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    I've had units totally fall over doing it by ethernet, and have had to do lots of travel to fix as the only method was serial. That said, I mainly use 130s, which shouldn't affect this but perhaps does. I remember whingeing about this on the forum once, but couldn't find it with a quick look. Wanted a big red warning to come up saying don't do it!! Haven't been game to try since. All updates now done when on site. cheers, Aus
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    By the way, you can change the entry in the box labeled "Opis:" to anything you want. It will be above the keyboard when the user is entering the number. You could say something like: "Enter the value for pressure (max 2.5 bar)".
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    Yes, when the user inputs the number it will look to them that they are entering 2.5, however it will store the number 25 in the register.
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    Yes, you absolutely can. You can get even more precision out of your particular setup by linearizing to 0-250 to get 2 decimal places, if needed.
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    Hi, We have several PLCs in the field on a network with Linux only machines I would like to download new version of the application to those PLCs from the local machine (i can ssh into those machines) It means I need to have a linux based version of the UniDownloaded or something similar (maybe a simple command line tool) Gal
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    Gal, Did you ever come across a solution? I have the same need. Will
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