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    This simple program was posted on this forum some time ago. It's for VisiLogic, but you may be able to adapt it. Here is a screenshot of the relevant logic in case you don't have VisiLogic installed: V570_Random_number_generator.vlp
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    I've confirmed with the Panel R&D team leader that it compares with CRC (and not by date).
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    The reason you are getting the message is the propbably same reason I got that same error two days ago. If you are running Vista or windows 7 you more than likely had a windows update recently (since the last time you used Visilogic program). If your computer is like mine the automatic update reset my UAC to on without my permission. Just go back into UAC and turn it back off. I do not know why this happens but it has happened twice on my work computer in the last 6 months. Keith
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