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    Hi All, We already have a solution for this case. As you can see we added the eye button option - if you will click on it the keys will not change their color/shade when pressing and the person who connected by VNC will not be able to see your password.
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    I've had units totally fall over doing it by ethernet, and have had to do lots of travel to fix as the only method was serial. That said, I mainly use 130s, which shouldn't affect this but perhaps does. I remember whingeing about this on the forum once, but couldn't find it with a quick look. Wanted a big red warning to come up saying don't do it!! Haven't been game to try since. All updates now done when on site. cheers, Aus
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    By the way, you can change the entry in the box labeled "Opis:" to anything you want. It will be above the keyboard when the user is entering the number. You could say something like: "Enter the value for pressure (max 2.5 bar)".
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    Yes, when the user inputs the number it will look to them that they are entering 2.5, however it will store the number 25 in the register.
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    Yes, you absolutely can. You can get even more precision out of your particular setup by linearizing to 0-250 to get 2 decimal places, if needed.
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    Here's another thing for humans to try. If you can set this up it's very intriguing. Get a good set of headphones (not buds) and feed them the signal from a mic. Put a variable delay on the signal being sent from the mic to the phones, something like 0.5 to 1.5 seconds. Plonk yourself in front of the mic and turn the system on. Now......try to talk properly. Vary the delay, just for play value. This might lead to having some sympathy for those people you sometimes see on TV "crosses", who sound like idiots. 😧 cheers, Aus
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    This option is making UniLogic ping the IP Address you are trying to connect to, when working with Ethernet. If ping fails, the connection would not be established. Since the PLC is behind a router, and there are more routers in the way, then ping would fail. I didn't understand if disabling that option helped you or not.
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    I assume that the other PLC is on your LAN or not behind router. Am I right? Try the following: Under Project-> Options-> General, make sure that "Use Ping on Discovery" is unchecked. Tell me if it helped.
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    Which version of UniLogic and UniStream? For VNC you need to open port 5900, and with UniLogic 1.29 (and newer) you will need to also port 8001 which is the Commands port. If the UniStream has a firmware 1.29, then without opening port 8001, you will not be able to communicate with the PLC (No download and no online test)
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    Hmmm.....more justification for Joe T's constant advice to get a simple scope for checking things? It would have likely picked up the differences that a digital meter possibly missed. All depends on the meter's specs and useful settings. I also have an older fully analogue meter that has proven invaluable and dead accurate over the 35 years of well looked after use. And it doesn't use batteries! Related aside.....has anyone else ever laughed at how progress has made things more complex? Instead of me having a car radio that gets the signal direct from a transmitter, I now have to have my phone on, using mobile internet to receive a favourite "radio station". The phone then uses bluetooth to connect to the car system that processes the signal from the phone and gets it to the speakers. 😖 That's such excellent progress, isn't it?!! In the overall scheme of things how much "total" energy is wasted by this method? The list is endless. cheers, Aus
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    Hi, Visit https://unitronicsplc.com/software-visilogic-for-programmable-controllers/ Scroll down and expand "Programming tools for developers. You can find here useful documentation and tools. Hope this help you to write what you need. B.R.
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    I'm not sure about reinitializing Configuration FB. It does have addresses for only 15 slaves, but if I remember right when you execute read command it will read from whichever slave the PLC is connected to, disregarding the "Slave ID number" that is in the read command. Maybe this was an issue from some older VisiLogic version when I encountered this for the first time. I've wanted to test this for some time now, but don't have the will. So, I tested this. One master reading 3 slaves one after another from the same Socket. No slaves were defined, every read command had Slave 0 and it worked. Turns out you don't need to have defined slave addresses in Modbus Configuration FB. Modbus commands are sent to device which is connected at the moment of execution, no matter what is in the Slave ID field. Should we add slave addresses in Configuration FB or not (I don't see the point since connection has to be made manualy), what is a good practice here? Is it OK to communicate with more than 15 devices without reinitializing Configuration FB, like in newbie88's case?
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    Eerie! It's like you were there.
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    Hmmmm. I have great mental pictures of you restlessly prowling around the house waiting for midnight to tick over. Coffee jitters, keys jangling in hands, can't wait to push the right one in and turn it! cheers, Aus
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    Make sure you compile the project as x86
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    Gal, Did you ever come across a solution? I have the same need. Will
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    Hi, We have several PLCs in the field on a network with Linux only machines I would like to download new version of the application to those PLCs from the local machine (i can ssh into those machines) It means I need to have a linux based version of the UniDownloaded or something similar (maybe a simple command line tool) Gal
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