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  2. What I would look for in this situation is to make sure you're not stepping on MB 1244-1248 in either PLC.
  3. I have a docking station for my Dell D830. When the laptop is docked the video characteristics of the system are different from when it is undocked. As it is locking up especially when you view the graphics editor I'd lean toward a Windows graphics driver problem. First - has this ever worked on the laptop by itself? Did a Windows update start the problem? What kind of laptop do you have? Do you have another laptop you can try this on? Joe T.
  4. Modbus TCP would be the way to go. Get an Ethernet card for the V430 and set it up as a Modbus Slave. I did a quick search an found a Python Modbus library called pyModbus that should work for you. Joe T.
  5. I have a network set up and I am using a Struct command to move information from PLC11 (vision 130) to PLC10 (Vision 1210). I have both the collect and extract of the two struct commands the exact same, but only part of the information I need sent is making it through. I collect the information in PLC 11 and Send it to PLC 10 where I extract it. All of my information is accurate in PLC 11, but I am not receiving all of MB1200-1249 in PLC 10. I have not been able to receive MB1244-1248 in PLC 11, I seem to be receiving the rest of that command no problem. Does anyone have any ideas as to why I
  6. I think that your printer is not support all functions and char table (L at the end of model). In that case you must try to sw to all possible char table. And find one with needed characters. But sometimes needed char is not placed on right code. Than you can build with Protocol FB something like "Enigma" code table where needed text is typed via strange symbols
  7. Instead of writing your results to a CSV file, have you thought of writing them to a networked database (e.g. MySQL or SQL Server). The target database table would have the same column structure as your data table, and can be made available to any networked user. Unilogic has inbuilt SQL handling, which replaces the CSV file writing process, and for end users Excel has add-ons for connecting to such databases. We do this successfully in a laboratory Unistream application.
  8. Read the FTP process and compared to the email process and yes I see that the FTP process is easier and cleaner.
  9. Hi all, I have the following question. In a research Project we want to reach connectivity between (older) machines. For that, we want to make data from a PLC V430 available by using OPC UA. As V430 is not OPC UA-able, we want to connect the PLC to a RaPi and implement an OPC UA Server there. For that, can you please tell me, whether the communication between PLC V430 and RaPi is possible? What is the best way to communicate, Modbus tcp? Thank you very much for your Responses!
  10. Aus, You are correct with the way it works. When at the desk, it is using the net connection on the docking station. Out in the field, it uses wifi as I am not plugged in anywhere to a network connection. We have a few V570 on the floor that the ethernet port is connected to a wifi and if a little out of range, an error occurs. That is a different story. I did not think about the possibility of the issue being with the wifi as I am directly plugged in to the PLC. I will try using the ethernet connection next time I am on the floor and then try editing. Thanks
  11. ...I took the first exampke that I found searching "pythin async modbus client" without any checks...😀
  12. orso2p001 Is you link for Linux-like PCs? "#!/usr/bin/env python" damiankk - How about to use SQL database connection? You can create data table and add records with time stamp. Then use this information as you wish. B.R.
  13. It seems that we made wire incorrectly (we've connected Rx to Rx, and Tx to Tx), but it's correct now. Printer is printing, but some letters are wrong. I made it print all letters and numbers, it's on the photo. Is it problem with controller settings? EDIT: I'm trying to change character set in printer, but I only changed from Hanyu Pinyin to Greek, some commands doesn't seem to work.
  14. hi damiankk, in my opinion with 100 variables you can use the modbus way...what you have to be sure is that at the PC side the python scrip has to use an asynchronous method. I am not so deeply inside python but I found THIS example about how to implement an async modbus_TCP_client.
  15. Last week
  16. It's supposedly an innate Vision series issue, in that older types cannot handle any more things in their firmware. This "fully used firmware capacity" issue is across the Vision range with different results related to age of model. cheers, Aus
  17. CatU, Alex's reply was based on your explanation of your computer which implied that you use a laptop as a desktop, via a docking station that links it to two monitors, which works ok. When you disconnect and go to the field with the same laptop (now disconnected from the dock) your problems start. Is this not the way it works? Also, given your answers to Flex, is the net connection the same one under both scenarios? ie Always Wifi, or lan on the dock and wifi when roaming around? This could be the issue, wifi not right. cheers, Aus
  18. Yes, however the FTP process is easier and cleaner.
  19. I will definitely make note of this. I get the .cvs file but not familiar with FTP term. Would like to send this file on a SD card to a network share drive. Currently we have to use the server application on this computer and reads the results. Then we take this data and copy it to a text file. From this text file, it is sorted and put on a test result template. From there I manually move the excel file to the share drive. This seems to be a cumbersome task and was requested to find a way to put the data from the Unitronics to a network share drive. Is it possible to just auto send the r
  20. I became familiar with the term FTP and I do not have the capabilities and I am not the one that writes the code. Would it be possible to have the PLC write the files to a SD card periodically and send the .csv files to an email address providing that it can automatically send email? Thanks
  21. Also, be sure you are running the VisiLogic program executable "As Administrator". You can force a shortcut to always do this by right-clicking on the shortcut, selecting Properties, then go to the Compatibility tab and check the box. Unitronics used to recommend that UAC be turned all the way down before installing. Not sure if they still do but I always do that.
  22. Then you're probably best off uninstalling and reinstalling VisiLogic. VisiLogic Reinstall Instructions: -Backup all projects. -Uninstall VisiLogic with the Uninstaller Wizard. -Delete the folder “Unitronics VisiLogic_C” from C:\Program Files (x86)\Unitronics -Delete the folder “Unitronics” from C:\Program Files\Common Files -Reboot the PC. -Install VisiLogic again. Make sure you run the Visilogic install program as Administrator (this means right-click on the file and select "Run as administrator"). There is also a registry cleaner recommended elsewhere
  23. Yes, right click on install file and selected Run As Administrator
  24. Meaning right-click on the install file and select "Run as administrator"?
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