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    This needs to be moved to the appropriate forum, but I don't know which one. What PLC are you using?
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    I am particularly jumpy when working in or around high voltage electron tube power amplifiers. Even little sounds startle me. I've had other people clap or make a loud bang while I had my head in an equipment cabinet, NOT FUNNY AT ALL! Amazing how the timing can go when you shoot the juice to equipment and something else goes bang, pop, bing, bang or boom. Heart arrhythmia's can certainly result from such events. Happy New Year Aus!
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    Fair Dinkum!…..(Aussie for "exasperated incredulousness".) What is it with me and the Poltergeists looking over my shoulder waiting for just the right moment to do something? When turned off, my air compressor has a control system that instantly releases the remaining air once the tank gets down to about 20psi. I keep my air connections in good condition and it takes any time over a week for pressures to drop enough for this to happen, depending on what is on the lines. In the workshop over the New Year I spent an entertaining few hours doing a complex wiring lash-up of an idea I'd been working on. Finished the final connection b/n the various components and checked it all over carefully…everything looked OK. Powered on the supply and WHOOOOSSHHHHHH!!!! 5m away the compressor release had opened at EXACTLY that moment. I absolutely pooped my pants....a lovely New Year present for myself. After they also applied the defibrillator a few times, I again pondered how these strange timings continue to happen to me. cheers, and HNY, 2018. Aus