for my needs now, but I would like to know where the documentation is I am missing to read about this and what else might be in there? Edit: for spelling
  6. Hi all and thanks in advance, I have a program running un a Uni stream USP-070-B10. Using software version 1.25.61 UniLogic studio. I am trying to find a bit that will tell me if any Alarm is active, I have looked thru the help file, system variables, and searched this forum. I did find a comment from Saragani posted July 1, 2015 stating: " On the next version (1.15), it is planned to have a tag that contains: * An array of 32 bits (one per group * An array of 1025 Bits ( 1 spare bit + 1 bit per alarm) * A bit that indicates that 1 or more alarms are active * An interger with the total number of active alarms" Am I just blind and missing something? or did it not get added? The reason I am looking for this is I have a client with a remote cabinet with the PLC in it (no network connection or outside connection but power), they want a light added to the top of the cabinet and turne don if any alarm is active so they can see they need to go out there... Thank you for any assistance you may be able to provide, Bob
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  8. What happens if you use version swapper to re-register the version of Visilogic you want to use?
  9. 11 and 12 need to be connected on the input header. For PNP they connect to 0V, for NPN they connect to V+ 11 controls I0-7 while 12 controls I8-15. Also in the specification read the notes about the RG Terminal as I believe it needs to be connected to 0V on the expansion adaptor.
  10. Hello, I am working on VISION PLC with an expansion IO. I rough wired my PLC on my desk and all worked. I rewired it and cleaned it up I am getting a problem on this where all th INPUT lights are on even when nothing is wired into them. Any ideas? William
  11. Hello, I'm trying to understand the behavior of the I/O bus of a USP-156-B10. I connected all my modules to the PLC with Local Expansion Kits (UAG-XKP), with a RJ-45 cable, and wanted to know what was the communication protocol (or fieldbus) inside this cable. Is it Ethernet ? Thanks in advance, V. Mamet
  12. Hello, thanks for support. I tried everything and finally helped... actualization of the software. I downloaded the the latest version of Visilogic 9.8.79 and updated the PLC OS, now it works. KR, Bartosz
  13. Hi; IO-AI1X-AO3X is not a valid I/O Module. What I/O Modules are attached to the unit? or Snap On Module What is the OS in the V290 ( and how old is it) and what version VisiLogic are you using? OS -- Touch Screen for 5-8 seconds, to get into Info Mode, enter 1111 and then go to system( up/down arrows) Dant
  14. Good day, Please find attached some images with the problema that occurs at the time of oppening a Project in VisiLogic versión 9.8.65. The first error that appears is the "Load 12Type mismatch" and when you click to the "Ok" button and try to open another display it appears the second message "Run-time error '13': Type mismatch". I have read a post where the response was to put a DLL in the VisiLogic folder. I have tryed this solution but it does not work (post was from 2015 and other VisiLogic versión). Let me know if you have some solution! Thank you,
  15. Rog

    Azure SQL help

    Thanks for the heads up.
  16. when uploading file from V290 received the following error: Element does not exist IO-AI1X-A03X. I know that his is an expansion module, but how do I add it to the list?
  17. Hello Swervomotor, Thank you very much. I was to use the text box and the Tag Link to link the data. But this Combo Box seems to fit better for the array.
  18. Hello ORSO2001, Thank you. That is a very good example. I have been referring to this.
  19. Hello, I changed my pc language from english to russian, and now Visilogic program in all projects shows table "Visilogic can't handle Multibyte chars". I tried to change pc language back to english, but table still apear. Maybe someone knows the problem? Thanks for help.
  20. Hi Rog, Currently UniStream does not support Azure SQL DB.
  21. You can simply do that in Properties Window of your Data Table, under Columns widths (Colection). It is a drag and drop option. Cheers, Petar
  22. It looks like the FATEK supports MODBUS/TCP. Just set up your FATEK with the MODBUS TCP parameters as a slave and assign IP addressing, port number, etc. Match that on the V700 side as Master and it should work easily. There are example projects that came with your VisiLogic installation that will show you what to do in the V700 for MODBUS TCP Master.
  23. Hello, Can somebody help me. I have two PLC's, a Vision V700 and a FATEK, both with TCP / IP communication. I have to communicate the Fatek (slave) with the V700 (Master). Please, if someone has information, I thank you.
  24. i try with greather than same problem , i can chose hsc and hsc with reset and I chose with only hsc .
  25. Trying to connect to a Azure sql server running the latest version of SQL server. I can connect using telnet and SSMS no problems. The unistream can connect to a local host using sql express. However when i connect using the same info. I get error which is the pic attached. I am kinda at a impasse. So what server on the unistream line compatible with?
  26. I believe HSC cannot be reset on expansion unit from software, you need to use hardware reset (a physical input on D16A3-RO16 module). Take a look at this topic:
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