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    Something very curious I have come across is that all connections to my V1210 PLC work when I am on the LAN. Remote Operator, Android Remote Operator App, Visilogic. When I am on a different LAN, all applications work well which means I have all Port Forwarding and network setup correctly. What is interesting is that when I use a 3G (on my phone) or 4G (on a different phone) network, the Android Remote Operator App can not connect to the PLC. It attempts to connect, and the PLC actually sees there is a connection established but then the Android Remote Operator App connection never goes through on the phone. Is there some kind of bandwith or "stable connection" criteria? I thought it would have something to do with the size of the graphics cache file or something but I am reaching my limits of knowledge in this area. When I use a separate 3rd Party App (Uni Go), all connections can be made but there are not graphics in that connections, strictly reading of specific MIs and what not. Any ideas why the Android Remote Operator App wouldn't work over 3G or 4G but does work from a different LAN?
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    Hello Exouxas, You UDFB input parameter can only be of one type. That is because the scope, "Function In", is tied to a variable (in your case, either a string or an integer). If you tie another variable to be a function in, i.e. an integer as a function in, and a string as a function in, in your UDFB, then you could input both. However, in the ladder, you are either linking the function in to an integer parameter, or a function in to a string parameter. This is why you cannot link both a string and an integer to an input of a UDFB. Hope this helps.
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    I have found that it works to plug a USB mouse into one of the USB ports on the UniStream. A message will come on the display asking to do a reset, after that a mouse pointer appears & you can click on HMI elements similar to touching them. In one of my applications, I use the "System>General>Touched Bit" & "System>General>Coordinate X/Coordinate Y" values(for detecting location of a touch on HMI). Unfortunately, a mouse click does not activate these values, but otherwise it is a really neat feature.
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    To update your USP-070-B10 please do as follow: 1-Insert a disk on key (formatted on FAT32) on your USB port of your PC. 2-On UniStream (latest version is 1.5.3) open a project. 3-Go to the PLC ribbon and click on the lower part of the download icon. You will get an expanded menu. 4-Select download O/S and then upgrade bin files to 1.5 5-A new window will pop up that will ask you where to save the files. As you already inserted the USB disk on key 6-it will ask you to save it there. 7-Wait until the files are copy to the disk on key. 8-Insert the disk on key on the USB port of the PLC and go to UniApps by pressing for 5 seconds the upper right corner of the screen on the PLC. 9-Go to upgrades/ Panel upgrade. 10-Select update file System 11-Wait until the PLC upgrades and reset itself. 12-Download a blank project. That’s it. If you have any other question you can contact Unitronics Support at support@unitronics.com
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