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    Hi Kratmel, Denis's idea is good, but I am also a little confused on what is being wanted. If the need is simply to measure the length of time the power has been off, and not actually do anything else, you could easily implement this using UTC. Store the current RTC to UTC reading every second. Have a power up bit that activates a subroutine that compares the current UTC to your stored one, does maths that then displays results on a screen that tells you both the delay time and also flash an alert if it is over 15 minutes. Or have a routine that always compares current UTC to the stored one, and if it goes over, or gets close etc does the same alert system. But without things being dependent on a power-up. cheers, Aus
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    I have the same problem with second hand V120. After some manipulation with no result i disconnect the battery for some time. After that i make the hard reset. For V130 it is possible solution By the way i see in visilogic for new vision SB314 bit. This bit lock visilogic communication. In V130 it is no comment for this bit. I do not know it active or not for V130. But it is possible that bit is accidentally set in project and make problem with communication without any note.
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    This is an older question but I thought I would respond. Having written mixer programs before this is the method I used to arrive at the correct weight for each batch run. At the beginning of the day the mixer was zeroed. But after that never again. In my process each batch had a recipe of water, gypsum and sand. At the beginning of each batch all that is needed is to look at whatever the mixer has as its weight at the beginning of the batch and look for the difference in weight as the ingredients are being added. A screen shot of a main viewing screen has been attached as an example. In the program you just use the weights as they are at the beginning of each step as the zero point. Keith
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    mixer for powder adhesives and mortar
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    mixer for powder adhesives and mortar V570
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