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  2. No need to convert to real, but could you give a specific example of exactly what you're receiving? Joe T.
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  4. Hi all, Would you mind to show me some example how to treat INT16 as a power in W and its scale factor INT16 received via Modbus, please? Should I firstly convert them into Real, then multiply them? Thanks
  5. I'm communicating to other Unistream PLC's..
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  7. Also look at SI 103 .. SI 108 which are internal timers to close socket after a period of silence. Try disabling your timer networks and setting SI 105 to 600 to achieve the same results. If your system is the Master use SI 109. If you open the Help and search for "SI 105" you can navigate your way to a more thorough description. Joe T.
  8. You can have up to four sockets on a Vision. But that's not your problem. To use the SMTP protocol the mail sender must also be capable of SSL (secure socket layer) encoding to use outlook: Almost all of the email services (gmail, etc) have gone to SSL which was conceived and implemented after the Vision product was released. I have brought this up to the Creators and this is a complex problem that is not going to be added to the Vision OS. So you can't send email from the Vision unless you have your own non-SSL email server. You'll have to go to a UniStream if you want to send email this way. Joe T.
  9. I know what you are asking. However, as a sort of backup....... Doesn't your modbus connection/module/gizmo at the pump end have user settable I/O preferences that you can make them switch to if comms are lost after X minutes? cheers, Aus
  10. All M-operands (MB, MI, ML, DW) are retained. X-Operands (XB, XI, XL, XDW) are kept in memory. Therefor they are processed faster, but they are not backed-up by battery.
  11. Hi all, I realise that I can reboot from UniApps but is it possible to do a reboot from Ladder/HMI. Reason being, my Modbus IP comms (over 3G) seems to get 'bogged down' after a few weeks/months and stops communicating. My golf course customer then angrily complains when his lake overfills because the fill pumps haven't stopped as comms is lost, I then log on and reset it manually from UniApps and away it goes again until next time. Id like to routinely reboot the PLC to prevent this scenario and also have a button on the HMI for the end user to press if needed rather than calling me.
  12. Is it also possible to hide the # on the HMI data table display? Developers: It would also be nice if we could adjust the Row Heights as well...
  13. Hi all, This Topic will list items that are worth an easy find, but are not quite "pinnable" on their own. If we pin everything that is useful, it will all become one big mess on page 1 (or bigger!). I suggest that if you want something added to the list, contact myself or another mod to have them edit it into this existing list that I see as having carefully considered updating. To save space, only links will be shown, not full previews, with the Header listed before the link. HSC resets DW counter after power-cut http://forum.unitronics.com/topic/6118-hsc-resets-dw-counter-to-after-power-cut/ cheers, Aus
  14. I do not. I probably wouldn't promote it if I did - I get very suspicious of people who don't respond to my questions. Joe T.
  15. I'm trying to use a for loop to go through each index of an array and get averages for the total array. I need to do with on 8 arrays so I need to also use a global array to store the averaged values. How do i use global variables in C functions or declare them in C Functions?
  16. You should provide more information. Can you post program or screenshots of your routine and serial init function blocks? Which PLC are you using? Are com parameters the same on both PLC and meter side? Did you set DIP switches for RS485? There should be examples under Hep menu in VisiLogic.
  17. Copy DW50 into some other location every scan. Then copy back at startup.
  18. Hello, I'm using VisiLogic software for programming V350 and this is my problem: For my project I use High Speed inputs to know the position of an electrical jack. The value is then stored in DW50. When the V350 is powered off and then on, DW50 become 0 and I lose the positioning of my jack. Do you know if there is a solution for fixing this problem? Like a word which is memorized. Thanks for your answers
  19. We still need the cables, they are not old shcool ! ^^ Anyway I "still" have a problem. I can connect my PC to the PLC but I'd like to send an email to my outlook email adress but I tried and I "still" lost. I wanted to use 2 sockets : one to connect my PC so the PLC would be a slave (that's working) the other to send an email to the IP adress of the outlook server so the PLC would be master Can I have 2 sockets with one Ethernet cable ? How do I handle both ? How do I send this email ? Can I use the same email adress for the sender and the receiver ? I think i have something not bad but I receive nothing (image linked).
  20. Hi, this site is offline, do you know other one?
  21. Great that it is going for now. I'm showing my age here. Many many moons ago, I think in W95/98, a link like I suggested using cable was called ad hoc, and I still routinely call such a thing that name. Perhaps incorrectly. I had forgotten that these days the name seems to be solely directed at wireless....I guess cables are so old school! cheers, Aus
  22. Hi Aleksey, The function arguments are set according to the "function in" and "function out" parameters, Meaning you can "edit" the arguments indirectly by setting "Function in" / "Function out" parameters. Example:
  23. Well I don't understand why or how but something work, probably everything you told me to do. I'm connected, so thank you so much !!
  24. Why can not I change the arguments of function C. When I put the cursor on the line with the name of the function, do not enter any characters from the keyboard?
  25. Since I have my own network I can change the IP adresses to have 192.168.101.N for the PC and 192.168.101.N+1 right ? I tried both, keeping the same numbers 100 and 101 and changing for 101 and 101 but still nothing. And there is something else, almost everything that I'm reading says that ad hoc is a wireless network but I have to link the PC and the PLC with a cross cable (like you said) so it can't be wireless. The Ethernet card is initialized and the Socket 1 is also initialized but not connected so I'm not even connected, whether it's the right network or the ad hoc.
  26. Flex727, no it's not the same. My PLC address begins with 192.168.100.xxx and for my PC it's 192.168.101.xxx, is it the problem (at least one of them ) ? I'm going to try Ausman method after testing what Cam said. Thanks guys, I'll keep you inform !
  27. Hi everyone, I'm developing a program to communicate with an inverter and a PM5100 power meter, but I'm getting "4/6" time-out errors when communicating with the PM5100. Perform the program development as follows. Function Process Inverted contact, normal closed MB, function block 43000, coil set to Mb and follows the sequence .... I performed a test with Serial Adapter and got success, what can I do to adjust the timeout or calculate how it is done I noticed that there is a formula in the help menu, has anyone used ?? Can someone indicate an accomplished program ?? https://youtu.be/cBXH0QjwFMw my logic is similar to video
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