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    This is exactly what I had to do with Visilogic in an application that had multiple users with a couple of different access levels. As you've figured out, it wasn't the easiest thing in the world. UniStream addresses this with User Access Control that has 16 levels, 16 groups and 128 users. If this is really important to your project you may need to switch platforms. If you haven't already downloaded UniLogic I'd recommend doing so and having a look. Joe T.
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    Hello I change the ID address of the master/slave, as Gabriel Franco said. I also change the the other modbus parameters to: 9600,8,E,1. But its still does not work. Not to read or write. If I go to boot menu on V130, see under the Comunication Port1 that Rx and Tx was sended. But there is nothing now not a Led tripping on frek. converter. I was waiting for new cabel 6/6 I was thinking maybe is a problem in cabel but it is the same with new cabel. Please any advice or suggestion. Modbus FC280_pop1,2.vlp
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    You set PLC Master ID = 2 and also trying to read/write from/to slave ID=2. Change master ID.
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