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  2. It would appear that the August cumulative update is breaking a host of things. As well as issues that it appears to be creating in Unitronics land, I also had the link below drawn to my attention. Tread carefully on any update installation and always have a full drive copy to go back to...not just a restore point etc! I cannot believe how M$oft appears to be so blase/arrogant about the effects such significant changes will have. It is the same attitude as previous A/Vs I've had in years gone by, where they let a problem in and then try to unsuccessfully fix it, rather than stopping it getting in in the first place. cheers, Aus https://www.i-programmer.info/news/177-windows-8/13017-visual-basic-problems-from-windows-update.html
  3. I have never worked with Factory IO and can't do physical trials. And I am mainly a 485 RTU user. So this is a bit of a learning curve for me as well, just for interest's sake. 1. You want the PLC to be master. I still come back to the setup naming conventions above where it looks like you have Factory IO is a master as well. 2. OK. Thought it would be part of a bigger network. 3. All ports throughout your program. Inits, etc. Pls post your latest program, as I am still working on your original and agree with Joe's call on the connect. Lastly, and likely the most important observation, to my TCP/IP modbus inexperienced eye you are trying to do things using Calls with wrong naming conventions and means of doing things that are Unitronics unique. Your R/W mix is still calling the Factory IO as slave, and apart from this error, this procedure I did not think possible other than b/n Unitronics stuff. You will likely need to break it up into separate calls. cheers, Aus
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  5. Thanks Joe After some experimentation I got my string manipulation to work. I am a first time user of Unitronics. I come from the Allen Bradly word. My old bag of tricks don't work well in Unistream world. I get frustrated!! I have been using the sample files. They help some. But I still find the instruction set a bit lacking on information. For instance, The documentation did not indicate that not only will the "Store DTI to File" instruction create my .csv file but also a .csv.zip file. I needed to append the date and time to end of the customers job name. I need a unique file name that I can use to save shift production data to a memory stick. So this happened. I take from the customers spreadsheet the job name as found, (5/4 x 8 Rab Trim w Window and Side Pocket) Correct for the slash and add date and time for this as my file name, (5_4 x 8 Rab Trim w Window and Side Pocket 8-17-19_11-30AM) Add the extension, (5_4 x 8 Rab Trim w Window and Side Pocket 8-17-19_11-30AM.csv) 61 characters, I made it under the limit. But this really happens in the instruction unknown to me, (5_4 x 8 Rab Trim w Window and Side Pocket 8-17-19_11-30AM.csv.zip) If somebody would have just said you also getting a .zip file I could have saved my self a couple of hours figuring it out the hard way. Now, do you know of a way to make a LIFO Stack not get full. I cant believe this instruction does not have an unload word at it's natural end. Thanks
  6. There are example projects - you just have to download them separately. Go Here: https://unitronicsplc.com/Download/Support/UniLogic/UniLogic_Example_Projects.zip
  7. Hi all, ive been working with visilogic for a few years now and am reasonable with it. I am trying to learn uni stream. It is very different and im struggling to get my head round it, sometimes even the basics. As I don't do a lot of it I spend a few hours at it and then don't touch it for a while, I then forget what ive learned. Do yo chaps have any pointers for me please? Im starting with a USP 070 B08. Id like to use it as a master to talk to a slave v350 over modbus just using it as a remote screen hmi for now. There doesn't seem to be any examples like there was in visilogic which is a shame as they are very useful. Any help greatly appreciated. Steve
  8. More later, but perhaps the issue is incorrect ID relationships in the config. You have the plc identified in the config as Network ID 255. Will discuss more tomorrow. cheers, Aus
  9. Go online and look at the IO tab -> RIO-RC Statistics Struct- Are the numbers changing? Joe T.
  10. Yes, I'm not happy about that missing from the Help, either. I have found answers to a lot of questions UniLogic functions in the UniLogic Examples. I'd highly suggest downloading them: https://unitronicsplc.com/Download/Support/UniLogic/UniLogic_Example_Projects.zip I have attached one of the examples from the "Strings" directory. Which block are you having trouble with? Joe T. UniStream_070_String_Tools.ulpr
  11. 1 - I want the PLC as Master. I have run QModMaster on the same machine as Factory IO and made sure I can interact properly and it works as expected. 2 - The PLC and the laptop running Factory IO are connected with a ethernet cable. No switch or router. Laptop has a static ip of As it is a static network without DHCP there should not be any DNS request at all. I can try the PLC as the gateway though. I have never put a router in a field install, only switches. 3 - Which ports the same? I have the slave configured in the setup block with port 502 and I connect with port 502. I verified Factory IO is communicating on 502 with QModMaster. Not sure why this isn't working... I can try and get an old router out of the box but it will just be connected to the local LAN switch anyways. Maybe a MDX issue and I need a crossover cable? All switches nowdays are Auto MDX.
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  13. Moved to the correct forum. It looks like the help file could be a little more clear, but the bottom line is that the Vector: Store function always overwrites the register or bit at the location A+B. It will only overwrite A if B=0.
  14. I apologize for the primitive questions. I just started my acquaintance with Visilogic. There are two examples in the Vector: Store help section (register and bit operation). It says that a bit operation overwrites operand A, and a register operation overwrites a memory location equal to A plus offset B. Is this really true or is there an inaccuracy in the help?
  15. Hello again - as said earlier I'm starting up a project with Unistream hooked to an Ex-Rc1 and D16-A3 Thanks to you guys, I've managed to go through the config procedure as described in the training procedure: Configure Ex-Rc1 and the IO unit in Visilogic and export the config to Unilogic Read it by Unilogic and export the in/out files to Visilogic and download it to the Ex-Rc1 Verify that can ID on Unistream is 1 and 2 on the Ex-rc1 (dip on 2 also) . Baudrate 1Mb on both Test the D16-A3 IO from Visilogic - could both see input signals and set output from Visilogic In Unilogic I can see the image of the IO modules and their IO, but if I try to watch an input or set an output - nothing happens on the IO hardware??? Do I need to do something more than the configs, like some CAN send/receive in ladder? Can I see somewhere if the CAN is operating as supposed? Thanks, Bjarni
  16. I can find no information on the string function usage. This seems to be not included in the manual. I need to do string manipulation. Sifting thru all of the internet for answers is making me not happy again. Time is money. If someone out there has this information could you please post it. Thank you in advance.
  17. I've had a quick squiz over the ladder (after working through the hiccouphs as I still use 9.8.65) and to me some things stand out. 1. Your socket init is showing as master, so backtracking to my previous notes, make sure the relationships are correct. 2. Your card init is showing the gateway as the same address as you have in comments for the FCTORY IO. I don't know the quirks of Factory IO but think this might be an issue if you're not getting a DNS resolution. Can Factory IO do this, or should you be referencing your router? 3. For interest's sake, try making the ports the same. And ensure that Factory IO is set to work on said ports. cheers, Aus
  18. I put a positive transition attached to a button and Socket 3 still never connects, thus not even getting to the modbus r/w mix FB. I don't understand why it wouldn't work, it as basic of a setup as possible. Will Socket 3 only connect when the slave accepts the TCP connection? As this is running on a Windows 7 machine maybe its a firewall issue?
  19. Happened to be on and saw that Russ was also online, but alas.....still no response. ๐Ÿคจ cheers, Aus
  20. Lucas, pls refer to this Topic below. It would appear that the latest W10 updates have broken something and the solution for now seems to be an update uninstall. The Creators will no doubt have to look at this issue and do a fix. cheers, Aus.
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  22. I have the same problem, I was programming normally, and now that I want to make some adjustments to the program, the moment I connect, the error comes out and I throw the software. I have it installed on windows 1O, could it be a cause of the problem ????? I wait for your help
  23. Good, but not so good for The Creators who now have to figure out what to change, given the supposedly "critical" nature of the latest updates and you now not having them. @Saragani or @Cara Bereck Levy can perhaps advise the relevant team to look into it. It might be just your system's quirks. No doubt it will be the usual M$oft method of completely stopping some process until they figure out how to get around having a flawed process in the first place. To me it all comes back to..."If it ain't broke, don't fix it", and "Build it Right First Time". But I acknowledge that it is often hard for Non-Devious People to think along the lines of Devious ones! cheers, Aus
  24. It was the Windows update! After removing the update from Tuesday, everything works. Thank you very much!
  25. OK. Time for me to get Zzzzz, but in the meantime ensure your A/V isn't interfering. And wait for someone else to chime in. No doubt my subconscious will think about this all night....thanks so much!!! M$oft has an annoying habit of breaking things with W10 updates.......and your system likely got one in the last few days if you let it. Patch Tuesday. cheers, Aus
  26. HI Joe, I NOTE that your Clients are demanding and that you are ever humble and giving things away. ๐Ÿ˜€ Geeesshhh you Yanks do weird stuff. Muk A Rownd wit tha Queeen's English. Almost as bad as HO calling a download an upload! But I get your methods of remembering. cheers, Aus
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