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  4. Greeatings i post second topic about alarm , i cant understund how can i make it on visilogic I post my photo and if someone can explane step by step how can i make alarms on hmi on this photo you can see mb 128 trigger my alarm http://pokit.org/get/?b53494f5c7087a0c82b9f126ab01c63b.jpg how can i activate this from leader i dont understand IN and out of show alarms - and how create history of alarm screen Must I make screen of history or visilogic have alarm menager like other plc
  5. Hi, I'm new to this and I have questions : I want to send pulses 0-5000Hz , 50% Duty cycle and read them back to my high-speed inputs. I also need something like arrow up/down to control the frecuency and duty cycle. Any ideas ? Regards Geir
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  7. M57 is time for "start obavijesti" M58 is time for "Stop obavijesti" ML81 is day of month and ML 80 is month i have only problem with days
  8. Alarms

    It's hard to troubleshoot a program without all the information. What are the online values of MI 57, MI 58, ML 81, and ML 80? Joe T.
  9. ok i make mistake on photo one , but i have this problem on photo one you can see day of month isnt on why ??? on photo two you see what i set on my plc on photo 3 are my definition of day of month http://pokit.org/get/?f08eb856ab7f8cded373411b2a4ee7f5.jpg http://pokit.org/get/?c44d1571d8c8a67db5deb6be38915e8b.jpg http://pokit.org/get/?6c12be8aeb7494e0ae77edf287327d5e.jpg
  10. Alarms

    The Alarm manager will do what you're asking - it's configured in the tree on the right in Visilogic. Read all the Help on Alarms before you dive into it. Photo 1 - you have the same register for Month and Day. These should be different. When you go online, what values do they contain? Photo 2 - a very nice screen but I have no idea what's under the hood Photo 3 - I don't see a timer. That logic will call a display once, as the coil triggering the transition is hanging on the power rail. Is the rail in a subroutine? Joe T.
  11. I need alarm screen on hmi , where i can find allarm history , and can i on unitronics do something like this : when alarm is activate example security circuit is broken down , i need pop up with message circuit is broken ? i have one more question about indirect function on photo you can see my leader diagram http://pokit.org/get/?4e32ee4c563cefb6ee9722e39481ef5f.jpg http://pokit.org/get/?63103df24bd0eacbb2befc9000babcf2.jpg http://pokit.org/get/?0c66c4829007019b5e5e2c57421ae8e4.jpg why dont load hmi screen when timers are on ? you can see on photo 1 and 3 diagram on photo two are timers one more questions here if you see on select day of month when i select 20 day day 1 is automatic on why ???
  12. DataXport and Unistream

    The UniStream's memory is different from the Vision's. DataXport doesn't work with it. I haven't tried it out yet, but the UniStream has much more powerful email capabilities than the Vision and you can probably send the data directly from it. Has anyone on the forum done this? Joe T.
  13. Screens are not available for the V570. Sorry. Joe T.
  14. Alarms

    There is an example of the Unitronics alarm manager under Help->Examples->Version 900 -> Project examples -> ladder -> V1040 Alarm Example.vlp. The Unitronics alarm manager is a bit of a complicated beast for someone new to the product; you may be better off making your own alarm handler in logic depending on what your needs are. Can you describe what you want to do? Joe T.
  15. Greeatings . Can someone post or explane me how alarms screen make on hmi ? If someone have some example that be better . Thank you
  16. I have the same situation can I have a quote for replace the screen?
  17. How to use a multi-line text in HMI label?

    Thank you!
  18. How to use a multi-line text in HMI label?

    Shift+Enter to start a new line.
  19. Hello, Is there a way to do multi-line text label in a button text? Maybe I'm missing something! Thanks.
  20. Hello, I collect data from a Vision PLC with DataXport at our factory, can I use DataXport with a Unistream as well? Or are there other applications made for Unistream? Torkild
  21. Hi Mousemania; Windows 10? Latest Updates? -- Win 10 is a real pain! Uninstall 1.22.13 Get Into Control Panel - Programs and Uninstall the SQL Server Shut down the computer. and Restart. ( Sometimes RAM remembers what is supposed to be erased ) Install 1.22.13 ( This will cause an new SQL Install to be done ) (When doing and uninstall of a current UniLogic, it does not uninstall the SQL Server. Uninstall SQL Server forces the New UniLogic install to install it again, Subtle changes can cause headaches)) Been there , done that ! Dant
  22. Run-time error 3709

    well, a week since I cleared my log files and it's still running.............. odd the the "run time error" description does not lead you that direction.... stranger things have happened, just you wait and see.......
  23. OK i have one question When i make on hmi password , how can i it compare with my entry ? if entry equal with password i need to entry to hmi screen new if isnt equal i need to show other screen with text wrong password I resolve my problem
  24. Hello again! Fixed the issue! The fix button wasn't doing anything, so I ran SqlLocalDB_x64.MSI (inside the extracted diagnostics folder) and that fixed the SQL server. Diagnostics were still showing an issue with the SQL instance, so I ran command prompt as an administrator and wrote "sqllocal db info" and all it showed was v11.0. So I typed "sqllocaldb create unilogic 11.0" and that solved the problem! Diagnostics showed everything was okay and Unilogic launched successfully. Thanks to Saragani for the help, I had also referenced his advice in this thread to solve the issue.
  25. Hello, I'm having the same issue with 1.22 rev 13 and ran the suggested diagnostics. It shows there is an issue with the SQL server and instance, but the fix button does not seem to do anything. It is enabled, but nothing happens when I press it. Any advice?
  26. Hi Joe! I work with samba SM35-J-T20 and encoder on HSC0 configured as high speed input reload. I have MI1 as counter target value and interrupt is working fine on number of counts in MI1 , but only on the value which is loaded on the power up reset. If I change MI1 during the program runs it makes no effect on the number of counts on which interrupt is desired. It will change only on next power up reset. Is it normal ? Can't I change this parameter on the go , must I every time restart samba or what?
  27. Uni-com UAC-02RS2

    Hi, We in the project used 1x UAC-01RS2 2x UAC-02RS2 3x USP-104B10 with 3x USC-P-B10 BUS connectors are well connected. All modules work correctly, including COM modules. Data Tx and Rx in com modules also work. The only error is that, the power LED on the COM modules does not lighting. The power LEDs on the I / O modules light up well. Best regards.
  28. Suggestions are always a good idea. Some of them, get accepted and improve the usability of the software. In the manner of your issue: I just tried to reproduce the problem with UniLogic and UniStream 1.21, and got the same result as with 1.23 (pre-released), and the Panel R&D team leader says that this bug was fixed long time ago, even before 1.21. I know that you are using the latest version, so if you can, please try reproducing the issue with an empty / new project. Just add 2 users (one admin and 1 operator), and add one button to a screen and link it to L3. Also add a textbox and hows the logged in user, and choose either to hide the button or to have the touch disabled (with disable color). Tell me if you were able to reproduce the problem where the button gets visible / enabled (I don't care about the user name that you see in the textbox, since I already saw that it happens). If the problem does not reproduces with a new project, then maybe something with the big project that you have on the PLC is causing the bug, and in this case we might need that project for debug. Thanks.
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