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    To format the number in the data table, select one of the actual data elements and right-click- Choose Format, which opens the Number Format dialog- + 1 on the Row Height adjustment.... Joe T.
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    That would be logically impossible. You're asking the PLC to log to the file - it can't be read-only if you want to write to it. You can always change the file attribute after you remove the SD card from the PLC and transfer it to a PC.
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    This simple program was posted on this forum some time ago. It's for VisiLogic, but you may be able to adapt it. Here is a screenshot of the relevant logic in case you don't have VisiLogic installed: V570_Random_number_generator.vlp
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    I've confirmed with the Panel R&D team leader that it compares with CRC (and not by date).
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    Every time I got corrupted file, it was because I had to add new font because default fonts can't display č. I learned this lesson once, but still remind myself from time to time. Did you ever lose any critical data?
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    Same here Flex..... I save to a new file name daily, appending the file name with the days date, such as; 1210 formax 03 20 19.vlp If I do a lot of changes I will sometimes add an A, B, C after the date and have multiple saves in a day, plus I add the PLC model to the name also. So far as storage, I work off a USB hard drive, and try to be diligent about copying my files to my C drive and a network drive. And as in other recent discussions, I'll save my version number somewhere on a display; v032019
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    Hello, I am having an issue with intermittant connection to a remote PLC. The setup is as follows: Server has a VPN connection to a GSM router on site. This is connected via ethernet to the PLC. What I have found: I lose the ability to do a socket ping to the PLC on 20256. When I lose this ability, I also lose the ability to pull telemetry data off the PLC from the registers. (makes sense, they use the same port). I am doing this ping test from the local router on site, over the VPN. The issue is therefore not with the VPN itself, but the connection between the router and the PLC. The ladder logic code that manages the connection is attached. Can you see where I have gone wrong? How can I increase the robustness? Additionally, can you suggest timeout/keepalive settings that would help? At the moment, I can regain the connection by restarting the router (set to a automatic timed restart at the moment). Additionally, I have noticed more than once that if I go into the socket parameter screen on the PLC, it has sprung back into life. (maybe coincidence?) Many thanks in advance for any help!
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    Is there currently or are there any plans to make a Vision PLC simulator that can be run on a PC. I have been making some program changes for PLC's at remote locations and would like to be able to run the Program before I deploy it but I do not have the hardware to run it here.
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    The reason you are getting the message is the propbably same reason I got that same error two days ago. If you are running Vista or windows 7 you more than likely had a windows update recently (since the last time you used Visilogic program). If your computer is like mine the automatic update reset my UAC to on without my permission. Just go back into UAC and turn it back off. I do not know why this happens but it has happened twice on my work computer in the last 6 months. Keith
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