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    Further to Flex's comments, something for you to consider. I often preach on the forum that in many instances a "timer" issue like yours is far easier to set up, and simpler to understand, if you use a counter based system instead. You set up a self-resetting count that increments at a suitable rate, based on a system time like 100ms (or bigger or smaller...depends on your need). You then do compares to trigger actions....."if the count is b/n A & B do THIS output; if it is between A & C do ANOTHER action; between F & H do THAT; right up to the main reset where it starts the count again blah blah. Your case of 5 seconds means one of those compares would be perhaps based on 0 - 50 if you are using 100ms as the count increment. Interacting Timers can often lead to Terrible Interaction Knots happening! Counters are simple, very easily manipulated and show what is going in a snap. They seem to have gone by the wayside over the years, but are extremely powerful and diverse in the right hands. I guess because people only associate the word "time" with "Timers". Thinking outside the box is a powerful concept when working with plcs. cheers, Aus
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