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    When you're local you can connect to it with a USB or serial cable and avoid all the Ethernet issues. That makes troubleshooting much easier.
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    I typically just use SB 13 to increment an ML. You can then divide that by 360 to get you hours to the tenth of an hour for display.
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    The PLC doesn't care whether the code runs or not. The poor programming practice is due to the fact that conditional subroutines can often execute in ways you don't expect (for instance, coils being left in limbo). There is no reason to do it that way. Ladder logic is not the same as regular computer programming and should not be treated that way. Except for very unusual circumstances, the only purpose for subroutines (in ladder logic) is to break your code up into manageable chunks. Every line (ladder rung) in the entire program should be executed on every scan. This avoids unexpected behavior and ensures that you don't trigger the Watchdog Timer. Bear in mind, I am giving my opinion on best programming practice. Other experienced programmers may have a slightly different opinion and there is no absolute right or wrong here. I am providing the benefit of my experience and skill which you may accept or ignore.
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    If you want a button to be inactive during certain times, use the "Disable mode" function, but your solution doesn't solve the problem you're stating. Since you can only push the button when you're on a certain screen and the only check you're performing is to check to see if you are on that screen, then you aren't accomplishing anything.
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    Double click on the display background to get a pop up that allows selection of this attribute and others that apply to every element on that particular screen.
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