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  1. Hello, How to make to be one box (ASCII String) for several names. Example I need to write in that box Marc as user 1,David as user 2… Now I need to save each user in own line to String Library.
  2. Picture (diagram) on Post #4 is correct. I try another controler and works OK. Also Jumpers from Post #1 are correct.
  3. I try one more option. I totaly disconect RTD from terminals 4,5,6,7,8 and try to put 24V+ on terminal 12 and situation is the same.....all inputs goes to logical 1.
  4. Now I try to rewire RTD-s from your instructions and got on both negative number (-32767) - short circuited. Anny idea ?
  5. Here is the two diagrams. The top diagram is from Unitronics documentation and the bottom diagram is from Walkerok if I understand his instructions. Maby I'm stupid but I see the differents betwen those two diagrams. which option is now correct. Best regards Marko Radman
  6. Hello all, Hardware as follow 1. V350 -35 - RA22 2. 2x PT100 input 3. 2x 4/20mA input 4. 2x Digital input Software as follow The jumpers for RTD , analog inpits and digital inputs are sets as follow J1=B (RTD) J2=A (RTD) J3=B (RTD) J4=B J5=B (RTD) J6=A (RTD) J7=B (RTD) J8=B J9=B J10=B J11=B J12 =B If I bring 24+ to one digital input then all inputs go to logical 1. both RTD-s works OK and also 4-20 input works OK. If I set J11 to A then digital inputs works OK but RTD dosent work. It shows me 32767. If I set J11 back to B and connect CM to 0V then RTD shows me negative number , all digital inputs still goes to logical 1 RTD-s are 2wire so I connect T+ and T- together. Help Me please
  7. Hello Emil, I'm hoping for an more easyest way,but now I see you suggest me the same process I allready done. The problem is in too few MF-s. I have just 24 Mf-s. I need more Mf-s with the same OPLC (V130). Nice to here you again too. I hope you come to Slovenija soon. .Say hello to Offir Levi from me.
  8. No Emil, not for HMI. I need this for siimple math function. I need just two numbers after decimal point .
  9. I need to cut some numbers after decimal point. example: MF1 = 34,4567890 I need to get MF1=34,45 How to do that Thanks
  10. Yes you're right,its RTD. I have a module IO-PT400 and RTD. I put the RTD and calibration thermocouple from IFM in hot water and observe the difference in °C as you see in attachment file. The blue line is RTD and the red line is IFM. Look first graph Second graph is Razlika (difference) . I'd like to make some linearization for RTD or correction : If IFM shows 85,50 and the same time the RTD shows 85,1 I'd like to see in my display RTD=85,5 instead of 85,1. In generally I'd like to calibrate my RTD to show real temperature.
  11. I have two thermocouples. First one is PT100 class B Second one is calibration thermocouple from IFM I made csv file for each thermocouple and got the results (look Attachments - Kalibracija.bmp). Now I need to lineariate those two thernocouples and I do not know how.
  12. It is EMF file...like other EMF files in Unitronics folder. I try also with another formats but status remain the same. Witch program you use for editing images? Isn't be much more friendly and easyer if you insert some grafic builder (editor) in your tool application like SCADA have.
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