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    Hi, I am new here :-). Thanks for this great forum. Looking forward to learning and contributing. I have set up a remote connection to my UniSteam USP-156-B10 using a VNC client. So now the UniStrem PLC is accessible from the internet. It was easy, I only needed to configure port forwarding on ports 5800 and 5900 in my router, and obviously connect on the outer IP address However I have problems connecting to the UniStream from UniLogic. I have forwarded the ports (22 and 3335) in my router but I still can not connect. I did enable UDP and TCP. The configurations in the router are exactly the same for VNC and UniLogic except for the ports (5800,5900 for VNC and 22,3335 for UniLogic) Does anyone know what I am doing wrong? Are the UDP and TCP protocols not enough?
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    UniLogic 1.48.24 does not run as Administrator. It might be that you don't have write access to the files for a user which is not an admin. One option is to copy the projects to a different folder (like somewhere in My Documents), or trying to set the permissions of the files.
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    Code like this fail to compile, with the errors in the image below. The error lines are wrong (which I'll report to unitronics in a bit), but the code compiles without the lines I showed. static void Function3() { // User code starts below this comment float a = 50; float b = 3; if(IF_EQ(1, a, 4)) STORE(1, 4, b); // User code ends above this comment } Am I using IF_EQ wrong? The docs say that IF_EQ(1,a,b) is equivalent to a == b, so I assume that this is the correct syntax.
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