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  3. Hi; The file you are refering to is a system file from the Updates when you updated the UniStream OS - via UniLogic File_System.tar.gz 505,730,000 Bytes 507.730 MegaBytes well with in the 4 GigaBytes Limit That particular folder - UniStream Files - can be deleted once the UniStream has been updated to the New OS. Is your program writing files to the Micro SD Card? How Often? How large? Into specific folders? Are you exceeding the number of files in the folder? DanT
  4. Any differences between the reported capacity of the card on locked vs unlocked? cheers, Aus
  5. What is the size of the Cards when you faced the Locked Problem?
  6. I recall someone like Kikis or Orso doing a topic about how they observed all the outputs turning on for a moment on boot, and they correctly saw it as the large problem it was. I couldn't find it with a quick search...maybe someone else or the original poster will chime in? I think it might have been within the last year, but time does fly. Perhaps the issue they observed is related to Tyler's one? That said, Tyler, given scan times and you saying that the issue is a "second" long, the On/Off time involved for 2 scans doesn't get anywhere near 1 second. It sounds like you have some other control working on the output, that you are missing. cheers, Aus
  7. The PLC starts scanning at the top of the program on power cycle. Which implies that all the outputs should be off initially based on your logic. However, one of my T-shirt sayings is "Empirical Data is the Best Data", and I believe your observation. It sounds like the output memory area is not getting cleared on a power cycle. I would send an email to with the contents of your post to support@unitronics.com. Please let us know what they get back to you with. We're mostly volunteers here. Joe T.
  8. Hi Everyone I am a bit of a newb and using a US57/ -B10-TR22 PLC with the current version of unilogic The short version of my question is: when there is a power off/ on when the PLC reboots does it start the scan from the top of the ladder or does it continue from where it was when the power went off? Is there a way to make it default back to the top of the ladder? My Long explanation / issue is I have a bit that activates a compressor - even though the bit is supposed to default to 0 on startup and i have a initial cycle set bit to 0 condition if i turn the power off when the compressor is running for about one second as the PLC is intialising the compressor will come on for a second I can only assume this is the time it takes the PLC to scan from where it was on power off to the condition that resets the compressor bit... It's for an aerospace application Any help greatly appreciated Kind Regards Tyler White
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  10. Which are all in the installation sheets and Help files, easily accessed these days. Before the "easy" internet us oldies had to figure everything out from printed manuals and help files. Ring the supplier, have a chat and get sent by mail a big printed thing (or 5 of them), with the entire process taking a week or so and likely costing lots of $s. Even then it might mean another phone call etc. Youngies have it so easy these days! Sometimes I think that the best way these days for newbies on anything is to have no internet access for a week or more, and learn how to do basics through reading supplied manuals, experimenting, and trial and error. If I'm sounding grumpy then you have to look at it all from my side where many asks on this forum can be labelled PLC 101. But I also admit that in moments of lack of sleep/high stupids, I occasionally do the same thing! cheers, Aus
  11. Thanks Dan Sorry for lack of info at outset - New to this forum ! All sorted - appreciate help - HS inputs now properly defined, and Hardware setup now corrected Quite a newby to Unitronics Vision, still getting my head around the basics !! Thanks Again
  12. Thanks for your reply, The card is formatted as Fat32 Card size is 32GB. I have attached a screenshot of the SD cards properties, shown from unitronics. There is a file within the folder Unistream_Files -> File_System.tar.gz which is 507.730kB so this 507730000 Bytes. This exceeds the size listed above. But this file I think, is created by unilogic?
  13. Hi; Some further information : IF the SD Card has been formatted in FAT Format : By design, FAT carries a few limitations: Maximum file size is limited to 4,294,967,295 bytes. Maximum files within folder is 65,536 (i.e. a directory must not be larger than 2,097,152 bytes). A root directory on FAT12 and FAT16 can hold max 512 files/folders (there is no such limitation for FAT32) DanT
  14. Hello Eyal, Can I see the attached project named "UniStream_070_Data_Sampling_And_Trend.ulpr" ? I have a same problem. Thanks.
  15. That is a different issue, the details on the screen are different. In your case Fernanda, the PLC has lost it's Visilogic project. The most likely reason is that the on-board battery is flat (check the value of SB8) and the project was not originally downloaded with either the "download all and burn" or "Burn upload project" options.
  16. Hola a todos Tengo un problema con el PLC unitronics V350-35- TR34, se encuentra en modo stop. Alguien me podría ayudar Hello everyone!! i have a similar problem with my PLC V350, ¿coul you help me? please.
  17. hi Flex, thanks for the answer...I realized that a "reset PID Autotune" function is enough...😁
  18. Again, which part of "Check for Updates" did you click? To me this is very relevant info needed if there is a bug in there somewhere. All my comments above about using Revo are steps I have found necessary to completely get rid of old install info. This is not necessarily a Unitronics issue, M$oft are constantly changing the O/S on which it runs, which is often making life exceptionally difficult. cheers, Aus
  19. PJR, instead of arriving new onto the forum and simply saying "my car won't go, why not?", you need to give specifics and prior troubleshooting results if you want the abundant help available here from mostly volunteers. Dan has you headed in the right direction. Is this a new install, or a failure on one that was running ok? cheers, Aus.
  20. By setting it to x4 it will count up and down. So depending on how you wire or program it it will lets say count up to 1000 when it reaches end of the line and ans it retracts it will count down. You can then scale total counts =1050mm. Use the Linear Function for this. Math->Linearization->Linearization Net/wire length: Min(x1) =0 Max(x2)=1050mm After you zero Encoder Counts when fully retracted: Min(y1)=0 Max(y2)= (extend wire counts) X=HSC1 Y=Output. Set X to Zero to Zero Encoder
  21. I had same issues so after uninstalling it I deleted Unitronics folder/sssss and rebooted computer. Then I proceeded with installation and had to select "Modify Installation" as it would NOT give me "Install" option. I was shocked to see "Modify" worked as I had deleted all files. Good luck
  22. Thank you for the feedback. I think I am going to move toward the web server application. This project Its a little more complex than driving a car. I appreciate the input Thank you.
  23. Hi; What are your inputs? Digital -- NPN/PNP -- Jumper is Factory set to PNP. Hi Speed inputs have to be defined in the hardware setup, and MI/ML/DW Assigned. Analog - these all have to be defined in the Hardware setup -- Type and related MI , and the Jumpers have to be set accordingly - See Installation sheet. Have you checked the input terminals with a meter? DanT
  24. Hi, What size are the cards and how full are they when you have the Locked Issue? How many files in the directories you are having issues with? DanT
  25. Sometimes we have problems with SD cards. At the moment we have a machine which indicates the micro SD card is locked. In the unilogic software external storage -> is SD card locked the bit is 1 After removal and inserting it into a pc, files can be deleted. So the PC doesn't see the SD lock. But why does Unitronics say so? After formatting the sd card the problem is solved. Now we have had 3 machines in the field having this problem. This is very unwanted, and needs to be resolved. What can be the reason for this?
  26. Vision 430-J-TRA22 No input activity ! Checked jumper settings - All OK Any ideas ??
  27. Just to throw in my "two bobs worth" a left field alternative is related to how you are getting the total figure. It sounds like you are deriving it from what you are sending to a flow controller. If you want to be really, really accurate, then you should actually read what the controller sends back, if this is possible. Most analogue valves can take a little time to adjust to what you send, so in theory if you do accumulation maths on what you measure using an analogue position value from the valve, it will be more accurate. Analogue valve actuators generally have mechanically linked analogue outputs that show the actual state of the valve, and in some ways this will do the job more easily as you would treat it as a totally separate thing. And re my Aussie slang, .....one place that might help and will also give you a laugh at how we destroy language for a giggle http://www.wanowandthen.com/slang.html Be prepared to lose quite a few (but very amusing) minutes reading it all. cheers, Aus
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