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    Just for fun, this is the control panel for a new force tester we created. If you are a Star Trek fan. I can't be the only nerd on this forum, am I?
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    Dear Samith Chathuranga, From the PLC POV you need to configure the mosquitto broker connection parameter in UniLogic. From the Help section:
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    I've compiled a new version of the Data Converters Suite, and it should solve the problem.
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    You may be new, but I spent half an hour last night trying to figure out why my new Brick (what I and others call the PLC product) kept telling me it wanted an SD card on the VNC client when I just put a new one in. Then I tried reading it with an adapter on my computer and it made the Windows "ching - happy bell" noise but wouldn't read. Then I tried re-inserting it in the adapter. Four times. Then I got another new micro SD card and put it in. The problem went away. The moral of the story is you are not the first to get bit by defective removable media. Nor will you be the last. It's something we all need to keep in mind. Joe T.
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    Hi, Which version of software are you working with? Please ensure you are using 9.8.80, and then go to Help > Check for updates > Operating System. Then please update the controller's OS. There was an issue with the acceleration function block in previous versions.
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    OK. Set your com parameters 9.02 to mode 4 - 9600 8E1. For some reason Even works better than Odd if None is not available. Cut off the end of your com cable on the PLC side and put a new one on- This is in the Visilogic Help if you dig deep enough. PLC VFD 2 2 4 4 3 3 You also don't need to put the "4" at the front of the Modbus address. This is implied as it's a holding register. Confusing, yes. And Unitronics starts counting at 0, so you need to subtract 1 from the register you want, so for frequency you need address 8450. Also confusing. I've hacked the program a bit. Let us know if it works. Joe T. MODBUSTEST_JT.vlp
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    After downloading Complex WebServer from "PLC Tools & Applications" and unzipping it to separate directory, read "Enhanced PLC WebServer.pdf" document. *Write project Data Table information to PLC to make Web Server working.
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    Have you drawn a schematic of what you've done so far? Which I/O module do you have for your V1210? Joe T.
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