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  2. Thanks everyone, I've got it to work using your advice. I didn't know about the General options.
  3. Tengo un problema con UNIOPC, me aparece un mensaje de error '462' en tiempo de ejecución, servidor remoto no existe o no esta disponible. Que hacer?
  4. @Saragani I have now upgraded 2 systems to 1903 that have never had Unitronics stuff. Loaded RO onto both and it worked fine accessing my 130s. I don't know about more complex Visions as I have none to try it on. Also remember that both the puters were not clean install, they have always been upgrades from when shifted to W10 from W7. I have yet to do the clean install, this could be a few weeks away. Will advise once done. cheers, Aus
  5. Hi, 1. You can use MODBUS protocol, if you find it (or write it) for Arduino. 2. Download Unitronics PCOM Protocol description from next link: https://unitronicsplc.com/Download/SoftwareUtilities/Unitronics PCOM Protocol.pdf This protocol used for VisiLogic to PLC communication. B.R.
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  7. You may want to make an action to jump to another screen and then when the screen is touched jump back to the last display. This way no buttons you have on the screen are activated when filming out of sleep mode.
  8. Ahoj Bence, posielam tagy pre EIP komunikáciu. Rýchlo napísané, podrobnosti iba pre port-0. Hi Bence, I send tags for EIP communication. Quickly typed, details only for port-0. Balluff_GlobalTags.xls BalluffStructs.xls
  9. Hello Is it possible to access (read/write) MB and MI directly by a sequence sent to USB-port from external device (i.e. Arduino serial pin)
  10. Well, the M90-19-B1A should be recognized by both the communication driver and Remote Operator, and when I tool the string you posted, it didn't recognize it as a valid PLC string, but then I noticed that it contains a lot of invisible characters, so I'm not sure if its because the forum somehow added those extra characters.
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  12. 1. Make sure you're calling the subroutine. The fact that you bit doesn't go on with a SET coil hanging on the rail indicates the logic isn't being solved. 2. Never, ever, ever use a NO contact with a toggle coil output. The result will be a bit that chatters with every other scan. Use a positive transitional instead. Joe T.
  13. Also , are yours termocouples connected directly to the inputs of PLC or there are some extension cables between? There should be no other joints except on the PLC input.
  14. Hello, I have an issue I have made a new ladder routine "NO LIMITS" with soubrutine "TEST 1" but I' can't put output or coil or MB to high mode. I can set it only mannualy othervise won't work. I have also looked that output or MB in not used in no other place. Any suggestions for this problem?
  15. I didn't know about the Remote Access. It worked, thanks! According to documentation the Remote Operator should work also, not sure why it isn't working.
  16. As i see in Visilogic section of Software Utilities download present Remote Access and Remote Operator, in U90 ladder section of Software Utilities only Remote Access present. Maybe someone on forum try to use Remote Operator (PC version) for M90?
  17. Edit: A little while after posting I had this thought....Lauka...are you talking about the PC version of Remote Op, or the mobile version? The mobile version only does what kratmel says. My comments were done thinking your were referring to the PC versions. Read on! I have to offer a contradiction here to kratmel. I can log into a 130 easily enough on Remote Operator. Also, and to quote from the help file: "This utility can be used with Vision, M90/91, and Jazz controllers. Enhanced Vision controllers require O/S versions 5.00 and higher; other series are compatible regardless of OS version." However, I haven't actually ever tried to connect to an M90 so can't assure Lauka that it will work. I actually prefer to use Remote Access, which can be set up very easily as multiple instances, which effectively function much better in real life. I had trouble accessing linked canbus units on RO due to name issues and in frustration gave up, likely too quickly! Remote Access also supposedly connects to lesser versions....Jazz, M90 etc, so give this a go, Lauka and come back to us with your results. You might have a connection problem, rather than the program playing up. For multiple instance setup, read all of the topic associated with this post: cheers, Aus
  18. Your offset is most likely being cause by a ground potential difference between where the thermocouples are located and where the PLC is installed. The -E4XB is not isolated and if there are any VFDs in the system the grounded end of the thermocouple will pick up noise like an antenna. Remember that the output from a thermocouple is very small - for a type T at 20 C it's 0.790 mV. That's 0.00079 volts. It doesn't take much to upset them. The first thing I would do is go to an ungrounded thermocouple, which will slow down your response time a bit but will help with the noise issue. Speaking of response time, why are you concerned with a 400 ms response on a thermocouple? Do you know what response you actually need? It takes 100 ms to blink your eyes. Response time is usually determined as a function of the ratio of the mass of the media being heated (or cooled) and the available power of device used to change its temperature such as heating elements or a chiller. Also, why type T? This type is typically used for really low temperature applications such a refrigeration - type J and K are much more common as they have higher usable linear temperature ranges. Joe T.
  19. You need something with a DC output compatible with what the PLC is looking for. These are the ones I use (full disclosure: and sell as a distributor)- http://www.dwyer-inst.com/Product/ProcessControl/CurrentTransformers-Switches/SeriesCCT60-70 Joe T.
  20. Remote operator not support M90. Supported Controllers: V350, V430, V700, V570, V1040, V1210, SM35, SM43, SM70
  21. You would run a timer activated by an inverted contact of the General.Touched bit. Use the Out bit of the timer to trigger an Action to change screen brightness.
  22. I’ve interface and Ethernet IP reader I. To a unistream before. Any chance your using one from RFideas? If so I can send you the struct required.
  23. I'm trying to connect to my M90 PLC using the remote operator. After defining the communication settings and clicking RUN, I get error "Unknown PLC model". The PLC responds to the /00IDED command with: /A00IDB1A B3800503. Could it be that I should enter the PLC name in the connection settings dialog? What could the value be? From the PLC menu I can find at least following information: OPLC:M90-19-B1A. Any help would be appreciated.
  24. Can someone show me an example of code that causes the plc to go into sleep after 30 seconds and Kinda go into a idle screen. Only stuff I see examples on is in visilogic but can someone help me out and do it in unilogic? I'm sure it is simple but I am very new to this.
  25. Hi there! I'm currently working on a project that deals with temperature controlled water and have been testing T type, grounded tip, thermocouples on a V700 with V200-18-E4XB snap-in I/O. I've been getting some results which I'm struggling to reconcile and was wondering if anyone had some insight... I recognized there is was offset between actual temperature and the thermocouple reading. I could add this offset in logic but after testing across my measured range (15 degree C to 60 degree C), I noticed the offset is not linear. When measuring low end temps (20 degree C), there is about a 5 degree C offset, and by the time you reach 40 degree C this has been reduced to about 2 degree C. A simple answer may be to program a different offset for different ranges but that seems like a weak solution that I would not feel confident with. I understand that there is about a 30 min cold junction warm up time and all my data was collected well after that window. I also understand that thermos do have a limit to their accuracy but I don't think I'm at the point where I'm asking to much of them yet. I've heard of people using thermocouple transmitters which can be tuned and then sent to an analog input but that seems like a waste since the PLCs already have direct T/C reading capabilities, but maybe this is the only way to get the accuracy I want? Lastly, I read in the instruction manual that every attached thermocouple adds 100ms to my read time and I just want to make sure I'm understanding this correctly - if I were to use 4 T/Cs my read time is going to be 400ms? And if this is the case I wondering if there's any way to improve this. All of this is relatively new waters for me so any help with the above issues would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Alex/
  26. Do you know of any CT's that can read alternating current and maybe somehow outputs a constant rms value? thanks.
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