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  1. Please follow the steps below: 1.Close VisiLogic or any Unitronics tools. 2.Go to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Unitronics" 3. Rename "Eth_Favorites.evb" file to "Eth_Favorites.evb.old" 4. Open VisiLogic and enter the favorites again.
  2. Hello, It seems it is required to review the code in order to determine the cause of this issue. Please send a mail to Support@unitronics.com and we will be happy to assist.
  3. Hello, Please make sure that you are using USB to Serial based on "PL23203 USB to Serial/UART Bridge Controller". You'll have to use it to be able communicating between the LoPy and UniStream controller.
  4. Hi, The communication protocol is Unitronics proprietary.
  5. Hi, Which specific PID block are you referring to? - 13 means Autotune aborted. This may result if the Run Autotune element was not called for at least cycle during the autotune, or in the case of an unknown autotune error. You can try using the Reset PID block and then run the PID autotune again but make sure that you are calling the block every scan.
  6. Hi, Currently it is not possible to send entire folder.
  7. Hello, Which protocol are you using over the CANBUS? If the PLC is sending the data then it is possible to control timing of the messages - if the sender is a third party device then you should configure the device to increase its interval.
  8. Hi, Loading a screen with many data tables which in general contain a lot of information takes more time... If you will have 9 displays - one for each data table - is it loading fast? Can you work with this solution?
  9. Hi, As I understand you are going to add more tags/structs to the project. In this case the existing retained tags should not lose their values. Anyway I suggest to backup your project and the retained tags using UniLogic or UniApps. If you are upgrading firmware then I highly recommend to backup the retained tags.
  10. Hello, See attached example for indirect options list in the combo box. (Please make sure you are using the latest UniLogic version 1.26.90). Place the CSV file under UserLogs/Csv/ BTW you can create the CSV in real time as Saragani mentioned using append buffer to SD file. Example Combo Box Indirect.ulprComboBox.csv
  11. Hi, Can you explain in more details the request?
  12. first configure the PLC to be a TCP-Server After that insert to the ladder the element to receive data from the client. The "Received Buffer" should be very long so your incoming message can be fully received with no problem. The "Length received" integer and "Received message" bit will be use to parse your message and get your information. After receiving your buffer you would like to parse the massage, for that you first need to create the general form of the message your PLC receives. You said you will send a message that looks like "/X300,Y300,Z300/" while the numbers are the only one who change, so this is the general message form and in the places your numbers appears I put a different variable for each number. After that you should put the ladder element for parsing your message, and add your number to the HMI. You can use a program called Hercules, to simulate TCP connection as a client, this is how I checked that my application works.
  13. Hi, Only by viewing the application it will be possible to understand why the scan will jump to 35-38ms. There are several actions that might cause the scan time to increase such as loops (Jump to region) , handling data tables such as insert row or remove row that will need to copy large amount of memory etc..
  14. Hi, There is no option to load EDS for Ethernet/IP. (There is an option to load EDS for CANopen devices). In this case we suggest to view the EDS file using EDS viewer by ODVA and configure the O2T , T2O and data size manually in UniLogic Ethernet/IP scanner configuration.
  15. Hi, There is no direct support for IO-Link in UniStream but we know about customers that implemented Ethernet/IP communication with the IO link HUB and UniStream PLC. Check with the IO link supplier whether its HUB supports Ethernet/IP.
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