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  2. I do not. I probably wouldn't promote it if I did - I get very suspicious of people who don't respond to my questions. Joe T.
  3. I am trying to use a for loop to go through each index of an array and get averages for the total array. I need to do with on 8 arrays so I need to also use a global array to store the averaged values. how do i use global variables in C functions or declare them in C Functions?
  4. Copy DW50 into some other location every scan. Then copy back at startup.
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  6. Hello, I'm using VisiLogic software for programming V350 and this is my problem: For my project I use High Speed inputs to know the position of an electrical jack. The value is then stored in DW50. When the V350 is powered off and then on, DW50 become 0 and I lose the positioning of my jack. Do you know if there is a solution for fixing this problem? Like a word which is memorized. Thanks for your answers
  7. We still need the cables, they are not old shcool ! ^^ Anyway I "still" have a problem. I can connect my PC to the PLC but I'd like to send an email to my outlook email adress but I tried and I "still" lost. I wanted to use 2 sockets : one to connect my PC so the PLC would be a slave (that's working) the other to send an email to the IP adress of the outlook server so the PLC would be master Can I have 2 sockets with one Ethernet cable ? How do I handle both ? How do I send this email ? Can I use the same email adress for the sender and the receiver ? I think i have something not bad but I receive nothing (image linked).
  8. Hi, this site is offline, do you know other one?
  9. Great that it is going for now. I'm showing my age here. Many many moons ago, I think in W95/98, a link like I suggested using cable was called ad hoc, and I still routinely call such a thing that name. Perhaps incorrectly. I had forgotten that these days the name seems to be solely directed at wireless....I guess cables are so old school! cheers, Aus
  10. Hi Aleksey, The function arguments are set according to the "function in" and "function out" parameters, Meaning you can "edit" the arguments indirectly by setting "Function in" / "Function out" parameters. Example:
  11. Well I don't understand why or how but something work, probably everything you told me to do. I'm connected, so thank you so much !!
  12. Why can not I change the arguments of function C. When I put the cursor on the line with the name of the function, do not enter any characters from the keyboard?
  13. Since I have my own network I can change the IP adresses to have 192.168.101.N for the PC and 192.168.101.N+1 right ? I tried both, keeping the same numbers 100 and 101 and changing for 101 and 101 but still nothing. And there is something else, almost everything that I'm reading says that ad hoc is a wireless network but I have to link the PC and the PLC with a cross cable (like you said) so it can't be wireless. The Ethernet card is initialized and the Socket 1 is also initialized but not connected so I'm not even connected, whether it's the right network or the ad hoc.
  14. Flex727, no it's not the same. My PLC address begins with 192.168.100.xxx and for my PC it's 192.168.101.xxx, is it the problem (at least one of them ) ? I'm going to try Ausman method after testing what Cam said. Thanks guys, I'll keep you inform !
  15. Hi everyone, I'm developing a program to communicate with an inverter and a PM5100 power meter, but I'm getting "4/6" time-out errors when communicating with the PM5100. Perform the program development as follows. Function Process Inverted contact, normal closed MB, function block 43000, coil set to Mb and follows the sequence .... I performed a test with Serial Adapter and got success, what can I do to adjust the timeout or calculate how it is done I noticed that there is a formula in the help menu, has anyone used ?? Can someone indicate an accomplished program ?? https://youtu.be/cBXH0QjwFMw my logic is similar to video
  16. What 130? Max pulse kHz rate? Have you completely read the Tech Specs on the DI8-TO8? There are limitations using this I/O for HSC. cheers, Aus
  17. + to everything already said. It sounds like you are in a location that has an IT administrator. ("scientist computer") Whilst you are learning this stuff, and to eliminate the possibility of the "scientist computer" person needing to do anything to enable the connection to work properly, use a crossover cable to directly link your PC to the PLC. Run your own little ad hoc network on the same numbers. If you don't know "ad hoc", a quick google (ad hoc networking) will point you in the right direction. One you are communicating ok and have proven a few things to yourself, then go back to hooking into the main network. cheers, Aus
  18. Oops, for some reason I thought I was in the UniLogic forum. With VisiLogic, all operands are retained through power cycle or reset if there is a working battery in place.
  19. The first expansion I/O module always starts address at 32. This allows room for a potential Snap-In module that starts at address 0. Each (digital I/O) module after will start at the next increment of 16, regardless of how many addresses were taken up by prior modules.
  20. When you create the operand there is a setting to retain its value.
  21. Follow the instructions at: msizap should solve the problem that "no version is installed"
  22. Also, I am using a v130 controller with the external EX-A2X expansion adapter and Unitronics IO-DI8-R08 expansion unit. I have also completed hardware configuration for the HSC on address "I38,39" but do not understand why this address is used? The expansion unit only has inputs 0-7.
  23. Hi all, I am a fairly new and inexperienced programmer when it comes to using Visilogic software; my experience lies more in implementation of the Unilogic/Unistream line of software and controllers. Because of this, I wanted to ask if someone could show me how to write a simple subroutine for a high speed counter using the Visilogic software. My current project involves using a digital input that produces square-wave pulses and I need to use these pulses to make the HSC count how many feet of paper are rolled onto a drum as they come off a product line. I would also appreciate it if someone who has done a similar project could share their code with me as well if it was done using Visilogic software. Best and thanks for the help.
  24. I'm new to Unitronics programming. Using VisiLogic. Concerning memory integers. I have not tested this yet, but am wondering if I use a memory integer for an operator input setpoint, will that value be stored in the event they power down the PLC and turn it back on? I'm not talking about Power Up value, just a value that can be changed from time to time by an operator. Will the last stored value of the memory integer be retained upon a PLC power cycle?
  25. SB 2 _AND_ SB 142? Do NOT use SB 142 here. SB 142 turns on when the Ethernet card is initialized. It will never activate the Ethernet card initialization function block. Is your PC on the same subnet as the PLC (i.e. does your PLC Ethernet address begin with 192.168.100.xxx)?
  26. Hi, I'm having trouble trying to install the latest Unilogic 1.69.90, I get the following error; and if I try to go back to version 1.23.25 or 1.24.56 I get this error; I have Windows 7, 64-bit, over177gb of free hard drive space, any advice? Edit: Ok I didn't notice but there was an icon on my desktop, so now have version 1.23.25 backup and running. Thanks, DonH
  27. Once the program in downloaded you should be able to ping the PLC as you tried. If you can't enter info mode on the PLC(place your finger on the screen and hold till a prompt appears, the password for info mode will be the default) Select Ethernet and verify that the card is initialized and that communciation has been established(it's connected to the network)
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