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  1. New! UniLogic V1.24 introduces VFDS from Unitronics!!   (7,838 visits to this link)

    This release launches Unitronics’ line of VFDs, Variable Frequency Drives for your motor and motion control needs. As a part of Unitronics’ Total Control Solution strategy, Unitronics VFDs integrate seamlessly with the company’s existing product lines of PLC + HMI All-in-One controllers, UniStream, Vision, and Samba.

    This simplifies your workflow by enabling you to obtain your VFDs, PLC + HMI controllers and related components, and support from a single source.

    You can configure and operate your VFD via the unit’s keypad or via UniLogic. UniLogic enables you to:

    ·         Set up and configure multiple VFDs in a snap

    ·         Monitor and debug your VFD and PLC via UniLogic using Online Watch or a new feature: Scope Trace

    ·         Manage your VFD via Ladder and your HMI application

    ·         Remotely Access your VFD via UniLogic

    Other features in this release include a new Online Test Mode feature, Scope Trace, and Portrait mode for UniStream 5” PLC + HMI controllers.

    Read the version changes for more features at: https://unitronicsplc.com/software-unilogic-for-programmable-controllers/



  2. VisiLogic:9.8.64 - Link to mobile app, Ladder: 2x the Space!   (11,921 visits to this link)

    This major release introduces a number of new features that will boost your productivity, such as wide Ladder nets and dynamic I/O configurations.

    In addition, when you install this version and open it for the first time, a pop-up will allow you to access app store links for Unitronics’ Remote Operator for Mobile app. For the complete rundown, read the version changes at https://unitronicsplc.com/software-visilogic/

  3. New!!! ***** U90 Ladder*****   (5,918 visits to this link)

    U90 Ladder 6.3.0, OS 2.20 B00 supports new Jazz models JZ20-R10, JZ20-R16, and JZ20-R31 in Hardware Configuration. These models are 30x faster than JZ10 models,  have twice the memory,  comprise integral USB programming ports.
    Read the version changes at: https://unitronicsplc.com/software-u90-for-programmable-controllers/

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