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    I have the same thought and I am really missing VisiDiff here. Currently my workaround is: - I keep every version in separate file. - I add a "routine" for every version in each file, called "version changes V x.xx". This routine exists only of comment blocks where I describe what has been done. - Mark new lines in a ladder code with a green background - I disable lines instead of deleting them and mark them with a red background - If changes are to be made within a line/block, I duplicate the original line and disable its. The changes are made to the duplicated line which will be marked with an orange background. - Add comments to those changes why I made those changes. This way I can track down changes from one version to another within the ladder code. To find overall changes, I read the comments block which describes all changes
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    No. The PLC IO module needs 24V for the "1" state. You'll need a high speed converter to step the voltage up. Try using Dr. Google to find something, or I've been known to roll my own on a small piece of perf board- The output will be inverted, but that doesn't matter for counting pulses. Joe T.
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    Hello, This probably isn't as elegant of a solution as you are looking for, but you can turn your ladder code into a PDF and search for text in the comments that way. Just go to print and save as a pdf, then hit cntrl - F and type what you want to find in the search. You could also just make a bit that does nothing and give it a name you can search for later. Like I said, not elegant but I can't think of another way in Visilogic. Best of luck to you.
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    Try going to project in the toolbar. Then options. Then try unchecking ping on discovery
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