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    @Cara Bereck Levy- I've posted a couple of times about migrating from Vision to UniStream and have been able to substitute missing functions so far after a bit of digging each time. My answers are usually found in the downloadable "UniLogic_Example_Projects". It just so happens that there's a directory in the extracted files called (of all things) "UDFBs". Where I found most of my answers. For those who haven't seen it's contents- So my question is this - why does the default UniLogic installation have a totally empty Library? These files aren't large. I humbly suggest that this collection be added to the UniLogic installation in the UniLogic/Library/Ladder install directory. Joe T.
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    Hi Flex727, 1. It is recommended to adjust firmware to used VisiLogic version. VisiLogic inform you only if it detect that VisiLogic have newest than PLC firmware. It is possible, that you use one of previous VisiLogic versions, but new (replacement) PLC have newest firmware. It is recommended to keep the same firmware at all used with the same VisiLogic version PLCs. After adjusting firmware, continue with empty program. 2. VisiLogic should work with local copy of project (on PC hard disk) . *VisiLogic save project copy on periodic manner to restore project after abnormal program termination, and in other cases. Later you can save project version at any other media - disk on key (not recommended as main backup), on network drive, on NAS/SAS, by use VCS (version control sustem). *VCS do not know about PLC program structure, so it should save all project. 3. Always keep copy of all used images to be possible restore required one, if need. 4. Always keep number of backup copies. Not only one. Hope more recommendations will be added . Lets collect all and save it as Article in Unitronics Help Center. B.R. === When you look for solutions, please visit and search not only in Forum topics, but in Unitronics Help Center Articles too. Link: https://support.unitronics.com/ There are many available articles. If you have solution to share, tell us know and we will add it to Articles. B.R.
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    Update firmware before first program download
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    Hi; Been there , done that. This is a Windows related issue. There is an install shield file that has information in it causing the problem, and has to be moved or deleted. Here is a solution: CAUTION : I Take NO Responsibility for anything that happens ( good or bad)!!!!! Local Administrator privileges may be necessary. KNOW what you are doing! Open C:\Program Files (x86)\InstallShield Installation Information There are a few or many very oddly named folders e.g. {12AB95C7-C72D-4CF5-9B6D-7452DF048C56} Starting at the top, click on the folder to open it: Each folder has a group of files. Look for the file : Setup.ini Double click to open the file or open the file in Notepad ( Notepad ONLY, this is a simple Text File) Top Line [Startup] 2nd line AppName= If the App name is NOT VisiLogic, close Notepad ( DO NOT do a Save or Save As) Move on the next folder If the Appname= is VisiLogic, Close Notepad Back out of that folder, Cut the Folder and Paste it into the Downloads Folder -- Just a safe place to put it for now. Also Rename the Folder and ADD - VisiLogic Restart the VisiLogic Installation, and ( fingers crossed ) it should go smoothly. You can also run a registry cleanup program later to locate and delete unused registry entries. Dant
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    hi...i never used the THS module but i think that you can consider the overflow of the variables...i mean...both signed and unsigned variable start with no BIT high...then value "0"...if the unsigned receive a "-1" command all the BITs will be HIGH that will give you the max value of this variable...but if you do the same with the signed variable you will have all the BITs HIGH that means "-1"...then i think you can use a simple store value block to store the value of the UINT32 into an INT32.
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    If your PLC is slave, it answers for SCADA request. So, you do not need to send replay from Ladder. You can look MODBUS IP examples for Slave and Master in Examples directory, where you installed VisiLogic. C:\Program Files (x86)\Unitronics\Unitronics VisiLogic_C\Examples\Version 900\Project examples\Communications\Ethernet\Ethernet MODBUS IP\ Or from "Menu->Help->Examples->Version 900\Project examples\Communications\Ethernet\Ethernet MODBUS IP\ In your case PLC is Slave. You have to configure is as Slave and everything should work. Commands you use are for Master PLC. Other error is that you use Normal Closed contact "Function in Progress". This mean that you send a lot of MODBUS messages to network. Follow MODBUS IP example for Slave to make MODBUS IP working.
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    I'm with Joe on it being the adapter. I use a combination of: desk systems MUST have a native com port (still possible if you look hard enough and often simply needs a header fitted as many mboards are still capable and have the pins in place); older laptops with native ports; or PCMCIA cards and usb adapters from reputable makers like Shentek etc. These have always worked fine in recent laptops, including one on W10. If you cruise around the forum you'll find all sorts of issues with inferior USB adapters. All our terrible experiences in the past wasting countless hours are available free of charge for your benefit....which boils down to "Get a Proper One"!! cheers, Aus
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    I highly suspect the USB adapter. You need something for your PC that uses the Prolific PL2302 chipset. The USB adapter Unitronics sells is part number MJ10-22-CS35. I played with several lower cost adapters because of course I know better and I can most certainly find something cheaper online. Those Unitronics guys were trying to rip me off. They worked for programming but not for OS updates. Turns out not all serial modes are emulated in the driver by the lower cost adapter manufacturers. When the OS is updated, Visilogic shifts to ASCII mode and the cheap adapters go "Duhh ... what's that?" and cease to work. So get another adapter and let us know. Or do what I do and find an old Dell Latitude D630 with a real serial port. I have four of them (super cheap on eBay) and they are still my field computers. They run Win 7 just fine. Joe T.
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    If you are still needing help, I'll look through my files and see if I can post a snippet (photo) of the logic I used to convert ASCII string from a gram scale to an integer for comparison to a tolerance (window) and give an output if weighed part is "bad". Back when I worked on this the help section was sparse and (even though I would consider myself an intermediate programmer ((on a scale of: novice, intermediate, advanced, and expert)) it took me a considerable amount of time to reach an efficient solution. See photo below for a start. The - sign will need a little addition logic. Let me know if you need help with that part.
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    I've recently been teaching myself Unilogic after using Visilogic for about a year and the thing that sticks out to me the most is that while Unilogic definitely looks more "modern" the UI is absolutely horrible and wastes so much space. To the point where I'm having issues using the program on a single screen compared to Visilogic's much more condensed and less cluttered style. Is there a theme or setting that I'm missing that could lower the entire UI scale or something along those lines?
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    Hi jsb, if you're swallowing food you can't take a breath at the same time! The modbus blocks need to complete all they do following a trigger event, and usually this trigger will be one that comes on for a single scan...eg a rising edge. "I have tried having the scan block after a constant set direct contact" will never work because you are calling the function every single scan, which doesn't let the plc go through the various processes involved. Scan time is much quicker than all that is involved in modbus comms. You need to call a function and give it time to finish off, which can be monitored using the elements selected during the configuration. If your non-plc device sends a response immediately after receiving info, you may not be able to easily get it into the plc. I would initially be setting up a program to simply do your protocol scan, and get that working properly. Once you have that functioning you need to find how you can combine the 2 things. You may need to end up doing the scan as a totally separate request, with appropriate buffer time in between. Don't forget about buffers and innate response times. Say you have 3 retries set at 500ms, then if there is an issue the plc needs to run through for a little over 1500ms before you can successfully go onto the next request. cheers, Aus
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    I've got customers that can't grasp the concept of an All-in-one and simply refer to it as the HMI. I think the HMI Controller terminology would be something they could understand better.
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    Hello there I just submitted your requests to the team leaders--I will let you k now what they reply.
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    Just a few comments regarding the Ewon Cosy VPN router and its integration with Unistream controllers. I have used the Cosy to remotely connect to a Unistream 10.4" HMI via VNC through internet and it works great. I also used the NAT 1:1 function, so that the user won't need to use internet when connected in the same LAN. Connection is 100% reliable and response is relatively quick, there is a bit of lag but it is fairly acceptable. It takes approx. 15 min to set it up and get it working, only very basic networking knowledge needed. Connection is achieved via Ewon's M2WEB cloud service and requires to have a valid TALK2M account. Unit price for a COSY 131 is quite high (490 Euro), but in my opinion it is worth as connection security is number 1 priority.
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    Good to hear! Thanks for letting us know.
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    It's not a matter of optimal - it's a matter of the PLC being able to handle such a large capacity card. I haven't checked to see what the limit might be for the UniStream hardware, but I would be certain that it would handle 32GB or lower. Just grab a 32 or 16GB card and see if you can get it to work. They're cheap and it would be an easy test. Is there some reason why you must use a 128GB card? You can also check with support@unitronics.com to see if they see any problem with a 128GB card.
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    There is/are. Nearly everyone here is not a Unitronic's employee...we are all volunteers with jobs. Someone will help you when they can, which is generally fairly fast. If you can post your entire program that would be of help. cheers, Aus
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    Further to Flex's comments, something for you to consider. I often preach on the forum that in many instances a "timer" issue like yours is far easier to set up, and simpler to understand, if you use a counter based system instead. You set up a self-resetting count that increments at a suitable rate, based on a system time like 100ms (or bigger or smaller...depends on your need). You then do compares to trigger actions....."if the count is b/n A & B do THIS output; if it is between A & C do ANOTHER action; between F & H do THAT; right up to the main reset where it starts the count again blah blah. Your case of 5 seconds means one of those compares would be perhaps based on 0 - 50 if you are using 100ms as the count increment. Interacting Timers can often lead to Terrible Interaction Knots happening! Counters are simple, very easily manipulated and show what is going in a snap. They seem to have gone by the wayside over the years, but are extremely powerful and diverse in the right hands. I guess because people only associate the word "time" with "Timers". Thinking outside the box is a powerful concept when working with plcs. cheers, Aus
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    #1 - Do NOT place multiple logic threads in a single ladder rung. #2 - It appears that you are not using the Timer correctly. Here is the Help entry for the On Delay Timer you are using. You must use the Out bit. If you are still not understanding, ask a specific question and we will help you.
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    For what you want I wouldn't be going to too much trouble. The unit uses about 12W max so I'd find yourself a little enclosure like my pic I found. Plastic lids are very easy to work with, and if you don't have precise machinery to machine the hole, you can easily do it carefully with a jigsaw. Put some duct tape on where you're cutting to protect the surface that will remain. For power I'd simply use an external plug pack, and run the lead through a nylon gland on the side of the box. Same goes for your ethernet connection, use a gland big enough to let you run a standard ready made patch lead through of the right length. Your location will dictate where you get this stuff, all of it can normally be found at any decent electricians' supplies store, or a hobby electronics type place. cheers, Aus
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    Use a TE Timer and activate it with a positive transition.
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    Did you look at the Help file? The example is for an older PLC, but the basics are the same. When you place the Timer HMI element on the screen, link to the timer operand you want, check the Preset box, and the Keypad Entry box. Also, set up the Format and other niceties for your HMI element. That's all there is.
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    Hi all, I'm sure lots of you know about these things that make life much easier using com ports. But in case you don't, here are 2 links to different sources amongst many: https://www.aliexpress.com/i/32860271754.html https://www.amazon.com/fosa-Ethernet-Terminal-Splitter-Connector/dp/B07D355PDX cheers, Aus
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    Ahoj Bence, posielam tagy pre EIP komunikáciu. Rýchlo napísané, podrobnosti iba pre port-0. Hi Bence, I send tags for EIP communication. Quickly typed, details only for port-0. Link for Inspiration.: Balluff_GlobalTags.xls BalluffStructs.xls
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    I’ve interface and Ethernet IP reader I. To a unistream before. Any chance your using one from RFideas? If so I can send you the struct required.
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    If used V570 include Mini-USB port - you can use USB to Mini-USB standard cable. *You have to install USB driver before you use USB connection. Do it from Connection->Communication & OS->right-most tab. Click "Install USB Driver" than "Open Device Manager" to find COM Port number to use in VisiLogic. Then connect mini-USB cable to PLC and to PC. Or you can use USB-to-Serial converter P/N MJ10-22-CS35, and RS232-CB1 set, supplied by Unitronics and distributors. *USB-to-Serial converter P/N MJ10-22-CS35 include all required RS232 lines. It use Prolific chip. RS232-CB1 set include MJ10-22-CS25 DB9 to phone 6p6c socket adapter and cross-crimped 4 wires phone cable. Then you can communicate to PPLC. Hope this information helps. B.R.
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    Gerard, you first need a copy of Visilogic, get it here: https://unitronicsplc.com/Download/SoftwareVersions/Visilogic/VisiLogic_9_8_65.exe Once installed properly you can then consult the Help file and find Downloading/Uploading a Project under Getting Started. This details all the things needed to establish a connection...pay particular attention to the bits relevant to your type of plc, under "Enhanced Vision" and the "ERROR" bullet relating to using the inbuilt USB port. "Error" is a bit of a misnomer. Finally, although the installer is meant to do this itself, run the .exe above by right click the file and choose run as administrator. Once installed, navigate to the Visilogic.exe file within Unitronics Visilogic_C/Main folder in Program Files and right click/Properties/Compatibility tab/ Tick Run this program as Administrator (it it isn't already ticked....it should be) cheers, Aus
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    I like your way, too! It demonstrates that you can think in terms of bits, which are the foundation of all the other data types. There's a cat being skinned multiple ways somewhere.... 😁 Joe T.
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    I do not know if this will help, but in some programs it is a warning that when exporting to the exel, you must remember the country in which you are. In that case, excel use system separaror that is a coma or dot. It is selected in excel parameter. Please uncheck "use system separator" and use dot as excel internal separator. Then try to reopen your file.
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