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    • Cara, keptro still hasn't answered on this so we all may be barking up the wrong tree, but it would appear that the module is internally recalibrating it's range according to what you choose in the Configuration. So you need to say what the range is for each calibration spec. You would have to thoroughly check this with your guys, but it would be something like: "Set for 4-20ma then the range is 0-32768, with 4ma = 0 and 20ma = 32768. Set for 0-20ma then the range is 0-32768, with 0ma = 0 and 20ma = 32768."  And whatever else may be relevant, as it still mentions 16 bit.  This auto range adjusting behaviour is not what happens on a lot of Unitronics gear, hence the need for specifics. The main thing is for ease of use with the user able to get full knowledge of the workings of the device from the spec sheet/install manual, without needing to dick about finding things for themselves. Ps  Mr Cheeky says:  Hope the words are simple enough! cheers, Aus
    • + to all of what Joe says.  But in my cases I have used what used to be available as this: https://www.altronics.com.au/p/m8587-enforcer-10a-versatile-power-supply-sla-charger/ I haven't needed it for a while, but in hunting it appears to be not available anymore from this supplier.  But a whole host of them appear on this US site, some of which appear to be the same thing, so I guess they are still being made. http://www.seco-larm.com/index.php?route=product/search&filter_name=power supply They have been exceptionally reliable in all the instances of use, and they deliver smooth power at the rated volts no matter what they are running from.  The one headache I have encountered is that people forget to routinely check the battery is ok.  I can go in and find the same battery I put in ages ago, and it has long expired.  Even a good SLA on proper float will eventually die. The other quirk to remember if you go for the paralleled method, with so much precision in manufacture these days the odds are that the MTBF on any 2 linked supplies might be identical!  Buy two that aren't from the same batch might help this?  But if it is that critical I'd definitely have some spares on hand ready!  And an inspection process to regularly monitor that each supply is still running ok, unless it can output a signal the plc can recognise. cheers, Aus  
    • This is fascinating.  I am absolutely hopeless at remembering names.  It is exceptionally embarassing when I only recall it much later after the person's long gone out of view.  It's there, but the indexing system has gone astray.  But I remember the faces of gazillions of people, remember the instance of that bootlace pin falling off a wire during crimping, remember that intricate bit of that wiring diagram, how that complex bit of machinery goes together etc.  All that useless stuff that really is truly irrelevant (and can mostly be found again in a manual) seems to stick, but recalling a name when I see the face again?   Uhhhhmmmmm.....I know you fairly well but can't remember the name.  I put it down to having to meet so many new faces during my work.  My wife astounds me in her name recall abilities, and she often tells me to do word association, but this doesn't work either!   Maybe all us geeks have a "name remembering" error in the DNA? cheers, Aus
    • The question is do you need reliable 24V power or uninterruptible 24V power?  If you lose AC power to the system, can the PLC go down? Reliable power is parallel power supplies as kratmel suggests.  Many power supply vendors have a model that allows connecting two together in parallel with a feedback wire between them so they don't have an amps wrestling match if the output voltages differ. I had an application a while back which required battery backup, which is uninterruptible power.  If I lost AC power the PLC needed to have a few minutes of DC power available to park some air cylinders that positioned a powered roller. Look at something like this- https://www.powerstream.com/24v-150w-backup.htm The power supply keeps the battery charged and switches over in "zero time" when power is lost. Joe T.
    • We all need to take a moment or two and have some fun.  I hope to never grow up.
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