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    @Cara Bereck Levy- I've posted a couple of times about migrating from Vision to UniStream and have been able to substitute missing functions so far after a bit of digging each time. My answers are usually found in the downloadable "UniLogic_Example_Projects". It just so happens that there's a directory in the extracted files called (of all things) "UDFBs". Where I found most of my answers. For those who haven't seen it's contents- So my question is this - why does the default UniLogic installation have a totally empty Library? These files aren't large. I humbly suggest that this collection be added to the UniLogic installation in the UniLogic/Library/Ladder install directory. Joe T.
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    Hi Flex727, 1. It is recommended to adjust firmware to used VisiLogic version. VisiLogic inform you only if it detect that VisiLogic have newest than PLC firmware. It is possible, that you use one of previous VisiLogic versions, but new (replacement) PLC have newest firmware. It is recommended to keep the same firmware at all used with the same VisiLogic version PLCs. After adjusting firmware, continue with empty program. 2. VisiLogic should work with local copy of project (on PC hard disk) . *VisiLogic save project copy on periodic manner to restore project after abnormal program termination, and in other cases. Later you can save project version at any other media - disk on key (not recommended as main backup), on network drive, on NAS/SAS, by use VCS (version control sustem). *VCS do not know about PLC program structure, so it should save all project. 3. Always keep copy of all used images to be possible restore required one, if need. 4. Always keep number of backup copies. Not only one. Hope more recommendations will be added . Lets collect all and save it as Article in Unitronics Help Center. B.R. === When you look for solutions, please visit and search not only in Forum topics, but in Unitronics Help Center Articles too. Link: https://support.unitronics.com/ There are many available articles. If you have solution to share, tell us know and we will add it to Articles. B.R.
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    Update firmware before first program download
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    Hi; Been there , done that. This is a Windows related issue. There is an install shield file that has information in it causing the problem, and has to be moved or deleted. Here is a solution: CAUTION : I Take NO Responsibility for anything that happens ( good or bad)!!!!! Local Administrator privileges may be necessary. KNOW what you are doing! Open C:\Program Files (x86)\InstallShield Installation Information There are a few or many very oddly named folders e.g. {12AB95C7-C72D-4CF5-9B6D-7452DF048C56} Starting at the top, click on the folder to open it: Each folder has a group of files. Look for the file : Setup.ini Double click to open the file or open the file in Notepad ( Notepad ONLY, this is a simple Text File) Top Line [Startup] 2nd line AppName= If the App name is NOT VisiLogic, close Notepad ( DO NOT do a Save or Save As) Move on the next folder If the Appname= is VisiLogic, Close Notepad Back out of that folder, Cut the Folder and Paste it into the Downloads Folder -- Just a safe place to put it for now. Also Rename the Folder and ADD - VisiLogic Restart the VisiLogic Installation, and ( fingers crossed ) it should go smoothly. You can also run a registry cleanup program later to locate and delete unused registry entries. Dant
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    I've got customers that can't grasp the concept of an All-in-one and simply refer to it as the HMI. I think the HMI Controller terminology would be something they could understand better.
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    I like your way, too! It demonstrates that you can think in terms of bits, which are the foundation of all the other data types. There's a cat being skinned multiple ways somewhere.... 😁 Joe T.
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    I do not know if this will help, but in some programs it is a warning that when exporting to the exel, you must remember the country in which you are. In that case, excel use system separaror that is a coma or dot. It is selected in excel parameter. Please uncheck "use system separator" and use dot as excel internal separator. Then try to reopen your file.
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