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    Great news, but twice as tall (or 50% taller) is what I need more. I have regular need for 12 contacts in parallel and constantly breaking them into two sets of six is a pain.
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    Dear all, I am using different data tables in a project, including saving and loading TDI from SD card. Some of the tables are "system" oriented like settings, and some tables are "user" oriented like programs and recipes. User should select a file by using HMI element: File selector browser . For now ALL DTI files are kept in the DT folder and selection is problematic. I need to separate each kind in a different subfolder, so the selection will be user friendly. The "Store DTI to a file" and "Store DTI to a file" ladder blocks is not giving the option for different sub directories , that would helped if exist. File selector browser is not supporting sub folders as well. Can I use differents folder path as part of the file name string? or any other way to manage subfolders? In addition, "Copy/Move file" and ladder elements, don't have the option to copy or move within SD card folders, but only to/from DOK. It would have helpful if possible to arrange the files by type of functions by ladder. any ideas? Any help?
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    No, this feature does not exist, but you can put elements in a Custom Control, then if you use that custom control in a screen, then it act as one element when copying, pasting moving etc. Custom control has the ability to accept parameters (It can be used more than once but with different tags, just like regular controls).
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    Totally separate animals. Remember, the UniStream is a Linux-based box and there are a whole lot of things that come pre-programmed in a Linux kernel that the Creators didn't have to re-invent to cram into a standard micro-controller as found in the Vision series. With greater power comes further complexity in development. I still prefer the Vision for most systems as it has a much smaller learning curve. It's main drawback is communications, which the UniStream totally excels at. I wouldn't have a frowny face on the Visions. Just know where each product fits best. To answer your questions: No. No. Depends on the application. Joe T.
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    Hello, Starting from UniLogic 1.19.80, you have the option to set a new global action named "Take Screenshot" that can be triggered through Ladder. (it is linked to a bit tag that you can control from ladder). Hope this helps!
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    Hi; I have interfaced a V1040 into a couple of Pi's. I used the TCP-RAW Method and it worked well. Sent Integer data between them to trigger the Pi Camera. Used Python 3 for all the programming. Took a bit of research and trial and error to get it going as some information out there is a bit incomplete or misleading. Also used the MODBUS TCP method - there is a Python based Modbus program out there. It works well. I has more flexibility in some ways.. I will get the code for both methods and post it in a day or so. Current project is connecting a Pi to a Blind(display dead) Lego NXT via USB - working, needs cleanup. Aim is to get it all working together ( Vision, Pi, NXT, and a PIFace Digital I/O interface.) Dan .
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    Hi, You can create a kind of "message box" using a rectangle and some variables on top of it. configure to each one of them Visibility bit. then when you wish to show this message box set the visibility on. Once the operator chose his option you can reset the bit and the message box will disappear. you can do the same with custom control.
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    Security like that is not built in to Unitronics, as you've concluded. One thing I've done is to roll my own authentication code based on a collection of mathematical operations. Each Unitronics PLC with Ethernet has a unique MAC address located in SDW 22 and 23. You could keep track of these in your server an create a code to send along with your data. Put logic in that matches the reverse of your math operations and use the result to verfiy the proper data origin. You have not given the details of communication. If you are going through the Internet, there are already many security methods available to clamp down on unauthorized data transmissions. This may be a better question for a good IT person. Joe T.
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    This is a UDFB for linear ramp output with rise and fall time. The program detects change in the target value and ramps the output until it reaches the set point. If the new target value is greater than the current value, it makes a rising ramp. If the new target value is less than the current value, it makes a falling ramp. Calculates the relative ramp time according to maximum ramp and fall time given by the user. Function Inputs: Target value Rise time (This is the maximum rise time from the minimum output value to the maximum in msec) Fall time (This is the maximum fall time from the Maximum output value to the Minimum in msec) Maximum value of output Minimum value of output Function Output: Ramped output register Application: I wrote this UDFB to control hydraulic pressure using proportional valve via analog output. It could also be used to drive a stepper motor with acc/dec using pulse width modulation.
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    I've had a lot of local requests for help on getting email working. There are a lot of pieces needed to make it work right and it has to be done in the right order. A PLC was never invented to send emails, and the fact the Unitronics can do this is a pretty awesome feature. I'm posting a sample program we wrote to hopefully show everything needed and some tricks to make it cool. Joe T. Sample Email Program V570 5-6-15.vlp
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    So you guys are saying that the units were completely bricked? No way possible to get them back? It seems a bit astounding to me that a lower level recovery facility isn't available when 2 of our very experienced members have had such an easily done error. Something for the creators to look at? cheers, Aus
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    This version works very well but the project printing requires a good pair of glasses. It is impossible to use the printouts as project documentation. Is there a possibility to set the font before printing?
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    There is a guide in the pinned area of this forum: How Do I Perform a Full Re-install of VisiLogic? this was written some years ago, so Program Files can now be Program Files(x86) some additional notes: Before doing the above, check and BE SURE ...... Program Files or Program Files(x86) Unitronics Unitronics Visilogic_C -- MOVE any project files you have there - like in the Applications folder, then Delete the entire folder -- DO NOT Have PROJECT Folders here - They may get deleted during Uninstalls !! ( Applications folder is not a safe place to keep project files, store your projects elsewhere -- Visilogic Uninstall can automatically delete this folder) Save project files frequently using revision indexes I the names, so you can go back to a previous revision if necessary. ( In the end , the final project is kept, and the backups can be removed)
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    I believe I have found a solution On my own. NUM to ASCII, 4 bytes, presumably fitting into a single DW that the emailer uses to send out number in the 0 to 4,000 range. Will see how it does as time goes on. UPDATE: is working fine now. My texts received show gallons OF the last fill cycle (triggered by NTC contact linked to output that controls fill valve.
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    What Joe said Yup - things we COULD not have implemented with a standard micro-controller. And people - like it or not, the whole Industrial Internet of Things/Smart Factory/Industry 4.0 is real, here to stay, and the COM abilities of Linux are absolutely crucial. We - the Unitronics royal We - keep current...because eventually you, as automation professionals, will need this type of connectivity. Transition is the name of the game, and as professionals you know how to adapt Yes, it is very different - but, once you get the hang of it - it is good, well worth it in my humble opinion.
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    By any chance are the operators wearing a glove made of cloth material?
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    Have you gone online and checked the value of the System Integers for contrast and brightness?
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    Hi, As you can see in the message you wrote " it is recommended.." - it will not initialize it after download automatically.
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    If the video system has digital inputs available or communicates with a protocol compatible with the PLC, then it should be simple. Otherwise, it might be more difficult.
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    Joe Tauser was kind enough to educate us all on this topic and wrote a very nice example program, which can be found here:
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    OK, I found the solution. You must use TCP_RAW Send and your message must be in a format like: GET http://localhost:2006/1.aspx HTTP/1.1\r\n" + "Host: localhost:2006\r\n" + "Connection: keep-alive\r\n" + "User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0\r\n" + "\r\n"; I did not use the User-Agent stuff, but I still included an empty line. Once I did this, my web server started reporting the GET request.
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    Thank you for posting. We appreciate it! The problem is you are calling the all the Modbus reads with the same trigger and you're not checking to see if the Modbus task is busy. When you call a Modbus read block it actually spins off a separate process that takes a while to complete. It also really helps to put a little breathing room via timer between reads. I've modified your code to make a state machine cycle through the reads in order and slow it down to let the read function reset. I know the examples show chaining read blocks one after another, but my experience has been this doesn't work. You're probably going to have to update your version of Visilogic to open my file. You can fiddle with the delay times to make it go faster. You'll find that when you set them too low the blocks will hang up. Let us know how it works. Joe T. Thermofisher JT.vlp
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    You need to find another cable to try Jon as this seems to be the common element. Have you tried a different USB port on the PC as well??
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    I need to interface a Unistream with an Omron PLC. Specifically, the OMRON SYSMAC CJ2M CPU31. Omron requires an EDS file for all Ethernet/IP connections and a generic EDS file we found does not seem to work. The Unistream is configured as an adapter and the Omron is configured as the scanner. During testing, I did attempt to switch roles and have the Unistream as the Scanner and the Omron as the adapter, but neither configuration seemed to work. The error message in the Omron indicates a byte count issue; however, with the assistance of an Omron integrator, we confirmed that the number of bytes in and out of the Omron is correct.
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    Hello Eyal, I have a suggestion that may have been covered already... but here goes. In the Rockwell Logix 5000 world... the UDFB is called an AOI or Add On Instruction... Programmers love to reuse good simple working code, therefore UDFB and AOI's are great tools to have available. The only hang-up I noticed so far with Unilogic is lack of online status when opening a specific instance. Say I use one UDFB nine different times in the control program... I can not open and "troubleshoot" like a normal ladder function. In the Rockwell Logix world I can chose to look at the source code without actual data In/Out or I can select the specific instance and then see all of the In/out parameters and logic power flow for troubleshooting within the AOI. Thanks, Greg