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  3. I have an HMI V700 with a V200-18-E2B, I need to develop an automated wire spooler, look images for clarification going to this website 1- I need it to do the Auto left and right with the START button until you press the STOP button. The limit switches will work as the direction changes. Do we need to store where the traverse was so it knows which way to go? 2- Then when you push the HOME button to go to the home position. (see image) 3- I need it to either Jog to the right or left or hold the traverse when is in Auto for wire accommodation. 4- The Traverse is following the Spooler speed with a Signal Isolator (see image) but I think it won't be necessary as we're using Shaft Encoders, right? I pretty much have it, check the vlp file.
  4. Hi, PID Config struct is non retained. Running PID will use PID Config struct. Once completing Autotune or manual tune, you can use the Save PID Autotune data ladder element. This will save the PID config struct to a PID AT params struct. Then on power up you can use the Ladder element Load PID Autotune data from PID AT params struct to PID config struct. Please make sure that the PID AT Params struct is checked as retained.
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  6. Ok guys, thank you for your help. I need to creat an array to read all adresses. Tks
  7. As Flex says your going to have to break it up in to multiple reads.
  8. But the Unistream is Slave and the master is read only one tag for example. In this case it does not seem to be a problem with the amount of addresses read, but the amount of tags added in the slave.
  9. Yes it's possible. The thing is just in correct addressing, One PLC must be master and he must communicate with RC 1. Use the app I made for testing, in all three PLCs just give them their addresses correctly and determine who will communicate with RC 1 I do not have free three PLC-s to try
  10. Hi, Can you provide more information about data base and API you wish to use?
  11. Hi Ram, Please post your code if you can, MBs do not directly relate to time. Are you wanting to change the RTC, or change a timer's setting? cheers, Aus
  12. I think you need swap bytes using B=32 bit or a series of swap functions.
  13. Break it up into multiple reads.
  14. Hi, & use "read float registers" to read float using modbus RTU. After that & need to invert it. & tried "copy mem", "swap bytes", "copy mem", but result is bad. & think , problem is that "swap bytes" changes bytes 1234 to 4321, but for inverted float & need 3412. Could anyone suggest what to do? PLC-Samba. Darius
  15. Hi! Yes, it's Modbus IP and UniStream is a SLAVE. Have you ever had or knew about this problem? Is there a solution to add and read more than 255 address? Because it does not matter the range of addresses you want to read, but the number of tags added, which in this case are limited to 255.
  16. IS this MODBUS? There are limitations in the MODBUS standard for register reads.
  17. Hello Guys, I have trying a communication with a Unistream as a Slave and I'm having some problems. When I create a program on Unistream with 255 tags, the communication works ok and all address is read but when I add 1 more tag the program don’t work well. The master only can read about 175 address. In this case it does not matter the specific address, but the number of tags in the program. Does Unistream has a limitation on number of adress that can be read? Has anyone already had the same problem?
  18. Do I understand you correctly that you are trying to read 255 registers at once via MODBUS? I believe there is a limit to how many registers you can read with a single Read Holding Registers command (a MODBUS limit, not Unitronics). Try breaking it up into multiple reads.
  19. Hi all! Has anyone had any success with using API to send data from a Vision controller? I am looking to send the stored data in some MI's to an external database using API calls. Thanks!
  20. Ok, I did not understand what the store function was used for. Thank you!
  21. Hi, I am using samba PLC and giving te user the option to enter a time to MB 20. I would like that automatically MB 21 will be set to one minute later. the problem is with times that ends with 9. 10:09 turns to 10:0A. how can I solve this issue? thanks, Ram
  22. Hello, I am need help with my application, The controller is USP-104-B10 in may application i am using the Modbus TCP/IP to connect PLC with Scada System... in the computer i am using a software Modbus/OPC when i inserte the fists 255 register everything is ok but more than that i cant read any register Somebody can help me?
  23. Hi, Flex727, Not so much code on PLC side, only initializing COM port and ScanEx. As I said, Modbus testers work well, and when I'm trying InTouch, there Rx is incrementing on COM port, but Tx not. So I think PLC gets polls but not answers to them..
  24. I have been working with Vision PLCs, and Visilogic for several years, and have enjoyed working in the Visilogic software. I have seen improvements, enhancements in the software along the way, and have no complaints. However, after just watching a video of an overview of Unilogic, I am left with a much less enthusiastic view of Visilogic now. : ( Just about everything I saw in the video made me think "Wow, I wish I could do that in Visilogic!" Are there plans to add Vision controller support to Unilogic? Or are there plans to overhaul Visilogic to look and function like Unilogic? Or, should I just start planning a migration strategy to Unistream controllers?
  25. WinAce is another progrjam you can use to open .rar files.
  26. Post your code for the V350.
  27. Good day, Can't get to work my application.. I have a V350 PLC connected through GPRS modem as TCP/serial converter and InTouch scada on the other side. Tried DASMBTCP v1.0 and v3.0 and can't get any value from PLC. Modbus Poll (software) and other modbus TCP testers work well. Doing DAServer and Access name configuration according manual, but no success. What could be wrong?
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