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    Great news, but twice as tall (or 50% taller) is what I need more. I have regular need for 12 contacts in parallel and constantly breaking them into two sets of six is a pain.
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    Dear all, I am using different data tables in a project, including saving and loading TDI from SD card. Some of the tables are "system" oriented like settings, and some tables are "user" oriented like programs and recipes. User should select a file by using HMI element: File selector browser . For now ALL DTI files are kept in the DT folder and selection is problematic. I need to separate each kind in a different subfolder, so the selection will be user friendly. The "Store DTI to a file" and "Store DTI to a file" ladder blocks is not giving the option for different sub directories , that would helped if exist. File selector browser is not supporting sub folders as well. Can I use differents folder path as part of the file name string? or any other way to manage subfolders? In addition, "Copy/Move file" and ladder elements, don't have the option to copy or move within SD card folders, but only to/from DOK. It would have helpful if possible to arrange the files by type of functions by ladder. any ideas? Any help?
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    I couldn't pass this up. Joe T.
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    I've never done it, but I thought you could run a full-blown webserver off the SD card in the Vision line. No question though that UniStream is more powerful in that regard.
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    Cool. I've been round and round with the Server/Client quandary in my Modbus TCP adventures in figuring out Master and Slave. One way works. The other doesn't. Joe T.
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    That is the official Unitronics USB->serial converter available from your distributor. You can use any converter that has the Prolific PL2303 chipset. A bit of Unitronics history - when the V570 first came out it had that USB port on it covered by a sticker. It was supposed to be supported by a future Visilogic release but that never happened for that particular hardware revision. Joe T.
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    Hi guys, I usually use this type of transistor board to isolate the PLC outputs from the controlled load. It can switch 3A per channel with 1KHz switching frequency while current draw on PLC output is a few mA. For the 10 channel board, the cost is something like 17 USD. It's significantly cheaper than using relays and requires much less wiring.
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    @Cara Bereck Levy may be able to help you. Sales is not Her specific department, however history has shown that She is very quick to respond and assist in any way She can. @Joe Tauser is an authorized distributor and PLC expert in my Land. UPS ships worldwide. Unitronics is an excellent choice.
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    You must set PLC name in rung 1 at the right of FB's you already have. APP will not work with no PLC name defined in ladder. Name is your password of sorts, I would suggest making it something more unique than SM43 if it is going to be port forwarded to the public internet. Another note: socket 1 is set to 20256 by default. While redefining socket does no harm, it is not required. Happy coding. -dB
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    @thecarb This version if you want the OPLC to make an audible pulsed BEEP when alarm is active. Lots of other little things I'd change.... but I have to stop somewhere. Happy coding. *FILE REMOVED*
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    First of all, only put one logical operation per network. When you put several separate rungs in one network, it may not compile the way you think it will. Creating a new network guarantees separation of operations. It is also very helpful in troubleshooting to keep your functionality together. For example, the timers controlling the fan were spread across several networks. I grouped them together and wrote simpler timer pair logic in the Outputs subroutine. Timers reset themselves when power is removed. You don't need separate logic to reset them. I put together a state machine that steps through the tanks in order in automatic mode. I also moved the scaling and the alarms to their own subroutine. You'll notice that the Main routine is now very small. I put all the functions of the system into their own subroutine. I hate the phrase "best practices", but this way really does make it easier to understand what's going on. Let me know if it works the way you want it to. "Likes" are always appreciated. Joe T.
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    No, this feature does not exist, but you can put elements in a Custom Control, then if you use that custom control in a screen, then it act as one element when copying, pasting moving etc. Custom control has the ability to accept parameters (It can be used more than once but with different tags, just like regular controls).
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    Totally separate animals. Remember, the UniStream is a Linux-based box and there are a whole lot of things that come pre-programmed in a Linux kernel that the Creators didn't have to re-invent to cram into a standard micro-controller as found in the Vision series. With greater power comes further complexity in development. I still prefer the Vision for most systems as it has a much smaller learning curve. It's main drawback is communications, which the UniStream totally excels at. I wouldn't have a frowny face on the Visions. Just know where each product fits best. To answer your questions: No. No. Depends on the application. Joe T.
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    This is a UDFB for linear ramp output with rise and fall time. The program detects change in the target value and ramps the output until it reaches the set point. If the new target value is greater than the current value, it makes a rising ramp. If the new target value is less than the current value, it makes a falling ramp. Calculates the relative ramp time according to maximum ramp and fall time given by the user. Function Inputs: Target value Rise time (This is the maximum rise time from the minimum output value to the maximum in msec) Fall time (This is the maximum fall time from the Maximum output value to the Minimum in msec) Maximum value of output Minimum value of output Function Output: Ramped output register Application: I wrote this UDFB to control hydraulic pressure using proportional valve via analog output. It could also be used to drive a stepper motor with acc/dec using pulse width modulation.
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    Hallo, I'm doing Ethernet IP communication with Keyence Cameras (CVX-400) and SMC motor Drivers (JXC91 series). Everything works very well, but it took me a long time for SMC drivers to be checked: Use Run idle for O2T. I would like to ask why and what it means. I did not find explanation in help. Well thank you.
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    Yes - I have sent - and yesterday I have received msg that they found that there is a problem with WCB1.
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    Photos are useful things. +1 to everything Joe says....I was thinking that was a bit further down the track. If these are plastic enclosures, and looking at the general layout and size of the VFD, everything is still way too close together for my liking. A few more comments. The expansion cable being a long one must be one of the cables coming out of the bottom.....and likely into the same cable duct the vfd wiring is in. Can this be separated out into it's own run? And where is the other end located? Right next to the pump??? In another plastic box??? Hmmm!!! It looks like there will be other control gear in the enclosure with the isolator on it. If this is so, then perhaps a neat earthed metal plate b/n it and the plc enclosure would help. It could also be folded and shaped to go around the bottom of the plc box as well for better protection from the VFD. Alternatively, change the plc's enclosure to metal! And perhaps...the VFD might not be the real issue....it might be a big contactor banging on, which if in this enclosure is right next to the plc. Or a combo of both things. All control wiring should be separated out as much as possible. If there is any in a duct that the vfd uses, change it. The only time I've had to have a VFD in the same enclosure as the control gear, I made special shielding plates to essentially have the drive in an enclosure within the enclosure, and wiring was totally separate. Have had no trouble with this. Analog in correctly shielded cable and run on it's own. Joe's "looks like crap" filtering ideas could perhaps be tried if, after fixing the more obvious layout errors, you still get lockups. As he says, put a scope on it and see, but perhaps try all the other solutions first. Proper layout preventing the noise in the first place is far better. Scope before and after basic layout changes would be useful, and show the client something tangible as well. Lastly, is the motor on the pump one specifically designed for VFD running? Something else to consider. cheers, Aus
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    2017 Training All new customers get a free place on one of our training course's Plus we offer the option to "Fast Track" your project with focused training on your application. Our Unitronics Training schedule for 2017 is now available http://www.i4automation.co.uk/trainingpdf.aspx Contact us for more information.http://www.i4automation.co.uk/contact.aspx
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    I've frequently found that direct saving to virtual drives can be problematic, and not just with VisiLogic. Because of that, I always save locally then copy to the virtual drive later.
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    @thecarb Possible solution found. Try the mildly edited code attached. I duplicated your issue (not sure if you were testing with sensors live and connected, I was not). Here's what I believed caused the "all outputs on condition" I observed on a fresh run of JoeT's program: Powered up, MI2,3,4 at ZERO. Scaling SR runs before values can be forced into MI's (pre scaled values) and thus SETS MB3,4,5 putting outputs into cyclical ON states. I put a vector load on power up that loads D#4000 into MI3,4,5 then I hold off ScalingandAlarm subroutine with an on delay timer for 10 seconds. This allows time for pressure transducers (if powered on at same time of PLC) to initialize and output current. Perhaps OPLC was grabbing zero values on transducers at system power up and MB3,4,5 are latching then must be USER reset. All happens before you can wink. Could be filtering on AI's or speed of successive approximation capture. Don't know those specs of the top off my head. Good luck Carb. -dB\ *FILE REMOVED*
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    RobertW: If you have specifics you can post on forum or call Unitronics support. Both helped me greatly when tranlslating a large program from Visilogic to UniLogic. If you are starting with Unilogic it may actually be easier, I really had to retrain my brain away from all the terminology and form of Visilogic. It's not bad once you get the hang of it. You have a powerful support team to assist you, be NOT afraid to use it Sir.
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    If those are just single contacts and not really complex structures of them, I use this type of ordering them: You can easily combine several contacts in one parallel rung, but it does get fairly messy fairly quick... Good luck!
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    By any chance are the operators wearing a glove made of cloth material?
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    How about: "Motion Detect" and "Deviation" UDFB. Motion detect is very useful in digital scales, where you need to watch if a specific analog value isn't changing for more than X within a specified time. Deviation is useful when you have to monitor an analog value overnight, to watch for drift, changes, etc. What happened to filtering? VisiLogic had a very nice Filter FB, which had rolling and order-weighed average filter. Also, we're still short of UniStream loadcell module. (Hello everyone! It's been like, 6 years since I last posted here. After ten large and interesting projects and many Unitronic PLCs installed, I'm back^^)
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    OK, so I log onto my identity theft protection website to check something and I see that this guy is who I call if I need technical support: Wait a minute- he looks oddly familiar. Is he my kid's soccer coach? Was he on the news for shooting up a McDonalds? No! I've seen this person before! Same shirt, same tie, except Unitronics has more class and makes him wear a sport coat. I'm wondering if there's a support guy store where you can buy one of these- kind of like Star Wars III - The Clone Wars. I think the cat is out of the bag on the factory in India pumping out support people. I'm sure his name is either "Jason" or "Josh". Any theories for this phenomenon are welcome. Joe T.