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  2. Given this capability, (which I think is great) depending on intended usage and what is actually being controlled, would you not need to add in some sort of user limitation to prevent operational clashes from each screen? eg Joe T on screen 1 is doing something so Aus on screen 2 is prevented from doing input for a minute. cheers, Aus
  3. Haven't forgotten, haven't had a chance yet due to being on single W7 puter. cheers, Aus
  4. The thing I have trouble with is that I can't understand how the modbus read of an exponential is actually happening. I would have thought that the read would go totally pearshaped with the introduction of the "E-". Because of this, to me it appears that it is being applied somewhere else through the path. It would be a little exercise for you to add in a few things so that you can do a trial and test what happens with sending various amounts to a modbus float read. It would actually show where in the path the "show this as an Exp" rule is being applied. I can't find any reference at all to behaviour like this in the Visi literature. Perhaps the creators or Joe or others might know some quirk I don't. It might actually be in the conversion process coming out of DataXport. cheers, Aus
  5. Hi; You can use another UniStream HMI -- Same model as the main, and without the CPU Module. Connect the 2 via Ethernet and use VNC to control the main from the remote. No user screens to modify, they sync themselves. You do not have the load any program into the remote. VNC does all the work. Dant
  6. Hey Aus, Thanks for the input.... Unfortunately, I blow out the data table every morning, so by the time I wanted to compare that to the data in the excel file it was already gone. I will have to monitor it through out to day and see if I can catch it misbehaving. in yesterdays data my numbers range from 0.1059184 up to 7.88904 (and everything in between), and the two exponents come in with one zero after the decimal place. 0.0924 & 0.0856, so perhaps this device just outputs in exp when the numbers get this small. I will have to get hold of the tech from the mass flow place and see if he can confirm JohnR
  7. Hi John, ( and in posting this I've now just had your update come up, so maybe this is irrelevant!) 1). I'd first be looking at the exponential number and seeing if it is way out of range compared to those around it, indicating a gliche in the actual reading and might be the real reason for the exp. If it is, then it likely needs to be replaced with an average derived from a suitable sample either side of it. This would mean a delay system in your table writing. 2). If it isn't way out of range, then look at it directly in your table before conversion. If there is an odd structure to the number then one possibility would be to do some simple maths (X 1 and quotient usage) on every read before you put it in the table, to ensure that it only has structure that will be recognised correctly. 3). Pre-format a complete Excel sheet area to your desired style? This would likely involve a cut and paste process which might be a PITA, and may or may not work anyway. 4). Can the meter output it in a different format that might be easier to work with? 5). Scratch head and wait for other answers from someone who might have encountered this already? I haven't....but I don't deal with floats a lot. cheers, Aus
  8. I have a customer that has requested that we add an additional Unistream Screen to an existing system so operations personnel can now control from two locations. My original thought was to use the same graphics and the only logic in the second screen is collecting I/O. After it was collected then pass information with IP or Modbus. I am however open if there are better options. I have another customer that is looking possibly to do basically the same but on a fairly larger scale. Any insight on the best practices would greatly be appreciated. Thanks,
  9. Hey All I have a data monitoring control that talks to a mass flow meter via modbus. I"m simply reading a float number and storing it to a data table every minute. I then use DataXport to put the data table into an Excel file that our bean counters use for what ever they do.... An issue I've been shown is that occasionally I get an number in exponential form, and this of course muks up the bean counters report. At this point I'm trying to figure out if this is what Unitronics does when it sees too many decimal places in a float or if that's what I'm getting from this mass flow device. Anyone have any insight on this? Is there an easy way to limit how many decimal places, or round it off at X number of places UPDATE I was thinking that I was getting an exponential when the number had too many decimal places. but I've dug out my scientific calculator and see this is not the case two numbers on yesterdays data are ; 9.24E-02 which converts to 0.0924 8.56E-02 which converts to 0.0856 so at this point I'm leaning to the issue being from the device not something with in unitronics Opinions???? JohnR
  10. One of those "duhhhh" moments today. When using Structs with Canbus in Visi, one of the really annoying issues for me is the lack of being able to name in the sending plc where the various operands are going to in the other plc . Of course, we excellent programmers' give all operands across a project the same IDs, which eliminates this issue. And I often try to pluck the curly tails off those pigs flying around my workspace as well. (Anyway, in reality land the same IDs are often impossible, depending on what you are flinging around the network and the way it all works. I don't know whether this is a case of brain fade, or just being plain stoopid, but today I had a light bulb moment that's taken many years to arrive. The magic word is Excel. It is exceedingly ironic that myself, a big Influencer; KimKarDashCam; Make-other-people-buy/wear-the-ridiculous-shoes-I-make; Do-What-I-Do; Need I go on?; promoter of using Excel to make programming plcs so much easier, did not for one moment consider how Excel would make this so easy. On the left is the location of the collect, then the Vector number list, then the next columns across the row list what is going and where it ends up. So I end up with an exceedingly simple way of having an accurate cross reference by simply heading left to right across the row. (Unless you're a traditional Chinese programmer, then you'll go the other way!) If it is also going to other plcs then you can easily add in whatever extra columns you need. And the real beauty is that it is very easily adjusted as necessary. Previously I was keeping notes of this sort of thing in an associated word file which is, correction, was an exceptionally clumsy way of doing it. No doubt many of you will already be doing the Excel method, but if you're not, make the most of the revelation! Keep in mind that unless you get these things exactly right at both ends the entire procedure falls over. A tiny slipup and the various plcs' little minions all do a huge sigh, put their hands in the air and make "What??" noises....much to the chagrin of the boss. cheers, Aus
  11. I have the same problem with the "5 error". I have found the following workaround: 1. "Create a Download file" from U90 Ladder (a D90 file) 2. Use this D90 file to create an UDC file with the Download Designer 3. Use UDC file with the Download Manager to get the program into a Jazz. This works for me (although it is a bit of a hassle).
  12. Last week
  13. The help section about the play video was probably created during Beta developments. This feature has been deprecated, since you can control the video directly from the screen.
  14. Hi, 1. Add new display. 2. Create Media applet at selected display. 3. In applet properties select media type. If Autoplay enable - activate display will start video play.
  15. Dears, In the help file I saw that I can use an action event to play a video...I don't found the "play video" trigger command...what I am missing? just to be clear...I also create a screen with the "video widget" but is the same. thanks
  16. Hi Neels, Download UniStream Examples from Unitronics Support Site and use "UniStream_070_Password_Access.ulpr" project. Use different Digital Inputs instead of "Password 1 Entered", "Password 2 Entered", "Password 3 Entered" tags. *Modify example as you need. B.R.
  17. @chrishavenga, I checked up--your request is in the to-do list, but has not yet been scheduled. Thanks for submitting it
  18. Is this related to your other post? Try loading a blank program. You may also have noise in your system causing the watchdog to time out. Joe T.
  19. Open a direct case with support by contacting support@unitronics.com Joe T.
  20. saludos, que puedo para quitar este error V1040/V1210 (T20), O. S. (STOPE MODE-FATAL ERROR), 004.006.15 MAY 7 2019 10:59:00, ENUM : 0x00000801 001EB73D, IP : 0x0002FADC 000F9AA, LDR : 0x00000013, DESC : IILEGAL WORD OPERAND ACCESS, STATUS : IDLE
  21. Saludos Se va a error un plc unitronics esporadicamente , que puedo hacer, enviar por favor procedimiento urgente V1040-XXX FACTORY BOOT FLASH ID ERROR FLASH TYPE :1, BIN LIB VER: 310.3, COMM 1 SETTINGS:115200,8,N,1, COMM SETTINGS:-, STATUS :IDLE,
  22. Alex Security is not a problem as the panel is locked, I am merely looking at an easier and quicker login for operations...not all of us have swift fingers What code would be able to write to the "User Access Control Struct" ? Or how do I affect a login from a DI? NP
  23. Ausman, I already did it. I just wanted everyone to know about the problem. Thanks.
  24. Neels, Yes, you can. But it is so vulnerable, as digital inputs can be altered.. B.R.
  25. Hi, I have a similar need. I use different models of Unistreams and would like to connect fingerprint scanners in stead of using the screen login. The finger print scanner I have in mind can either produce a single logic (relay contact, single DI) or 2 x DI to provide 4 levels of security. Is it possible to manipulate the User Access Control Struct in Ladder based in a combination of digital inputs?
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