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  2. Place a Call Subroutine block in the Main Routine. You can find Call Subroutine under the Utils drop-down menu.
  3. I noticed that it works in main routine if i copy it Its no 2) Can you Tell me how to call subroutine?
  4. danielcostandrade

    error download -2147220096

    Sorry, i will explain better, Method used to download, is USB / Serial through a usb serial converter "trendNet" to a original serial rs232 cable; The software was developed 2 years ago, plc have the same year old, maybe 3year. We buy another one, a new v230 and i donwloaded the sabe application, and worked fine. The Crash Report "picture attached" is showed at every up or download, on old plc, but in a new there´s no problem. but on line monitoring working fine. Im the system administrator by my pc os, and visiologics too, I´ll attach the application's too. Thanks for your Help!! OMK-CONTROLE DE PINTURA_V4.vlp
  5. If you tested your I/O using INFO (Assuming you forced outputs and check input status) mode and worked properly as you stated, then it must be a programming issue.
  6. Gabriel Franco


    Also make sure your serial comms. baudrate, parity and stop bits match all over the network.
  7. Sometimes the Snap-In modules can come loose or the contacts can wear in high vibration environments. Try removing the module carefully and replacing it firmly, making sure it's well-seated.
  8. DanT

    We want to know!

    Has Unitronics Partnered up with any IOT MQTT cloud providers? or recommend any MQTT Broker programs for Internal Sites? Dan Thomas
  9. I'm sure there are many people on this forum who would like to help, but without any information it's impossible. What method are you using to download - USB, serial, or ethernet? Is this a new PLC and a new program you are downloading? You said "download or upload", which is it? Does this happen every time? Is it a new occurrence - were you previously able to download to this PLC? Can you go online with the PLC? Did you install VisiLogic "As Administrator"? Are you running VisiLogic "As Administrator"? I'm sure someone else will chime in with additional questions - these are quick ones off the top of my head.
  10. I have an error due to download or upload applications to an V230, anyone can help me?
  11. Hello, Sometimes the CAN device might "wake up" only after the PLC. If you are using the "auto start" - try to uncheck it as captured and send the start using NMT command to start the CANopen slave after a delay.
  12. Cara Bereck Levy

    We want to know!

    Hi Paul, The platform of those lines does not allow it. While we continue to support--as well as release new features--for these lines, these advanced features are supported by UniStream and the products that will follow it.
  13. DerekGodown

    How to get Help with Unitronics Products: Do's & Don'ts

    I've never heard it before either to be completely honest. However, my ear is trained to recognize any and every opportunity to make a terrible dad joke.
  14. john_uk

    Mounting of Samba series

    I am just designing some equipment, the styling of the device is important. This has lead to the upshot that we want to be able to mount the Samba 7 inch PLC from the back of the enclosure rather than the front. Has anyone done this successfully? How did you design the mounts fittings? The options for materials / manufacture are sheet aluminium or injection mould. Ideally we want to go with bent sheet material as that will help with EMC shielding.
  15. first thanks for your response have 24v+ and 0v present in there place but the same probleme any other idea please
  16. Thank you sir, So we can just change the size of the font, we can not modify the size of the interface? because the minimum size is 8 which was not enough for some texts Mode prototype-test.vlp
  17. Hello, Yes i familiar with cheap camera that works with UniStream: The camera model for the demo case is ELP-IP1881. Websites: www.elpcctv.com I hope it helps.
  18. Cara Bereck Levy

    How to get Help with Unitronics Products: Do's & Don'ts

    I'd never heard that term before!!! A quick Google showed that "Support Portal" is more frequently used by a factor of 10--but I have no doubt that "Supportal" will catch up!
  19. Ofir

    UIA-0006N not responding

    Hello Arvid, As I remember we discussed this case before and the issue was that the connector was not sitting properly.
  20. Hi Priyanka Shahi, Use the information in this link "Unitronics Technical support" on the SQL section. There is a guide written by Unitronics Support that will help you troubleshot your issue,
  21. Look at the data sheet for the -E3XB and make sure you have +24V and 0V present in the right places. It sounds like you've lost one or the other. Joe T.
  22. If you changed the alarm texts in the String library you can also change the font size there. If you have more questions please post your .vlp file. Joe T.
  23. Yesterday
  24. Joe Tauser


    You need to separate your networks. You have several networks that have multiple rungs, each of which is a logical statement. There's no memory cost for additional nets- move your logic into pieces. You also have rungs that initialize values, such as Main:Net 3 where you write 50 to SI 104. It's better practice to use the power-up value feature for all of this- This applies to SB 168 and SI 108 as well. In net 2, don't put conditions on the SCAN block. Just put a NC of SB 2 on the rail and hang it from that. I would start by talking to one device at a time first and getting that working. Then we can switch between them. We need to solve the Modbus going to 4 and 5. RS485 can be tricky on the older models such as the V230. You may have to play with moving the terminator resistors around or eliminating them. Make sure you have your RS485 polarity right, too. Even though the official Unitronics documentation shows a terminator at both ends, on these old models I have looked at the signal with a scope and found the terminators attenuate the signal too much. Try removing one or both of the terminators while you're trying to get successful communication. Joe T.
  25. Priyanka Shahi

    Problem connecting to a database through 'SQL Connector'

    Thank you for the reply. I mistakenly attached the wrong image. I actually have SQL server confirmation for the first step. I tried to connect using the IP address of my PC where my local database resides and I believe my DNS is configured properly as I have successfully done setting for email which would not work if I have a wrong setting for DNS. I disabled the firewall on the PC too. I am still not connected to the database. Maybe I am using wrong information in database name section.
  26. 1) You have it configured as MySQL, while it looks like you need SQL Server 2) The PLC doesn't know what is CTP-1. Give it the IP of the computer, (or the Host in case you have the DNS in the PLC Configured correctly) 3) In the Identification Type try using Instance, and then set the instance Name as SQLEXPRESS 4) Set the Database name to be USERTBD 5) Set a Username and Password that are acceptable by your SQL Server. 6) Disable firewall on the computer that hosts the SQL Server.
  27. DerekGodown

    How to get Help with Unitronics Products: Do's & Don'ts

    You must find the person responsible for passing up on the available term "Supportal" and punish them appropriately yet severely
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