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  5. I am struggling to find a guide for connecting initially to the new PLC only units. I am used to the units with screens where you can use UniApp to change the IP address, allowing download from UniLogic.
  6. I have exatly the same problem, in my case I am usin a V350-35-R34 whit a IO-DI16 expansion module. In this case I´m traing to reset the MI 90 (high speed counter) but I cant. I use this same logical to reset another high speed counter connected directly to the PLC and everything is working fine, the problem is just whit the high speed input conected to IO-DI16. Some know what is the problem. Do I need to do some diferent whit the expansion module inputs? I really apreciate your help.
  7. JuanMejia, Please attach to post EDS file and other documentation. And what do you need to read from Adapter (1794-AENT)? With more information it will be better chance to help you. B.B.
  8. Hi Marten, Open a ticket on Unitronics "Help center" at https://support.unitronics.com/index.php the Support team will assist.
  9. You should not fill both, Client and Server configuration. Only one. In this case for Server. We managed online session today and established TCP Online communication between U90Ladder and PLC. Unfortunately I have no LabView experience and cannot help with it. May be somebody did it? If yes - please share experience. *I found by Google ( search for "labview modbus tcp read"): "Basic MODBUS TCP/IP Read Holding Register using LabVIEW" https://forums.ni.com/t5/Example-Programs/Basic-MODBUS-TCP-IP-Read-Holding-Register-using-LabVIEW/ta-p/3499688?profile.language=en May be this will help. B.R.
  10. Hi All, I am new to Unictronics and have written an application PLC + HMI with 10 Screens. During test a trend is started, 2 feeds, datasampling (SD card) Sometimes the error HMI application overload popups. Found in the system tags the execution tags, and one is the Pusage tag. It keeps at >90% and sometimes even 100%, Even without VNC/ Webserver or the trend is running Is the overload error related to this? Is this normal an is there a way to reduce panel usage? For example in Siemens you can set the tage update rate. Thanks in advance!
  11. What protocols Banners DXM 100 supporting on Ethernet interface? - MODBUS TCP? - Other? More information -better help.
  12. Compared to working configuration I once did, all settings are the same except nothing was checked in the client area and "Inactivity timer" was set to 20. Also value 310 was stored in SI145 on startup. You have address in Ethernet settings, maybe it's a typo.
  13. And also, why have you got the unit set as network ID 255? And why the 0s in the Client area? cheers, Aus
  14. Did you install U90 using right click/run as Admin? And have you got the U90Ladder.exe (that is the main program once installed) set to Run as Admin using compatibility settings? If you did not do either of these, I would uninstall using RevoUninstaller portable and put things back in like I say. cheers, Aus
  15. Hello, I am quite new at PLC's in general. I am using Banners DXM 100 to communicate with a Push button, which in turn all talks to the PLC. I am having trouble navigating on how to connect the DXM using UniLogics software. The PLC is already connected via Ethernet to the DXM. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  16. i want to know what to do in the event mistakenly pressed restore to factory settings , and what should i do to bring it back to the normal working condition. Please help
  17. I opened a case with them, but still no reply. This is what I'm getting in the image directly below the text, when i press the favorites its not going in its giving me a run-time error '13'type mismatch. I dont know why this is happening, and I didnt find anything in regards to this error. This is my program below MODBUS.U90
  18. No, it is not recommended. This will disturb to PID Autotune. Set desired SP, then run Autotune. B.R.
  19. Hi, It is not recommended to use power-up IP configuration (without Ladder configuration). It may be wrong for many reasons. Preferred to set configuration from Ladder. This will warrant right configuration. By the way, in PLC Tools & Applications there is support for DHCP for Enhanced Vision controllers. https://unitronicsplc.com/support-tools-and-applications/ http://unitronicsplc.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/V570_DHCP.zip When you look for solutions, please visit and search not only in Forum topics, but in Unitronics Help Center Articles too. Link: https://support.unitronics.com/ There are many available articles. If you have solution to share, tell us know and we will add it to Articles. B.R.
  20. I looked at your program and you should be able to talk to it, especially if you can ping it. It looks like you've been digging through the Help and have set it up properly. Can you post a screenshot of your Favorites table? I'd open a case with support. Joe T.
  21. +1 to both Cam & Flex's suggestions, especially Flex's FYI. IP setting is not obvious at first in Help...you might be thinking as Flex says. Use the Search tab in Help to find TCP\IP: Socket Init and other mentions. These will steer you in the right direction to having the socket set in your program. cheers, Aus
  22. I'd love to take all the credit for this suggestion, but it has been mentioned by lots of people over time. 🤓 cheers, Aus
  23. Um... did you think I meant 40200 was an IP address? It is the reference for a Modbus holding register so another modbus master can read it. Its embedded in the modbus data frame. If you don't know how Modbus works, read this- http://www.modbus.org/docs/Modbus_Application_Protocol_V1_1b.pdf I'll look at your program a little later. You may also want to open a ticket with Unitronics by sending a request to support@unitronics.com. Joe T.
  24. Dears, is possible, during the PID autotune procedure, change the set point value? I mean...if I select "Cycles.Three" the procedure will increase to reach, and go over, 4 times the set point and also decrease 4 time to be below of the set point....is possible set (pass) for each of these 4 steps a different set point?...for example 70, 90, 110, 130? in this way the autotune procedure will be "masked" in what could be a standard start up of the system. thanks
  25. The RTC is stored in SI 30 - SI 33. System Integer (SI) addressing starts at 9000h and are standard 16-bit signed integers. If you have difficulty writing directly to SIs, then write to MIs and trigger a bit in your PLC program to Store Direct the MIs to SIs when you want to set your RTC.
  26. Please don't duplicate post. This forum is staffed by volunteers, not Unitronics employees for the most part and is moderated. It can sometimes take a few hours for someone to approve the post as we also have real lives and jobs away from this forum. You, appropriately created a new topic and have a couple of responses there already - let's keep the responses there.
  27. We need to see your program in order to offer any help. At the very least we'll need to see a screen capture of the relevant ladder rung with the Ethernet Card Initialization FB and with it opened up to see the details. FYI - the project settings in VisiLogic have no effect on the PLC.
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