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  2. There is definitely something different in your water down under. Everyone knows PLC logic is executed by gnomes, not people. Joe T.
  3. I haven't tried it with a Snap module, but I have had success un-officially extending the 10 pin bus on the regular I/O modules. Heed kratmel's warning - that's a 5V TTL signal on that cable and you may open yourself up to noise issues. Joe T.
  4. Note that initialize resets all memory to zero and if you have set some important values like PID parameters they will be all deleted. I find it useful only in new projects downloaded to used PLC.
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  6. Hi Nicolas, I've put a new Topic up on this, as it gets raised often enough. cheers, Aus http://forum.unitronics.com/topic/7271-initialize-reset-might-fix-weird-things-going-on/
  7. Reset is a soft boot (like ctrl-alt-del on a PC in the olden days). Initialize loads a zero into every operand. I've never found Initialize & Reset to do much, however, loading a blank project often does wonders to correct all sorts of issues with the PLC. If your PLC is acting up, by all means try the Initialize & Reset routine, as it's quick and easy. But if the problem persists, load a blank project, THEN Initialize & Reset, then re-load your original project. That sequence has never failed me when it's anything other than an actual hardware failure.
  8. Hi all, Init & Reset gets a mention often enough that I've done a pretty pic for people to see. I'm also adding it to the "Ongoing List" as it is fairly important. If you have done any sort of changes to your project, then always do an I & R after you have rebooted the PLC for the first time. Although in theory this shouldn't be necessary, I have often found it fixes strange things going on. That new FB or Element/Operand re-arrangement that doesn't seem to work the way it should, and you've gone over heaps of times without luck? Try an I&R before you give up and go and put your head in a bucket of water.......thankyou Marvin. No promises, but it sometimes does the trick. I think it is because the little men, women and gender-neutral people (this is a very PC forum!) running around in the plc are so dumb it takes a second whack at their heads to get all the new messages in properly and all the old ones out. They get to a room with a few doors and have some conflicting instructions due to the hangover from the previous download binge, so they take the easy way out through the wrong door. cheers, Aus
  9. I have same problem and have entered a ticket. I still do not have the solution. Alex?
  10. On forum is present topic about self made ribbon cable used for connection of expansion modules in two rows. If in your application used only standard input and output (no HSI or HSO or analog I/O) maybe this type of connection is possible. But it is not recommended in application with VFD or another EMI sorces.
  11. Is it possible that present this issue from help? ----Be aware that: A Data Table and the Struct it is linked to cannot have identical names. If the names are identical, you will not be able to link the struct members to the parameters of Data Table ladder functions.---
  12. I would say it is possible, but the snap on module will be awkward to din-rail mount. I would also be concerned about noise pickup with the flat cable. You could use the expansion modules instead.
  13. Three string columns, total 58 characters.
  14. Perhaps this is due to the large length of the row - a large number of columns?
  15. I have had a new surface pro x (old one was surface pro 6) I have downloaded the vision software and all seemed to work fine, until I try and install the driver for the USB. then I get this message you have to run the 64 bit version of dplnst.exe on this machine. contact the vendor that provided you with this package . Anyone else had the same problem ??
  16. Hi, I came across the same problem. I am also using an extension cable. I found that if I use the "SD safely remove" function block, SB217 will reset when the SD card is removed from the extension cable.
  17. My Data Table has 100 rows and I'm inserting a single row. Every instance of "Insert Row to DTI" triggers a compile warning. This is insane. There should be no compile errors or warnings that cannot be corrected.
  18. Hi Flex727, usually I also use "insert" and "remove" row in the DTI...and this "warning" is present, I think, from version 1.25.xx...also a warning when you use the "indirect modbus ID or Group ID" function was added...to remember that the FB has not to be the first element in the ladder but a small delay or a "enabling contact" is needed. However ...as I wrote...I usually use "insert" and "remove" command for table about 200-300 rows and I didn't have problem. As Kratmel wrote this can be a problem (watchdog) when the DTI include thousands of rows and you have to insert/remove row 0,1,2...
  19. Hello guys, Thanks again for the support! My dealer sent the programs to Unitronics, so they will check it 🙂 @Ausman : what do you mean by "Initialize and Reset"? After update, I switched PLC Off an On several time, so it should be OK. Or it means something else? No, of course I kept the old version. But I added some function on my program Offline with the version 9.8.90. So just have to add those new functions to the orignal one (V9.8.65) without converting to V9.8.90😉 @Flex727 and Joe : OK, thanks for the tips 🙂 Nicolas
  20. Hello, did not find similar topics on this forum Is that possible to connect snap I/O module with vision not by direct installing, but with some random 34-pin cable?
  21. Version 9.8.90 introduced re-directing the CANbus port for servo control. If you do servo, you can't do UniCAN. Something may have gotten janked up on CANOpen in this version. The best course here is to contact Official Unitronics Support directly with this issue by sending and email to support@unitronics.com. The forum is not the official support channel, although Unitronics employees do weigh in from time to time. They can also roll your program version backwards if needed. Joe T.
  22. You may need a pull-up resistor on your flowmeter if it's NPN and all your other inputs are PNP (+24V = Logic 1 or ON). Can you post a data sheet or exact part number for your flow sensor? Joe T.
  23. Do a System Restore on the Lenovo to before the last Windows Update. If you can talk to the PLC, download and install Ausman's favorite tool to block Windows updates- https://winaero.com/request.php?1796 Note that blocking updates does cause a security risk. M$oft always has your best interests in mind (😝). Joe T.
  24. I'm having trouble understanding how this could be a problem. This error message is new (didn't exist in previous versions of UniLogic) and is very annoying. A compile warning should not be generated for every single instance of a standard function block used in a normal way. This type of warning belongs in the Help file, not on compile. @Cara Bereck Levy, can you take a look at this? Feel free to PM me if you want more details.
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  26. As i see in help - WatchDog timer duration = 500 milliseconds. If in project present long DTI with row from 0 to N (i do not know what number N is long???) insert row to 1, 2, 3.... (small number) row make a lot of shift row operation... to N+1 If this operation is to long in time (program "stopped" in point "insert row" ) WatchDog is activated.
  27. Anyone want to attempt to interpret this warning alarm? "Inserting rows to an 'Indexed Data Table' when the insert index in a small number can increase scan time and cause a CPU Watchdog." Is there a typo in the message? This warning didn't exist in an earlier version of UniLogic and I'm not sure what to do about it.
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