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  1. Hi, Can you explain in more details the request?
  2. first configure the PLC to be a TCP-Server After that insert to the ladder the element to receive data from the client. The "Received Buffer" should be very long so your incoming message can be fully received with no problem. The "Length received" integer and "Received message" bit will be use to parse your message and get your information. After receiving your buffer you would like to parse the massage, for that you first need to create the general form of the message your PLC receives. You said you will send a message that looks like "/X300,Y300,Z300/" while the numbers are the only one who change, so this is the general message form and in the places your numbers appears I put a different variable for each number. After that you should put the ladder element for parsing your message, and add your number to the HMI. You can use a program called Hercules, to simulate TCP connection as a client, this is how I checked that my application works.
  3. Hi, Only by viewing the application it will be possible to understand why the scan will jump to 35-38ms. There are several actions that might cause the scan time to increase such as loops (Jump to region) , handling data tables such as insert row or remove row that will need to copy large amount of memory etc..
  4. Hi, There is no option to load EDS for Ethernet/IP. (There is an option to load EDS for CANopen devices). In this case we suggest to view the EDS file using EDS viewer by ODVA and configure the O2T , T2O and data size manually in UniLogic Ethernet/IP scanner configuration.
  5. Hi, There is no direct support for IO-Link in UniStream but we know about customers that implemented Ethernet/IP communication with the IO link HUB and UniStream PLC. Check with the IO link supplier whether its HUB supports Ethernet/IP.
  6. Hello, We tested this and got the same results. We passed it to our R&D. In the meantime you will need to use coil of another bit as you mentioned above. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  7. In general is should not remove the application. (unless it is a really really old OS). Anyway it is required always to load the application from the U90Ladder that is compatible with the OS. In this case upload the program , update the OS and load the application again.
  8. Hello, If you wish to know that button was pressed from WebServer (not from HMI) , you can link to the actions of the web element - set bit of specific bit that the button was pressed so you will know it was pressed from the web and not from HMI. (This bit will not be linked to HMI elements). Since several clients can be connected in the same time , there is no web page change according to bit since it will change the web page to all clients. There is no automatic log off for the webserver.
  9. Hello Anthony, As mentioned in the error message please send us the project file (ULPR) and the backup file (PRBK) to support@unitronics.com and we will review it .
  10. In this case please try to find a contact in Komsan.
  11. If the screen is blinking usually it means that the screen is reloading but since I'm not familiar with the application I cannot tell. Maybe try to use the arrows to move between displays. Anyway as mentioned try to find a contact person from the company that made this machine.
  12. Hello, First please note that Unitronics company is the PLC manufacture and as I understand KOMSAN is the company that made the machine using our PLC. In general to enter a value via the keypad is done by pressing on the key numbers. If you dont know the password then you will have to find a contact person from the company that made this machine.
  13. Hello Juan, What is the firmware version of the PLC? Does only the screen is not responding or also the ladder is not running? Does it happen also with blank application? If it is then please send a mail to support@unitronics.com
  14. Hello, 1. Is the modem connected to the USB port or RS232 port? 2. How many files are sent in one mail? BTW,we couldn't reproduce it with EHS6T modem with the two possible ports, using 1-3 400kb files in one mail.
  15. Hello Dan, Our MQTT client is basically generic. We cannot recommend about specific broker. We tried here brokers such as RabbitMQ.
  16. Hello, Sometimes the CAN device might "wake up" only after the PLC. If you are using the "auto start" - try to uncheck it as captured and send the start using NMT command to start the CANopen slave after a delay.
  17. Hello Arvid, As I remember we discussed this case before and the issue was that the connector was not sitting properly.
  18. Hello, when using download link just add ?User=[ST20,ppppp]&Pass=[ST21,ppppp] to the href property as captured below:
  19. Hello, Please send a mail to support@unitronics.com with the application and we will test it.
  20. Hello, Regarding MODBUS RS485: Are you using MODBUS periodic? if yes then what is the interval you are sending the commands and how many commands? In general I suggest to increase the interval first to 1 second or more for example just to check if the problem relates to loading the bus more then it can handle (more than 38400 bits per second). Canopen: Can you explain in more details why do you need to change PDO1? What exactly do you want to map to PDO1? currently for TPDO1 the parameters mapped are status word and control effort.
  21. Hello, As you can see below the characters do exist in the keyboard - in order to get the underscore _ you can press on Shift. BTW please note that in the struct of the data sampling you can change the file name in "File Name" tag.
  22. Hello, You can use the data table widget to show the column of the food - Then when touching the area of the index the selected row tag will contain the value of the index. Now you can read from the table this value according to the select row tag: The name of the data table needs to be entered manually.
  23. Hello, I want to point that you can use the EXF-RC15 (Remote high speed IO ) on order to use PTO. The EXF-RC15 will be connected by CANBUS to the UniStream. The EXF-RC15 can be programmed in VisiLogic. Attached is an example. UniStream_070_exf-rc15_PTO_plus_jogging_two_channels new.ulprEXF-RC15 PTO plus jogging two channel for UniLogic examples.vlp
  24. If you wish to link the IO data to your Ethernet/IP configuration - just click on the green "Empty" of the Input or output to get the list of the tags in the system. In the list you will find also the UID-W1616T - Now you can choose it and select the inputs or outputs, if you wish to link the whole array just use the back space to delete the bracket and press enter.
  25. Hello, As you mentioned you dont have to use PID Autotune. You can directly use the RUN PID Ladder element. when using the PID RUN , you will need to configure the struct PID Config (non -retained struct) - there you can enter the parameters you wish to use. Once you got good results, you can use the save PID to save to the struct PID AT params (retained struct) . When the PLC powers up you can load the parameters from the PID AT params to PID config.
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