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    Ok--I get it We have a version release coming up quite soon. At this point, the product and the Help are quite mature. The pdf manuals are actually the same material that is in the Help, just arranged in the hierarchy that is traditional to print - and I do know that many people do prefer to sit down with a manual. I will make this a priority, right after the release. and they will be accessible in the site. BTW - here is the Timers document, if anyone is interested, which I just sent to Andrew. In addition, we have an overhaul of the Youtube channel planned, so that material will be easier to find for those that prefer a video. Happy weekend, people--yup, it's the weekend over here! UnLogic Timers.pdf
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    I am new to Unitronics and Unilogic. I 've successfully installed Unilogic on my Windows 7 machine and I had a chance to play with it. I am new to PLC programming and I thought the most efficient way to answer most of my questions is to read the getting started manual first before I spent any more time with Unilogic. I did not find any manuals with the installed program and I did not find any manuals online. Its stupid questions; Is there any Unilogic Manuals? Getting Started manual? I found some for Visilogic but nothing for Unilogic I searched the web all what I found is the YouTube videos. I apologize in advance if i missed the link or if somebody asked this question before. I would appreciate your help. Thank you
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    Love the Uni timers PDF. Great stuff, just need the likes of it for every Unilogic function
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    I really do prefer a manual hierarchy, or the ability to run ctrl+F to find each instance of the phrase I am looking for. The index and search functions of Visilogic F1 help, have not proven useful to me. The videos on Youtube are not as effective as an indexed source document.
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    Andrew, do you prefer the organization, the hierarchy of a manual as opposed to online help? BTW - I just sent you something via PM, I wanted to know if you found it helpful regarding the timer issue.
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    It's my understanding that the team in Israel is working on a complete Unilogic help section. It's much needed!! I did a large VisiL to UniL program translation and it was challenging to say the least. Finally got 99% of it equavicated to what the V1210 was doing.
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    This post was made in September 2015. Unilogic is now in version 1.18, and in a year and a half Unitronics has failed to produce an effective manual detailing the toolbox elements of the Unilogic PLC suite. I am trying to convert a Visilogic PLC application over to Unilogic. The Visilogic manual is very well done. The functionality for elements between the two suites are very different in several areas (timers). The F1 help is "lacking" at best, and unacceptable in comparison to the Visilogic manual. Unitronics please help your loyal customers and develop a usable PDF manual for the Unilogic Suite. Please make it easy to locate within your website. Thanks.
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    You are welcome Kal. Which PLC model are you using? If you are using JAZZ PLC with JZ-PRG COM module so the pinout is different. JAZZ PLC's can communication and programmed via with the following communication accessories: COM KIT Model Adapter Cable JZ-PRG (JZ10 & JZ20 Series) MJ10-22-CS10 (Can be used with USB to Serial converter) Programming 6-wire cable,RJ11 MJ20-CB200 JZ-RS4 (JZ10 & JZ20 Series) MJ10-22-CS25 (Can be used with USB to Serial converter) CABLE,COMMUNIC,RJ11,4W,GRY Mini-USB Port (Build-in on JZ20 Only) None Standard USB to min-USB cable I hope it helps.
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    You can find a manual under the function F1, but this one is very poor. A lot of things are not available. Like how to correct the clock in the PLC. Maybe this is why no one from Unitronics has answered you till now, I have the same problem and I don't like it this way.