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  2. Flex727

    String to Num

    By the way, the answer to your question, @JOYE, is that FACTOR is how you deal with the decimal placement since you are converting the string representation to an integer. If the string looks like this: "123.45", then you would use a factor of 100 to result in an integer value of 12345. You can then display this integer number on the HMI screen and identify where to place the decimal. If you use the number in calculations, you would need to account for the fact that the number has been multiplied by 100 and deal with that properly.
  3. Flex727

    String to Num

    @Cara Bereck Levy, as far as I can tell, there is absolutely nothing on this function in the help file. Can you help?
  4. Hi Kikis, the thing that bothers me about this device (I've looked at it in the past) is that it appears that it uses an intermediary server to do the connection. It doesn't appear to be a direct link because you "log in to your Talk2M account" using the "eCatcher client" to initiate the connection. Perhaps this negative view is completely unfounded/unjustified and it is all perfectly ok, but I have a personal aversion to that sort of principle. cheers, Aus
  5. google translation: I wrote a program and drew a diagram. Is it possible to connect the PLC to the servo so? It is right?
  6. Я написал программу и нарисовал диаграмму. Можно ли так подключить ПЛК к сервоприводу? Это правильно? step1.vlp
  7. JOYE

    String to Num

    Hello, I'm a beginner in software development. How use the box String to Num ? What is the FACTOR ? Thank you.
  8. Hi Guys, I have a customer asking to have remote access to the webserver of a Unistream PLC via internet (everything works perfectly in the local network). I'am thinking to use EWON COSY vpn router in order to achieve a secure connection. Is there anyone who used this device before? What about connection reliability and response speed? Do you know of any other similar product which can be used for such an application? Thanks and Regards, Kikis
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  10. Gabriel Franco

    PID function not working properly.

    I suggest you to manually tune your PID system using any of well known methods, e.g. Ziegler-Nichols
  11. Hello GonzaloRoldan, I had such a problem. If you have a language other than default English, so the description of the buttons does not transfer to the web page. You need to switch default English language to active and make changes. Then donload to PLC. It seems to me that the description of buttons in other languages is not conveyed to the webserver. Ahoj.
  12. The only one I have found for x64 is Serial port monitor which is really quite good. Not free, but how is the output good. There is a 14-day trial. Honestly, I've been hoping (for quite a while now) that Mark R. would release a 64-bit version of portmon.
  13. Amit.Shohat

    Barcode scanner on unistream 7''

    Thank you for your reply, Joe. I wish to read 1D and 2D (QR) type barcodes, preferably with a wired scanner. I actually gave the Dimex DS2208 barcode scanner a try and it worked fine with UniStream. I connected it via USB and the PLC accepted it as a keyboard meaning the user will have to press a text box and only then scan the barcode, which might be just fine for my application.
  14. Good thought, Visco. Any others who have had trouble pls chime in with what you are using, too.
  15. your other question "cant save a file..." has my suggestion on how to maybe fix. Ensure that you are running the installation file by right clicking on it and selecting Run as Administrator. "found the admin" might have just been the program compatiblity...not the install....I can't tell from what you are saying. cheers, Aus
  16. OK Tyler, Before doing anything else, just as a precaution do a copy of your entire my documents folder by accessing it via C/Users etc. I think your best option at present is to see if you have a System Restore point still in existence before you did anything Unitronics. If you do, set that underway and see how well it restores things. If you don't have a restore point back far enough, with Visilogic 9.8.65 installed, use Revo Uninstaller portable ( https://www.revouninstaller.com/download-free-portable.php ) and do a thorough uninstall, as deep as the program lets you run it...go into Options etc. Once done, if you can still find a folder called "Unitronics VisiLogic_C" in program files/Unitronics, delete this. Reboot the puter. See what the behaviour is now. Once rebooted, install .79 using the right click run as admin method and see how it goes after rebooting after installation. If it works then you are ok. If not, repeat the uninstall instructions above to completely get rid of anything .79 ish. Reboot and install 9.8.65 again using right click/run as admin. Reboot and see. The object of all of this is to try to completely get rid of any strange references in the system that either program has made. 9.8.65 is stable and should run fine if nothing else is messing with it. cheers, Aus
  17. So this started the other day, I tried to upload a file that I had saved, to this forum. When I tried to open the folder the file was in, it just closed the entire my documents folder and exited to the desktop. Then I tried to save the program to another location and when I hit save as, it would open the file explores, circles while waiting about 10 seconds, and then close visilogic and exit to desktop. This was with .79. So I uninstalled .79, and reloaded .65, its been twice now. I still cannot save a file. I can start a new project, do one line of code, go to save and it closes visilogic and exits to desktop. I need this to work on this computer, it did and now it wont. any help is appreciated. Tyler
  18. Ausman, I don't know about installing as admin, but I think I need to know. I have uninstalled twice and it still just closes visilogic and exits to windows every time I try to save. This is .65. Any help is appreciated. Ok found the admin, still does it. this is terrible, cant even use the PLCs I got. Maybe I need to reboot the computer, but man that's a lot to figure out why this is crashing. ill let you know and hopefully post a program sometime. thanks TW
  19. Well...that is not what I remembered happening, so maybe I am mistaken in my belief that it doesn't stick! Was it a full power off for a few seconds and power on? If it was, maybe the bigger Visions do this...I have only ever used smaller ones like 130s. If it does stick, I can't see why it won't work. Pls do experiment, kratmel! I haven't got time today to do so.....will try another day. cheers, Aus
  20. I tried to change the settings through the info Mode in the V1040 panel (com2 for example 57600>to>9600, RS232>to>RS485). After confirming settings, i tried to restart the panel - the settings remained unchanged (9600, RS485 - new setting is active). The question remains: is it possible to use com port in OPLC without COM init block in the program? Visilogic Help say - COM init needed for communication. Com init block change default com settings (preset in info Mode) to user defined. Maybe If changes not needed this block is optional. I will try to do some experimenting to answer this question
  21. Last week
  22. The builtin always defaults to certain parameters. You can change them via info, but on any reboot such settings would be lost. That is the problem. And the only way I can see of getting around it is the "presets selected by a bit that controls the relevant power up bit" method. Also, if doing this, you would have to have all the "controlling" bits interlinked so that only one could be active. Yes, it is, but again only at power up, as it only uses direct addressing. So it needs to be in your list as well...that's why I was saying it is a big preset list! Again, happy to be proven wrong, but keep in mind it is a totally different kettle of fish to the IP method. cheers, Aus
  23. Ausman and Flex727 thank you for the replies. I was hoping the answer was that the parameters were saved in a system register that could be altered and then the port could be reinitialized. Having a couple of baud rate options (preset) as a minimum to choose from could work. The network ID is already configurable through the modbus init....... one other question... can the com port be initialized if it has already been initialized? ie if I set it to 9600 as a default but the end user wants to set it to 19200 can the comport init and modbus init be recalled with out error?....
  24. I have not tried and yet do not know if it is possible to use the built-in com port without initialization in the program. Perhaps this will work using the settings that are available in the info Mode window of the panel itself. There are all settings present in info Mode for all ports. Modbus must configured by Is it solution Flex727, Ausman? What do you think about this?
  25. I think Ausman is correct here. You could set up multiple pre-set configurations for the user to select and have the selected configuration initialized by ladder. I haven't tried that, but it should work.
  26. My understanding of this is that what you want to do is not possible, but I might be wrong. Your modbus over IP can be altered because of the totally different way the info exchange is done. With a 232/485 serial stream, the hardware has to know exactly how it is meant to be working, whereas resetting an IP port is essentially using the same settings with different names. It got me thinking as to whether the power up bit setting the com port could have a user set direct contact in front of it that is then linked to a setup screen. You have all the variations in the com init settings that you might encounter linked to a particular contact that is chosen using a screen after first powerup, and this then controls the associated com init on next powerup. But there's also the modbus config block that only works with constants, so you are getting into serious "multi-possible-configurations" here. I'm happy to be howled down on this one, have never had to do it as I always use 9600, 8, none, 1 and adjust other things on the network to suit if needed. I have had comms issues with other settings. cheers, Aus
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