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    I also agree with Flex, for versioning it is bad if file changes without knowing. I tried to set file "read only" from file system so it wont change without me knowing it, but it prevents even file opening. Anatoly
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    Hello vasovas, you can compare SI 37 with some MI on every start wih SB2 If it differs - store your HSC value, reset it and rewrite MI with SI 37 If it same - do nothing Must work fine if you don't get downtime month, but as you mentioned, you might also include SI 38 in condition
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    I agree with Flex727 a file is as delivered to the customer should not be changed, updated or modified. looking at a file and exiting without saving is not modifying it. version control is best done with date and time. what if you bought a house and the bank changed the date after you had signed the contract?
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