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  2. New!   (4,601 visits to this link)

    UniLogic V1.18 Rev37  UniStream OS 1.18.9    September 2016
    Download link:,

    This major release brings you powerful features that boost your application reach:

    •       SQL Connectivity: Highly convenient and easy to use - build SQL Queries in UniLogic, execute them via Ladder functions, and transfer data between your UniStream’s Data Tables and remote SQL databases.
    •       Convert HMI Screen to Web Page – with a click of your mouse.
    •       HMI Custom Controls: Build your own HMI Controls with local parameters, and then use them anywhere – even between projects.

    Read on to learn about all the features released in this version.

    Feature List

    SQL Connectivity

    • Access SQL databases via IP address or Hostname
    • Build SQL Queries and execute them via Ladder functions
    • Connect Data Tables to SQL databases and transfer data via Ladder functions
    • In your Queries, you can use the syntax, commands, and parameters that are supported by the SQL server.

    HMI Screens to
    Web Page

    You can now convert existing HMI Screens to Web Pages via mouse click.

    HMI Custom

    You can create your own, reusable HMI Custom Controls, and then drag and drop them from the Solution Explorer, export/import them between projects as .uluce files, or add them  to the Library.  You can also define tags that are local to a specific Custom Control, these tags will be exported/imported along with the control

    HMI e mail
    Configuration Widget

    Use this widget to enable your users to add recipients in the To, Cc, and Bcc fields of an e-mail via the HMI keyboard.
    Then, when the application sends an e-mail it will be sent to the addresses the user has entered, in addition to the email addresses already defined for that specific email in the project


    UniApps: Translated Interface

    The UniApps interface has been translated into Russian, Polish, Chinese, (and partially into Czech). To change the UniApps interface, you simply switch the default language and download your application.  


    Edit email Accounts

    If you have more than one Account defined in your project, users can select an account and edit the From, Username, and Password parameters, as well as Server settings



    Now when you create formulas, you select the parameter data types. Then, when you place the formula into your Ladder, the parameters appear as input and output fields--just the same as other Ladder functions.


    MODBUS Added


    You can now:
    - View a Slave's Alias Name
    - Edit Slave ID of a serial Master
    - Edit IP, Slave IP, and Port in a TCP Master



    You can now export MODBUS Slave data to an Excel file spreadsheet for use with other systems such as SCADA


    UniLogic Advanced

    UniLogic brings you highly convenient pin/unpin, undock and float pane options. If you are working with dual monitors, you can even float panes onto different monitor screens. To return the panes, click Layout> Return Layout to Default.


    Measure Length:

    The UID-0808T ‘smart I/O’ module now offers a new Scenario: Measure Length. This enables you to measure the length of items on a moving conveyor belt.
    A Scenario is a pre-configured implementation of specific functions. A Scenario displays an illustration that shows the exact functions it will carry out, and the I/Os that the functions will use.


    HMI Themes

    Use Themes to define the appearance of elements as they appear on HMI screens. Selecting System Theme restores system defaults.
    Note that selecting a theme does not change elements already placed on screen.


    Additional Features and Improvements

    Data Tables

    You can now set Min/Max values for columns.

    ScreenShot System Operands

    The System Struct > Panel Events now contains:

    smallred.gif   A new Screenshot Taken bit. This turns ON when a screenshot is taken. It is reset by the user.

    smallred.gif   A new string: Name of last Screenshot taken. UniStream stores screenshots on the SD card in the path sd/Media/Screenshots.

    Float Precision

    User can now view up to 6 numbers after the decimal point.

    New Action: Launch VNC Client

    This enables you to load the VNC Client after a power up, or splash screen. This is helpful when using a UniStream as a remote panel for another UniStream controller.





  3. VisiLogic: Major HMI Image Library, New 7" Samba!   (7,941 visits to this link)

    VisiLogic: Major HMI Image Library, New 7" Samba!
    The most recent version of VisiLogic includes:
    - UniPics
    VisiLogic's HMI image library now comprises the same high-quality graphic images as UniLogic, the programming environment for Unitronics' latest line of UniStream controllers. These images are installed along with VisiLogic, and are organized into folders according to size. This helps you to select images that suit the size of your controller screen, avoid resizing, and optimally display the images.
    - Samba!
    Two Samba models were recently released, featuring a 7" graphic touch-screen, and onboard I/Os.
     SM70-J-R20 12 digital inputs, may be wired to include 1 HSC/Shaft-encoder input 2 analog inputs (when digital inputs are set to pnp) 8 relay outputs
    -  SM70-J-T20 12 digital inputs, may be wired to include 3 HSC/Shaft-encoder input 2 analog inputs 8 transistor outputs

  4. New!!! ***** U90 Ladder*****   (2,563 visits to this link)

    U90 Ladder 6.3.0, OS 2.20 B00 supports new Jazz models JZ20-R10, JZ20-R16, and JZ20-R31 in Hardware Configuration. These models:

    - Are 30x faster than JZ10 models
    - Has twice the memory
    - Comprise integral USB programming ports.

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