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    +1. But we can help get started. You need a quadrature signal to determine which way you're going. If you don't know what this is- http://www.ni.com/product-documentation/4763/en/ You mentioned you have a swivel with 24 points. You'll need two signals to feed into the V350's inputs to get what you want. I've been known to use two photoeyes or two prox sensors mounted offset on the same wheel to generate my own signal. Do you have a mechanical drawing of your swivel and how the sensor will be mounted? By the way, use an ML to track your counts initially. There's no such thing as a fractional pulse so a float won't do you any good. If you've started on a program and have questions then post it here. There are also example programs under Help->Examples. Joe T.
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    Hello, SAMBA doesn't have the same memory specification like V350/V570. As you understand SAMBA is 1/10 memory capabilities compare to V350. Samba is especially suited for small machine applications. Like Jazz, Samba is designed to give an optimal price/performance for low-end PLC and even to Smart Relay customers. These are OEMs who make small machines that have low I/O requirements. Samba is a step up for them – allowing OEMs to offer a color touch screen instead of their current text display. Most of the memory is occupied by the HMI variables, HMI variables with more properties can take more memory. Please note that converting projects from V350/V570 to SAMBA may cause to incompatibilities between operands. I hope it helps…
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