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    Both of my esteemed colleagues appear to have missed the point of the question. Firstly, I assume you mean the V1040 (you typed V1020). There is the ability to set a splash screen that displays as soon as power is applied, to cover the black and white text that shows during the boot process. This is described in the help, search for the term "Splash" and go to the "System Images" topic. You will need to perform a download to make the splash screen active. If you want the splash screen to display for longer, also add the same image to the !Startup Display in your program, as per Joe's instructions.
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    using the Dataxport I need only accumulate data on a single excel file to import it after on a database (Filemaker), but the process needs to be automatic, can anyone help me? Thanks
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    I don't think subroutines will make a lot of difference to the difficulty or complexity. Mainly I would say you should map out the operands so that within each EX-RC1, all your analogue inputs are in consecutive operands. That way, when you build the block of data to send on the CAN bus, it can be done with the minimum number of steps.
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    The document on our website describes how to read values in Binary Protocol. The documented command is only useful for reading (while writing is still in ASCII). However, few years ago we have added a new command that allows you to read and write using Binary Command (And this command actually allows you have a read and write request on the same command). This command is not documented on our website, but if you know C# then you can take the .Net communication driver sources (which are available on our website) and understand the structure of the command.
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