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    Hello, Currently UniStream does not support DHCP – You need to set static IP address. Please note that if IP address of a unit will be changed –the operator will not be able to know the new IP address of the Unit.
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    And that, my friends, is why Unitronics has some of the best customer service in the business (besides making great products). Thanks, Cara!
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    Download the attached Rar file, and extract the files to UniLogic installation directory. This means that the "UniLogic Diagnostics.exe" (and all the other files) must be placed in the same directory where "Unitronics.Shell.UI.exe" is located (usually at: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Unitronics\UniLogic\") After you've extracted the files, run "UniLogic Diagnostics.exe" and click on Diagnose. Most chances that it will show "SQL Instance" as one that has problems. In case it find problems, the "Fix" button will become enabled. Click on Fix, and the program will attempt to fix the problem, and then it will re-diagnose the problems to confirm that they are fixed. Please tell me what problems it found . Also tell me if it managed to fix the problem that you're experiencing with UniLogic (that it is stuck in loading components). Thanks. UniLogic Diagnostics.rar
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    For additional information on what to do when a Unitronics goes weird, search the Help for "bootstrap". Joe T.
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    Depending on the endianness that your SCADA system is expecting, you can do a Modbus read of an ML and the combination will be done for you. If you haven't already read the Unitronics Help on "Slave Address Tables" I would suggest you look it over. The ML's can be read but you have to specify an offset. You may have to specify a read length of two words, as the original Modbus spec was written around 16 bit words. How is the variable defined in the SCADA system? Can you give us more specific details of what you are trying to do? Joe T.
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    You need to find another cable to try Jon as this seems to be the common element. Have you tried a different USB port on the PC as well??
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    OK. 1 Have you tried another type of usb device in the same socket on the PC? Anything at all that previously worked ok. 2 In the same vein, have you tried using another socket on the PC? 3 Re the broken core, yes...it makes no sense that the system still recognises a plug insertion with one line down, but that's what happened, and happened a few times. I don't know the mechanics of the usb process enough. A new cable and away it went. I am not at all hard on cables, but I do know there are many different construction qualities out there! 4 Go back even further on system restore....as far as you can? Maybe it wasn't the update? It still reeks of driver issue. cheers, Aus
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    Go to the software section of this website and get UniDownload - http://unitronicsplc.com/Download/SoftwareUtilities/UnitronicsUniDownloader_5_0_B25.exe It's designed for what you're trying to do. Joe T.
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    Hello, It seems that indeed the BinLib version cause to this issue. Please try to recover the PLC as follow: Use COM1 RS232 115200 baud rate 2sec time out Connect 6 wire cable instead of the 4 wire cable. Reboot the PLC The PLC should beep > tap once to stop the beeping Go to VisiLogic>communication & O/S, the 4th tab is system modes Check the communication by clicking on the GET button If you have a communication>Switch to Factory BOOT Go to O/S tab>check Download only the BinLib by clicking on the Advance button>BinLib (only) If the download will success, then replace to 4 wire back and download the BOOT and then the O/S.