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    Moved to the correct forum. Please don't make duplicate posts. This board is moderated therefore it can take a bit before posts are approved. I'll leave this up since it includes more detail than the previous one.
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    Please try to found fingerprint access control for vehicle, moto or forklift. It present in 12 and 24VDC version. It can be managed by discrete input and output for add and delete user fingerprint. It need no special software.
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    This is the easiest solution to the problem and can be added to the field components without replacing them. Joe T.
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    Debug function for rung time mesurement... Find in help.
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    @FredrikH, Please download and install the attached version. It uses a different 3rd party DLL that creates excel files, and it reduces the total used ram to a safe level, so you should be able to convert your files using SD Card Manager. Please update me if it helped. Thanks. Unitronics SD Card Suite 2.0.66.zip
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    Are you talking about a DW or an ML operand? The value when the register overflows is slightly different (the ML will go to the max negative value since it is a signed 32-bit integer, and will count up from there). In either case, no error will be generated. −2,147,483,648 to 2,147,483,647 is the range for an ML (32-bit signed integer) 0 to 4,294,967,295 is the range for a DW (32-bit unsigned integer)
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    Hi Adreasler, I am wondering if you have interpreted things correctly. <<<<< Notes: 3. This model is supplied with a serial port: RS232/RS485 (Port 1). The standard is set to either RS232 or RS485 according to DIP switch settings. Refer to the product’s Installation Guide. 4. Note that physically connecting a PC to the controller via USB suspends RS232/RS485communications via Port 1. When the PC is disconnected, RS232/RS485 resumes. 5. The user may order and install one or both of the following modules: - A serial RS232/RS485 isolated/non-isolated interface module in port 2. >>>>>> Are you leaving the usb connection in place during the trials? Do you have ladder work setting the 232 port parameters properly? If you have these in place and still have problems, with any 232 (or 485) communication issue that doesn't work as expected, I always go back to using the PC to send out strings to the item being talked to. This is far easier to tweak a string to the correct solution rather than messing around using the plc. Once the string works correctly, it then gets transposed into the plc. Hope this might help cheers, Aus
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    Jason Hartley, That would be greatly appreciated!! I'm actually using a Unistream PLC, but should be able to get what I need from the vlp. Thank You ------------------------------------------- 6 hours later, this post still not approved by a moderator so will just edit it.... I did get a working program now. Figured out to always use modbus address zero. I'm sure I could still learn a lot from a working example....
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    Hey Hoover, I put together many solid Uni/Festo applications. I can email you my demo for V350 supporting FHPP in profile positioning and direct mode (not record select). What is cool about Festo Handling Positioning Protocol is it works exactly the same over tcp or canbus. When reading from the cmmo first 4 bytes are status bits and the last 4bytes are a double word representing position/speed/current draw % depending on which mode your in. When you write these 8 bytes they are control bits and ref command. I’m on my iPad so I’ll try and post the vlp from laptop tomorrow.
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    Hi MattP_Mac, 1.Make ping from your PC to PLC IP. Does PLC answers? 2.Open DOS prompt at your PC and enter "telnet 20256". DOS display will blink, clean and stay black. Is this what you see? 3.Enter PLC info mode and check Socket 1 status. Is it connected? Share test results. B.R.