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    This is exactly what I had to do with Visilogic in an application that had multiple users with a couple of different access levels. As you've figured out, it wasn't the easiest thing in the world. UniStream addresses this with User Access Control that has 16 levels, 16 groups and 128 users. If this is really important to your project you may need to switch platforms. If you haven't already downloaded UniLogic I'd recommend doing so and having a look. Joe T.
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    Yes. With a LAN connection you may need to implement a DDNS system as well, many WAN connections are dynamic address. Most routers these days can be set up to do this automatically using any number of "free" services available. cheers, Aus
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    Hi Elmajestin, You have to store Data Table to SD card, then you can send this file as email attachment. B.R.
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    If you have a program that is on the plc you can read DT values and export to Excel via UniLogic.
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    You can use the built in functions to send a CSV file: HMI button sets a bit--> "Store DTI to File" Make sure to set "F" to 1 so it saves a CSV file onto the SD card--> Then when the "H" status finishes (1-->0) you can use the built in "FTP Send" to send that CSV file you named in the "Store DTI to File" Then go find it and open in Excel (import as CSV). Now if you want to import it back into the PLC after you make changes to the file you need to reverse this process: save as CSV (on computer) "FTP Receive" "Convert CSV to UDTF" "Load DTI from File"
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    You should only call the Send Email block for one scan. It looks like you looked in the Example Programs (which is a very good resource) but made a typo when you entered the coil after the block. This is how it should be- Joe T.
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