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    This is why we love Unitronics (and @Cara Bereck Levy!)
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    @Cara Bereck Levy Thanks! That is pretty cool.
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    Break your logic up into two rungs. I have regularly seen problems with HMI calls interfering with the rest of the logic in a single ladder rung. There is no reason not to place the HMI call in the next rung, also preceded by MB151.
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    I haven't looked at your program. Something FYI. In case you don't know, Visilogic has an annoying quirk....when in online mode it shows elements of an uncalled sub in red (powered). This can be very confusing. There are many solutions to this, the best I know of from another forum member (can't remember who...sorry) was to set up a simple count at the top of each sub. If the count is progessing, the sub is active. cheers, Aus