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    How to get Help with Unitronics Products DO Check the Help file. Press F1 to open the Help. Use the Table of Contents, Index, and Search function to find information. Look at the Example programs: UniLogic: Download examples via the Help tab. VisiLogic: Examples are installed with your program. View our how-to videos for: UniLogic | VisiLogic | U90 Ladder. Search the forum. Post in the forum—if you haven't found your answer. Be nice. Did someone respond? Thank them. Ask you a question? Answer. Please—respect the community. Most of the people here are volunteers! When you DO post, please: Include Software Version and Controller Model. Describe your problem - clearly. Your project - attach it to your post, via the Attach icon. This enables people to open, for example, the TCP/IP CARD INIT block to check your settings. If you cannot post it, make sure your captures show enough information. Pictures of function blocks without the corresponding dialog boxes are usually worthless. DON'T Don't be afraid to try different ways to solve your problem before posting. Faulty code will not break your PLC. Experiment! You will learn - and probably have fun. Don't expect ready-made code to solve your problem. Every situation is different. You will have to work - but we will try to help you. PLEASE Answer questions - ALL the questions. There is a reason for every question asked. Thank the people who help you. Report on how you resolved your problems—this helps other people in the community. Contacting Unitronics Support You can: Use the Support Portal to open a support ticket http://support.unitronics.com/index.php Write to our Support team at support@unitronics.com We all make mistakes. Good luck, and happy programming!
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    If you changed the alarm texts in the String library you can also change the font size there. If you have more questions please post your .vlp file. Joe T.
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    Your logic says either I 48 or MB 48 must turn on to latch O 48. If you are activating either of those bits and O 48 is not coming on then you have one of two things occurring: 1) An O 48 coil is elsewhere in the program and is being turned off, or 2) This logic is in a subroutine and the subroutine is not being called by the Main routine.
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    Greg Hi I send you my files for PLC & EX-RC1 , First make adress in your extenzion devices and separatly programming each. After that look the programm and make yours aplication programm and adjust for yours screen in V 560. Joe explained to you how to make address, but programming time for RC1 is the safest at 38,400 via RS232 Evrything next is very simple. Good luck RC TEST V1040.vlp RC#2.vlp RC#3.vlp RC#4.vlp
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    I gave up on the Decimal formats in the Protocol block long ago. They're just not consistent in their behavior, as you've seen. I catch the whole string in a Stream variable and then use the String functions to find locators such as your "kPaa" string. Once you find a pointer to that location you can search backwards for the space, which will give you your numeric string length. Then extract the numeric string to their own MIs and convert them to a number using the ASCII=>NUM function, which works quite well. This sounds more complicated than it is. The nice thing is you can examine the output of your string manipulation code at each step. I have found it to be way more reliable. Joe T.
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    This type of error is caused by a fault within the logic. An unlikely sequence of events or a faulty FB within the program could potentially cause this issue. To review the code within VisiLogic you can use the Ldr code to search for the subroutine that causes the issue. This feature can be found under the Edit menu, then selecting Find Subroutine by Ladder Error Code. This error may also be generated by a fault in the O/S. I would recommend either updating or reinstalling the operating system within the controller.