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  2. Hello, We are not familiar with such issue. Which firmware version is installed on UniStream? Did you try to cycle power the Unistream. If after power cycle it still cannot connect then send a mail to support@unitronics.com with the application and we will try to test it here.
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  4. Hi kikitron, There is also an example for linearization of 2 inputs in sample projects included within U90 ladder.
  5. Hi JJ, I have a few questions: * When you say it is connected to Port 2 of the V570 - do you mean COM2? Does the thermocouple have a Serial/Modbus interface? * The post by Flex727 is correct, the E2B snap-in module doesn't take thermocouple inputs directly. It would need a signal transmitter, typically this converts the thermocouple interface to 4...20mA current signal. If you have a datasheet for the thermocouple and/or any photos of the device and the way youhave it wired up, please post.
  6. Edited, I was stupid and didn't look at the description header! cheers, Aus
  7. If I'm not mistaken, the V200-18-E2B Snap-In module does not have thermocouple inputs. You'll need a V200-18-E3XB.
  8. I'm creating a new program for this system which is already wired up, the thermocouple is connected to the Port 2 of the V570. How do I read the data from the port and for the data to be converted into Degrees Celsius. Thanks JJ
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  10. Remote Operator Issues

    Also, don't forget the communication settings in RemOp. Some of my remote units need much longer timeouts than the default 1 second, and I have seen an auto reconnection happen on a 4th try on lines not as good as they should be! Simple things to adjust if necessary. I actually don't use RemOp at all, I prefer Remote Access. cheers, Aus
  11. Remote Operator Issues

    Hi ahoover, Uhmmmmm.........I'm no networking guru....but.... Why are you using 3 sockets? Am I mistaken in believing that the socket never closes and constantly talks to the router as a keep alive function? And I don't see how the rising pulse of SB149 is going to initialise the other socket correctly, shouldn't it be falling? Thanks for the email tips. Always learning! Cheers, Aus
  12. Analog input to Digital output

    Joe's answer is correct, but I well remember the first time I encountered this quirk of the program. It is initially confusing that you are using the same things repeatedly for a different result, all in the same scan....but that's the way it works. cheers, Aus
  13. Analog input to Digital output

    Move the scaled temperature out of the system integers and then repeat your logic for the next input. The system integers can be called as often as you like during a scan. Your application will use them as buffers, not final results. Joe T.
  14. Jazz and pt 100

    That model is for a 1000 ohm RTD. A PT100 won't work. Joe T.
  15. Remote Connection

    Joe T.
  16. Unilogic Simulator

    No. There is no simulator. Joe T.
  17. Bar-code scanner with UniStream

    Hi, what values do you have in "barcode1Length" and "barcode1Status"?
  18. Analog input to Digital output

    Now I wrote linearization with program and its working perfect Now I have second question: What happens if I use 2 or more analog inputs (sensors) and I can write linearizaion program only for the one. Because if I use for first sensor SI 80 - 85 to set the (x,y), what SI xx can I use for secon one or third ... ? Analog_input_test_4-20mA_ladder.U90
  19. Greeatings. I buy jazz 11 pt15 and i will try to make one temperature regulator. Can someone explane me how can i read signal from pt100 , have someone some examples. Must I do linearization or something else . Thank you
  20. Remote Operator Issues

    I am the boiler tech for dkmiller16. Socket 2 in the program is setup as a slave, protocol is TCP, port is 20258. The problem they are experiencing is that sometimes the socket does not close when they disconnect from the app. I did change power up value of SB 168 to 1, though it appears that would only apply when the physical network link got lost? There is one unused socket left, I guess it could be used as an alternate remote connection port. I might do this, and make the rising pulse of SB 149 initialize the alternate socket and vice versa, this would always keep the one fresh. Any reasons why the socket would not be closing properly? On another note, I think we got email working properly thanks to a tip from Unitronics support. In the past mail.com accounts worked very well for me, but its been a year or 2 since the last Vision project that needed email. This time around the mail.com accounts were barely working at all, strangely enough it would about once every ten times. Most times the socket would connect, SB 345(email send bit) would briefly turn on then off again, and email status would stay at 1/in progress. Anyway, the following option has seemed to work well so far, and I have not seen anything on this forum mentioning it, so will do it here. Create an account with https://www.smtp2go.com/. This is just an email server, you do not have an email address with them. You create a username and password, that are used in the Vision email setup as email authentication. Server address is mail.smtp2go.com, various ports are available to be used. In the "From" field in Vision email setup, you enter any email address you want to send from, can be gmail, hotmail, whatever. The smtp2go account is free for a certain amount of emails per month. Thanks for all responses to these issues, and thanks for your patience Drew, it has been a pleasure working with you!
  21. Remote Connection

    Mr. Joe, Thanks for information. I understand nothing is cheap, but even its expensive i am ready to pay, but the thing is the REX-100 not working properly. So i want to replace. Now i got static IP to my unistream PLC. Pls explain what are the port / service type need to forward at my router for remote access my PLC..? Thanks Again Ganesh Singapore
  22. Unilogic Simulator

    Hi, Wasn't able to find any information on "Joesteva"s question. Any update on this post? Regards, Hansi
  23. Analog input to Digital output

    Thanke you for your answers. Yes I used linearization only for display. #794 is perfect, so I just calculate pressure bettwen 205 and 1023, perfect But I didnt remember to write linearization with program and I will try to write it to.
  24. I saw people touching the HMI screen like if they were trying to kill an annoying fly. Usually these people carry old-school keypad mobile phones. 18 months is a very short lifetime though...
  25. Hi, I 'm trying to interface an USB bar-code scanner (HandHeld IT3800, model 3800LTP-12) with my UniStream (model: USP-104-B10). I configured the Panel USB Port as below: and created the following rung to capture the data read by the barcode scanner: However, when I plugged the bar-code scanner into USB Host Port 1 of the UniStream, the bar-code scanner was detected as keyboard instead. Nevertheless, I clicked "Reset Display" to continue, hoping that the bar-code scanner can still work, I then scanned a sample bar-code but nothing was captured. Any idea on how to get this to work? Thanks KokHua
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  27. Remote Operator Issues

    That's great Drew. Time will tell. Plenty more things to change if it still plays up. And Joe....your kid playing a game? Ha!! I thought he'd be helping you fix old radios! cheers, Aus
  28. Analog input to Digital output

    I didn't even look at the display - I can't remember the last time I used that feature. I find it's not very useful for this very reason. Good catch. Joe T.
  29. Excellent! Your solution of putting the Stream variable at location 2 is good - there's no question of which message was received. Joe T.
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