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    Hi Nikola, If OS is the last, and PLC does not display text with empty project, contact your distributor for further processing. B.R.
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    Hi Nikola, Save your project. Create a new empty project with some text on display. Download this project to PLC and observe display. Does it show text? Set SB 9 to 1. Do you see backlight? If empty project show text on display, PLC works, and you have to review your project to find error. Look what you changed in project before having display problem. *You may call display at each scan. B.R.
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    Does the screen come up if you get into info mode? I can't remember whether SB9 controls this or only when the program is displayed. cheers, Aus
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    Hmmm, I was thinking of the Vision products. I agree that I don't see any applicable display System Integers. It does sound like a hardware fail, but you should check with Unitronics Support for any procedure they might have to troubleshoot. Just email with your problem description above to: support@unitronics.com.
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    Have you gone online and checked the value of the System Integers for contrast and brightness?