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  2. It looks like the FATEK supports MODBUS/TCP. Just set up your FATEK with the MODBUS TCP parameters as a slave and assign IP addressing, port number, etc. Match that on the V700 side as Master and it should work easily. There are example projects that came with your VisiLogic installation that will show you what to do in the V700 for MODBUS TCP Master.
  3. Hello, Can somebody help me. I have two PLC's, a Vision V700 and a FATEK, both with TCP / IP communication. I have to communicate the Fatek (slave) with the V700 (Master). Please, if someone has information, I thank you.
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  5. i try with greather than same problem , i can chose hsc and hsc with reset and I chose with only hsc .
  6. Trying to connect to a Azure sql server running the latest version of SQL server. I can connect using telnet and SSMS no problems. The unistream can connect to a local host using sql express. However when i connect using the same info. I get error which is the pic attached. I am kinda at a impasse. So what server on the unistream line compatible with?
  7. I believe HSC cannot be reset on expansion unit from software, you need to use hardware reset (a physical input on D16A3-RO16 module). Take a look at this topic:
  8. Hello, Replace the "equal" compare function with "greater or equal".
  9. USB com to PC does override local com port, however the packet your scope is showing would indicate port is under MODBUS control. 1 stop bit is more common. Dude, your data presentation is totally awesome. "A problem well defined is a problem half solved". Vision is sending "datagram" out, high probability your VFD is not recognizing message to send an answer back. I take it polarity swap did nothing?
  10. As long as I remember, the use of HSC with expansion modules, involves a hardware reset (I37 for reset). Alternatively you can use another register as a buffer. Suggestion: use "greater than", instead of "greater" when you compare values.
  11. Thank you for your kind critique. 1) Great to know thank you I will restructure 2) I will look into a more refined way of doing this, really It's because I wanted a parallel function of being able to manually trigger the relays for testing as well as have them be triggered by the system state/scheduler 3) Ok. 4) I will try to find a way to simplify. I was guided by tech support to use the increment function as a way to test and see if the relays were actually firing. It's only for testing purposes really. I'm still trying to get the different between the different contacts and coils. We don't use this terminology in my other programming languages but they're also based off Boolean logic so somewhat similar. Thanks I take pride in a clean UI The main reason I reached out to the group is that our first PLC crapped out during testing the relays ( or it never worked to begin with ) I was told by support my previous version of the program may have burned the relays out because I was switching them on and off too fast. So I just wanted another set of eyes on it to be sure I didn't have any really big issues.
  12. Greeatings. have a problem with encoder counting, I use the v700 and the expansion module D16A3 / RO16. I36 is input with a fast counter and use it to measure the length. But I have a problem when I need to reset the value so I record 0 in the MI register, in the picture part of the code. Did he have a similar problem or did somebody know the same thing?
  13. Why 9600, 8, n, 2? It isn´t usual. I suggest you to double check COMM INIT and Modbus Config blocks to match VFD parameters (baudrate, data and stop bits, address).
  14. Hi Borec Com 1 normally will not function if you are connected to your PC at the same time. Did you try communication with the danfoss drive on com 2 and using com 1 to connect the PLC to the PC. Regards Denis
  15. I don't have time to got through your logic in detail, but here are a few suggestions as to best programming practices: 1) Do not rename the Main Routine. Use it for Power-Ups, configurations blocks, and subroutine calls only. 2) Do not place multiple logic threads in a single ladder rung, as you have done in Rung 4 of Relay Control. 3) It is usually best to keep the logic simple and use more ladder rungs. You will not run out of rungs. 4) Rung 1 of Relay Control should probably be simplified (break it up into multiple rungs) and I think it's odd that you are using a direct contact activating an Increment function. You will be incrementing that register on every scan until the HMI button is released. Use a Positive Transition contact unless you are trying to count how many scans go by during a button press for some unfathomable reason. That said, most of your code looks pretty good and your HMI screens are terrific.
  16. Hello All, I'm new to Unitronics and PLC programming as a whole. I have been an automation programmer for 20 years in other fields so programming is not foreign to me. I have been working with Unitronics support but they seem reluctant to offer up suggestions on how things should be programmed. Would someone be so kind as to critique the program that I have attached? A little info on the program. There are two analog sensors configured, they're 4-20 pressure sensors that range from 0-700psi. I also have a Dwyer differential pressure sensor, Door Sensor ( to see if someone opened the chassis ) Estop Sensor ( push button ) Any help would be greatly appreciated! DisV Sandfly 20190417 NRB.zip
  17. Hello, thank you all for quick responses. After your suggestions and contact with Unitronics support I created a final version of my program. Unfortunately, there are no received messages. Messages are received only during power-up of the converter (some noise). I checked my cable - there is galvanic connection between pins and endings. I also swapped cables many times. Here is the oscillogram of the Modbus signal at drive inputs. And below oscillogram when I connect with my testing software (and it works). I know that probe's polarization is inversed. What concerns me is that the amplitude of peak-peak voltage above is 2.5V when it is 7V below. Modbus in my drive works properly as I checked it by modbus testing software on my PC (checking means sending and receiving words and operating drive remotely). BTW. Mtester - great and free software. Register which I try to read (2101 in drive, so 2100 in PLC) has value 65 - no matter as there are no received data. MI 2 status is 4 and 5 alternately. Termination is done at both ends. Do you have any other ideas? Once more - when I want to set PLC Net ID with this block, numbers from 1-63 are CANopen and from 64 RS485? Does it have meaning? In my program, PLC is 1 when drive is 2. I tried also 64 and 65 with no success. KR, Bartosz 1_Communication test.vlp
  18. Hello, 2D drawings are available for download on Unitronics website. https://unitronicsplc.com/unistream-series-unistream156/
  19. Experienced PLC / HMI programmer based in Ouagadougou/BURKINA FASO, I'm looking for contract programming applications. I have more than 10 years experience with process design and packaging machinery of all types. Feel free to contact me for your programming projects!
  20. You're welcome. I do have to make a correction. Due to the fact that your ladder has a direct coil for O0, the Power-Up setting will have no effect. Turn it off anyway.
  21. Well, actually, Data Sampler has a struct. Trends are just a view of the sampled data, and there can be different views to the same sampler (both in HMI and Web). I'll raise that issue again. One option might be functions in the trend itself that could be called from an action of an external button, but that's a feature that does not exist yet, so I must discuss it first with the Panel team and see if it's even possible.
  22. Ideally via an accessible variable, trends already have their own structs so adding unsigned 8 bit integer to select the trend in view and then a series of boolean variables or flags to screenshot, e.t.c. shouldn't be to difficult, a variable theme allowing people to choose a preset (current layout) or a custom which would essentially just be a cut out of the trend graph itself (no background, no buttons just a trend and an axis), this will allow us to use our own graphics. Let me know how you get on and if I can help you anymore, I hope it makes sense.
  23. The only change that was made to the Trend UI in 1.26 is selecting if the date would appear in all the intervals in the X-Axis (until now, it appeared only on the left side, but you sample data near midnight, then there would be several dates on the same axis). I'll raise the Trend visualization adjustment request again, jut one question. If you want to hide buttons, then how would you change the selected curve, pause or run the trend, take a screenshot etc?
  24. Thanks Saragani, At the initial time of posting I wasn't aware that the multi-touch panel had the functionality already. I am running v 1.25 of Unilogic and can confirm it hasn't been added as of yet. I noticed you did not mention the visual adjustments to the trend graphics interface, could you confirm if this is to be implemented in v1.26? the ability to adjust the colours of the axis, titles, background end disable / implement our own buttons for default buttons as the current visuals really don't match our standard layouts and its a bit of an eye sore on our screens, we really need the ability to be able to fit the trace into our own theme. Any updates on this?
  25. I think that a zoom option is available in the multi-touch panels. The option to change the curves visibility exists (I don't remember if it was added in UniLogic 1.25, or it is one of the features of the upcoming 1.26). The slider feature was not yet implemented.
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