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    One comment regarding RS232 and Arduino: To communicate between Vision and Arduino controllers via serial connection, it is needed to use an RS232 to TTL convertor. You can find more information regarding the differences in the next link: https://www.sparkfun.com/tutorials/215
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    Take a look at the Advanced Webserver documentation - the datatable data type is not supported. You'll have to create an array of MI's and read it from there. I have looked into displaying a graph on the webpage and Ryan is correct - you'll have to create the graph with javascript code embedded in the webpage itself. Joe T.
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    Hi, For the graph, it may be do-able but all the magic would have to be down in the HTML. The controller will only be able to share operands, you would need to write a script to accumulate the values over time and then display them in graph form. For the audrino you can connect to it using RS232 and send information using the FB protocol, CANbus will work as well but serial should be cheaper and easier IMHO. Sounds like a interesting project
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