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  3. Beeping USP-104-B10

    I bought a USP-104-B10. I took it out of the box and applied power. After starting up it displayed a message saying the program that is loaded requires an SD card and gave me the option to retry or ignore. Since I was going to load a program that didnt use one. Now it just restarts after idling at the unistream logo and beeps. What can I do?
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  6. RTC Problem

    Hi Wim and welcome, Stopping the RTC is very unusual!! When you download/run the program that previously worked ok, is it exactly the layout it was before? ie is it an originally saved version, or a modification of the faulty one? It is always a good idea to keep progressive saves of programming work for reasons like this. If it is an original save of the ok version, then do an initialise and reset after download, and then do it again after a power cycle of at least 10 seconds. If it is the "original with RTC problem bits added but then erased" version, again do the initialise/reset/repower after download. It definitely sounds like you have something suspect in your program mods that is still hanging around, but perhaps this might clear it. If no go on all of these, do everything Reuven said. You say you've done the suggestions in the topic, but have you actually reinstalled everything related to the plc's brain? If you don't succeed in any of this, you should post your programs if you can for perusal. Even better would be to send the query to support@unitronics.com. cheers, Aus
  7. RTC Problem

    Hello, I'm currently experiencing the same RTC problem as described by Russ in 2014. I've tried the suggestions in this toppic but haven't found a solution. My situation is the following: I have a V700 that I programmed for a home automation application (lighting, temperature and ventialtion). I use the RTC function for a thermostat function. Everything worked fine until a made some changes in other parts of my program. And now my RTC clock stopped running. I have erased my changes but this did not have any effect. When downloading a blank project and initializing and resetting, the RTC clock function is restored. When I download my program again, the RTC clocks still doesn't work. I suspect there is something in my program preventing the RTC clock from running.. Does anyone have a suggestion?
  8. UniLogic Notifier does not exist

    If I would have to guess, something in the SQL Server installation or SQL Instance, failed. What I would try to do is: 1. Close UniLogic if running 2. Start the Command Prompt As Administrator 3. Write Command prompt the following commands: sqllocaldb stop unilogic sqllocaldb delete unilogic sqllocaldb create unilogic 11.0 Then try running UniLogic again. Tell me if it helped. If not, then a remote session is required.
  9. I recently installed the latest version of UniLogic 1.21.51 and everything seems to install ok but when I run the application I get an error before the application opens. I says that it cant find UniLogic Notifier or that it doesn't exist but I can see the file in the Unitronics Profile File folder. Any ideas please. Thank you !
  10. Analog output to rexroth vt3006 card

    Yes, I did read that. Thanks for referencing it again though, I hadn't noticed that for future I can use the IO-AI2AO4 module to accomplish this without the analog converter. This is first time I've ever dealt with analog outputs. I've done several analog inputs for leak testers using pressure transducers. I still have much to learn.
  11. Hey Justin, good news on that. I suppose that you saw this post....? It didn't register with me until the braincells flopped over and shorted today. cheers, Aus
  12. Analog output to rexroth vt3006 card

    Just want to update this topic for future reference to anyone else that comes across this or something similiar. Much thanks to Joe for calling and going over some of this and getting me started in right direction. Today I powered up my plc and used an analog output from my snap in module (4-20ma) to the analog input of analog converter box. It was already setup for 4-20ma on converter input. In coding I made X of analog output -100 to 100. I hooked up voltmeter to output of the converter. The output is setup for +/- 10v. While changing my X in program, I could see the voltage move from -10 to 10 on output of converter. I next ran wires from converter to the vt card analog input. Reading a positive voltage of any kind puts 24vdc to one solenoid while a negative voltage energizes other solenoid. I didn't have the solenoids hooked up though, just testing the output on the vt3006 card. That's as far as I got so far. Will do more testing next week.
  13. Anthropomorphizing PLCs

    I do like this! But when it is in run mode, he is! You're just the schmuck innocently watching what happens! Sometimes my comments begin with "And now the #*$$#!! thing should do xxxx"! cheers, Aus
  14. RS485 issues

    Hi rmorella, you don't actually say what your issue is! Does it work at all? etc? How are you communicating with the 430 whilst trying to use the 485 port? Pls describe the issue with more detail. 1). I normally tie it to the earth terminal on the plc, which is tied as close as possible to the chassis ground. 2). Are you saying that you have 0V tied to earth? There are many different views on doing this. But for starters I would only be using the dedicated terminals available for their specifically labelled connection. It is curious that ZA say not to connect the shield...I'm assuming tying it to earth. I guess they are relying on the supposed "self-regulating" nature of 485 to interference. But having the shield connected at one end (PLC) is a must for me. This was discussed here: Also don't forget termination resistors and thus any jumper settings needed on the 430 for this and 485 setting . I have just put a link in a post to the old dedicated communication pdf. Go here, download and have a good read. cheers, Aus
  15. We have an RS485 based communications issue We are using a Unitronics V430-J-RH6-N to communicate to a network of up to 4 slaves, consisting of Ziehl-Abegg Modbus modules. The ZA module wiring requires that, in addition to the data lines, the ground connections also be daisy chained together. This is what I am used to. The Unitronics communications connector does not specify a ground connection on the 6 pin RS12 connector provided. They only mention using pins 1 and 6 for Data A and B. 1. Where at the PLC do I terminate the ground for the RS485 circuit? Currently we have it tied to chassis. 2. Is there a possibility that tying the V0 ground at the PLC to Chassis, as suggested in the Unitronics documentation, could be causing us issues? The ZA socuentation specifically mentions NOT to connect the shield on the cable.
  16. Can't argue with this. "Slick and professional" is what I try to achieve with every project.
  17. Hello everyone, I have a project and I want to establish communication between Unitronics V430 and Pilz PNOZ m B0. There are application notes for Siemens and Allen Bradley on Pilz's website. But no notes for Unitronics. Have anybody done this before? And if yes, could you share your experiences about it?
  18. Loading different program files

    Sure, that could be a solution if I really really couldn't get my head around data tables. But I feel like the customer would be more happy with a single screen (plus one or two for alarm, different status of the different main components of the machine). Sleek was a word he often said during the "consultation", so to speak.
  19. RS232 data read

    There used to be a specific communications pdf within the Unitronics documentation download, which I think would be good for you to have. But I can't find it online now. The nearest I get is the online version here https://unitronicsplc.com/Download/SoftwareHelp/VisiLogic_Knowledgebase/VisiLogic.htm And then click on Communication and drill down. The disappearance was discussed in part here: However, I have temporarily attached the old pdf for you to download direct. Will delete it within a few months due to the size limits. cheers, Aus VisiLogic - Communications.pdf
  20. RS232 data read

    The MJ10-22-CS25 is a crossover cable, which will work. Post your code so we can see if you've initialized the port properly. Joe T.
  21. Analog output to rexroth vt3006 card

    I'm guessing that is what this little relay is. Haven't been able to find much info on it yet. I do know it has a 24vdc power input, 4-20 ma input and a +/- 10v output. The output went to vt card, rest of it wasn't hooked up. I'm drawing a blank on how to even begin the coding for this. Im a fish out of water on this one. Any examples of this type of control or anyone have an idea how to begin?
  22. RS232 data read

    ok! what about wire connection. is it a full duplex wire connection? I use usb serial adapter and I connect MJ10-22-CS25 as an adapter to go with a 4 pin cable to port 1. i tried also a crossover wire in the middle bud doesn't work. I did that also with a gsm modem on port 2 with a cross over db9 modem cable and it work. so i thought that might be the correct setup but it's not
  23. Another option for you that's a bit more straightforward, if a bit more cumbersome: If you can group your 60 Program IDs into some logical grouping, say 6 groups (each on a separate HMI screen) of 10 program IDs, you could just have pushbuttons for each program ID. Label each pushbutton with the program ID instead of having the operator enter it each time on the HMI (which can be a pain). Pressing the button turns on a bit that activates the cycle associated with that program ID.
  24. Hello.... I have freshly installed latest version of Visilogic on Windows 7 Professional , 32 bit os. I cannot use visilogic because I get following error :- "Run Time Error 2147024770 (8007007e) Automation Error".. Please help... Rgds, Maulik
  25. Loading different program files

    An example would be RV12345 I'll try getting datatables working with the example Joe gave me and see if I can make better progress that way, Thanks! I'll try this and see if I can get this working! It'll probably be a whole lot easier to upgrade with more programs if the customer would like in the future!
  26. Understand that all data (including strings) is stored as an integer. Each character requires 8 bits (one byte), and two characters are stored as hex in a regular 16 bit MI. That doesn't mean you have to decipher MI values into hexadecimal string values. The data table search and string HMI elements will do that for you. Read the Help on how Data Tables work. They are a little daunting but very powerful. You can enter data into the table on your PC, but don't forget to download it. It doesn't go down when you download the program. You may or may not want additional screens to enter data on the PLC. Experiment with your code on a live unit until you understand them. If you have questions, post your code. Troubleshooting ladder logic with words is hard. I've attached an example. Joe T. Data table lookup example.vlp
  27. Analog output to rexroth vt3006 card

    You're going to need an external converter to create the +/- 10V. Unitronics analog outputs are single ended. Post your code after you've beat on it a while and we can review it. Joe T.
  28. RS232 data read

    Don't be afraid to post your code with specific questions, such as examples of the data you are trying to send and receive. All the enhanced Vision series PLCs deal with serial data the same way. Joe T.
  29. I always roll my own, too. Way more flexibility but it takes a while. Joe T.
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