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    Just for fun, this is the control panel for a new force tester we created. If you are a Star Trek fan. I can't be the only nerd on this forum, am I?
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    Hi Joe, I've worked with modems and communications on Unitronics for many years. They do certain things extremely well and we have seen many successful applications. More detailed comments and advice are below: 1. Ability to log in to the PLC Web Server - This is the most difficult of your 3 things to achieve over GPRS. You need at least a public, dynamic IP address. Once the GPRS connection is active, you then need a way to find the current IP address of the modem. One option is to get the PLC to send its IP address to you in an email once it has connected to the network. Note that this is not secure, anyone who figures out the IP address and what device is at the oter end can start to try and access it. 2. Ability to send a weekly csv. file via email - this works reasonably well, the nice thing about sending emails is that the IP address does not need to be public. However with the Vision family, you need an email server that can accept unencrypted connections. 3. Ability to send text msg for alarms - by far the easiest thing to do with the EHS6T and a V350. I would only recommend this modem to do SMS and nothing else. Trying to mix GPRS and text messaging is not simple, as the PLC to Modem communications has to be reconfigured for each mode (SMS or GPRS). Overall I found GPRS to be a fragile and difficult method of setting up a data link. If you want to use the web server, I would recommend switching to an Ethernet modem, which would also require the V100-17-ET2 card for the PLC. With ethernet you can do things like Dynamic DNS or VPN as a way to maintain a connection to the unit's IP address. However when switching to Ethernet, there is no easy way to keep using the SMS feature at the same time. The simplest workaround for that is to send all alarms by email, as most people now receive emails on their phones. SMS is beleived to be "reliable" but the SMS standard allows 24 hours delay in delivering the message (I heard a rumour that has been increased to 48 hours). In short, from my experience, it's not possible to do all 3 tasks that you have described with a single device/single connection, using just the standard built-in features of Unitronics. If anyone can improve on my advice, I'm happy to be corrected.
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    OK. Set your com parameters 9.02 to mode 4 - 9600 8E1. For some reason Even works better than Odd if None is not available. Cut off the end of your com cable on the PLC side and put a new one on- This is in the Visilogic Help if you dig deep enough. PLC VFD 2 2 4 4 3 3 You also don't need to put the "4" at the front of the Modbus address. This is implied as it's a holding register. Confusing, yes. And Unitronics starts counting at 0, so you need to subtract 1 from the register you want, so for frequency you need address 8450. Also confusing. I've hacked the program a bit. Let us know if it works. Joe T. MODBUSTEST_JT.vlp
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    After downloading Complex WebServer from "PLC Tools & Applications" and unzipping it to separate directory, read "Enhanced PLC WebServer.pdf" document. *Write project Data Table information to PLC to make Web Server working.
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    +1. But we can help get started. You need a quadrature signal to determine which way you're going. If you don't know what this is- http://www.ni.com/product-documentation/4763/en/ You mentioned you have a swivel with 24 points. You'll need two signals to feed into the V350's inputs to get what you want. I've been known to use two photoeyes or two prox sensors mounted offset on the same wheel to generate my own signal. Do you have a mechanical drawing of your swivel and how the sensor will be mounted? By the way, use an ML to track your counts initially. There's no such thing as a fractional pulse so a float won't do you any good. If you've started on a program and have questions then post it here. There are also example programs under Help->Examples. Joe T.
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    I have found these IP addresses to use, -- current using in a test program - works from SMTP2GO : North America: or Europe: or also check out this link : https://support.smtp2go.com/hc/en-gb/articles/227835308-Worldwide-Server-Locations-And-Email-Routing DanT
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    Spotter90, What VisiLogic version do you use? Attempt to check for OS update from Help menu, then update PLC OS with new one and test again. If this does not helps - send your request to support@unitronics.com B.R.
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    I think it's unlikely we'll ever see a software simulator from Unitronics. Their programming software is free and the PLC hardware is less expensive than most other manufacturers programming and simulator software. Just pony up for an actual PLC and you'll be amazed at how well it works as a simulator.
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    Hi; You can use another UniStream HMI -- Same model as the main, and without the CPU Module. Connect the 2 via Ethernet and use VNC to control the main from the remote. No user screens to modify, they sync themselves. You do not have the load any program into the remote. VNC does all the work. Dant
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    Open favorites (if possible) and make snapshot to save for feature reference. Close Unitronics applications/programs. Go to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Unitronics" and rename "Eth_Favorites.evb" file to "Eth_Favorites.evb.old". Create favorites again. It should work. *Favorites file somehow damaged.
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    Just a quick snap fully proving one of the laws of cable pulling. Law 1). At any time doing cable pulling whilst working alone a long distance into an extremely awkward environment, needing access techniques that would make a Vegas show contortionist proud.... subclause a): Any cable that needs to be unspooled for a successful draw, no matter how neatly laid out with all twists removed on a reasonable surface, will roll over on itself in the most inconvenient location and loop around a ground protrusion that is metres away from the original track........ Grrrrr! I have had this happen quite a few times in my life, the worst during a Cat5 pull that caught on a tiny twig 5mm diameter 10mm high sticking out of a concrete seam. Ruined the 50m of cable...had to start again! And before you ask....sometimes the situation means it is impossible to draw things from a spool. cheers, Aus
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    Hi; Been there , done that. This is a Windows related issue. There is an install shield file that has information in it causing the problem, and has to be moved or deleted. Here is a solution: CAUTION : I Take NO Responsibility for anything that happens ( good or bad)!!!!! Local Administrator privileges may be necessary. KNOW what you are doing! Open C:\Program Files (x86)\InstallShield Installation Information There are a few or many very oddly named folders e.g. {12AB95C7-C72D-4CF5-9B6D-7452DF048C56} Starting at the top, click on the folder to open it: Each folder has a group of files. Look for the file : Setup.ini Double click to open the file or open the file in Notepad ( Notepad ONLY, this is a simple Text File) Top Line [Startup] 2nd line AppName= If the App name is NOT VisiLogic, close Notepad ( DO NOT do a Save or Save As) Move on the next folder If the Appname= is VisiLogic, Close Notepad Back out of that folder, Cut the Folder and Paste it into the Downloads Folder -- Just a safe place to put it for now. Also Rename the Folder and ADD - VisiLogic Restart the VisiLogic Installation, and ( fingers crossed ) it should go smoothly. You can also run a registry cleanup program later to locate and delete unused registry entries. Dant
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    Hold Ctrl+Shift while you double-click the Visilogic icon. This will reset the window settings to factory default. Joe T.
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    Hello, SAMBA doesn't have the same memory specification like V350/V570. As you understand SAMBA is 1/10 memory capabilities compare to V350. Samba is especially suited for small machine applications. Like Jazz, Samba is designed to give an optimal price/performance for low-end PLC and even to Smart Relay customers. These are OEMs who make small machines that have low I/O requirements. Samba is a step up for them – allowing OEMs to offer a color touch screen instead of their current text display. Most of the memory is occupied by the HMI variables, HMI variables with more properties can take more memory. Please note that converting projects from V350/V570 to SAMBA may cause to incompatibilities between operands. I hope it helps…
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