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  1. Hi, You can set Info password using SI179. Note that when you enter new password to SI179 you will not able to see it via the U90ladder and the value of SI179 will always shows 0.
  2. Hi, The command to reset should be /00CCE2B Make sure at the end of the string to send <CR>
  3. Hi, It seems that printing the graph directly to the printer can be done using FB Protocol. If the printer has serial interface (RS232) and supports ASCII (DOS mode), the communication can be established via FB Protocol and this is relatively easy task. If the printer is “network unit” and is connected via Ethernet, it usually has its own set of commands. Probably printing a logo will be according to x and y cordinates and the relevant commands of the printer.
  4. Hi, Which PLC are you using? As I understand you are using the indirect clock functions. Please note that you can set on the HMI Time function variable and enter the time from the display.
  5. Hi, There is no option to change the hardware configuration via touch screen or ladder. Please send mail with the request to support@unitronics.com for evaluating your request.
  6. Hi, I meant your slave devices.. Anyway are you sure you are using the right MODBUS command and reffering to the right slave register address? Try using MODSCAN32 or other MODBUS master software and check whether you are able to communicate with the slaves using your PC. (You will need of course RS232 to RS485 converter). If it works properly with your PC then attach the application and the slave documentation so I can take a look.
  7. Hi, Try sending the mail to few different email accounts providers? Try using different mail server? Do you still get the extra characters?
  8. Hi Deke, Currently this function does not support XI operand. Unitronics R&D will look into it.
  9. Hi Richard, See below code for a toggle button which is linked to MB100: <form method="GET" action="/"> <input type="hidden" name="/Web/Start.htm" value="1"><input type="submit" value="[MB100,OFF,ON]" name="M1"><input type="hidden" name="Data10" size="5" value="[MB100,1,0]"></form></td> <td align="center" width="200"> <form method="GET" action="/"> Please make sure to put in the data table addresses in index 10 the value MB100.
  10. Hi, There is no option to write string from the web page to the PLC. As you mentioned the workaround to do it is only writing ASCII values to consecutive MIs which is not so elegant way. Indeed you are right regarding the document (the comma is missing) and we will fix it.
  11. Hi, In our website www.unitronics.com > Support Page > Downloads > PC to PLC communication you can find two communication tools – Active X component DLL (written under VB6) and .NET driver. Both these tools come with detailed, well described examples. Using one of these tools you will be able to run your software on the PC and communicate with the Jazz. Then you can read from the Jazz the bits/registers you need for trigering other process.
  12. Hi, First check in INFO mode whether the configuration indeed took affect. Press on the <i> key for 4 seconds --> password 1111 --> communication --> Ethernet --> IP Then in order to check whether the problem is not related to the switch - connect a cable directly from the PLC to your PC and try to ping it.
  13. Hi Damiman, Please send the application to support@unitronics.com and we will check this issue.
  14. Hi Jan, As Simon already mentioned, Check the IDs of the PLCs and check also in UniCAN send the destination ID and the destination start of Vector.
  15. Hi Damian, Indeed you are right. When trying to copy the element Set Network ID with contant ID you get message 94. Workaround: Change the constant ID to MI and then back to contant. Now you should be able to copy & paste.
  16. Hi , Which RS485 cable are you using? Did you set termination at both end devices? Please make sure to connect also the 0v of the PLC power supply and the circuit board. Which protocol are you using for communication?
  17. Hi, Which PLC com port are you using for the RS485 communication? Did you set the jumpers for RS485 with Termination? Which RS485 cable are you using? Please check that both the V280 and the slaves are set to the same baud rate and the Network IDs are set as required. Please make sure to connect also the 0v of the PLC power supply and the regulators.
  18. Hi Tim, All four socket are fully independent so you can think of it like you are using 4 independent com ports. As each socket is independent so you can send all 4 messages at the same time (each message in each socket). Note that for sending the next message on the same socket, you need to check the busy bit of the relevant MODBUS CONFIG.
  19. Hi, You can use a timer for controling the rate of the pulses. Each time you can change the timer preset according to the required rate. Connect inverted contact of a timer to a coil of the same timer. This will create a pulse generator according to the timer preset. Then use a direct contact of the timer to activate your output.
  20. Hi, As you already mentioned you can check in SI225 (SDO status) that there is no error (equal to zero). There is another system bit SB243 which indicates SDO transfer failed when it is on. Please note that the PLC has CAN sniffer built in inside INFO mode where you can see all transmit and received CAN messages! Using the new VisiLogic 9.3.0 you have also the option to sniff all received messages to a data table - Please help topic CANbus Message to Data Table. Please see detailed information about the difference between "Domain Segment Transfer" and "Block Segment Transfer" in the below link: http://www.softing.com/home/en/industrial-automation/products/can-bus/more-can-open/service-data-object/download-sdo-segment.php?navanchor=3010619
  21. Hi Flex727, Unitronics Ethernet card supports 4 sockets. According to your configuration you need to set in the master PLC two of the sockets to TCP master and one socket to TCP slave so that the PC will be able to connect it. (This will let the msater PLC to communicate with both slaves at the same time) For both slaves you need to set 2 sockets which will be TCP slave so that the PLC and the PC will be able to connect to it at the same time. Checking the status messages is good option. If you will reinitalize the Ethernet card then all the connections will be lost and you will need to reconnect both slaves. If you recognize communication problem then you can init the relvant socket. Take a look also on SIs 103 - 106 (keep alive) for setting in the slave PLCs.
  22. Hi, Are you sure this is the right gateway? Did you try to connect the PC to one of the PLCs directly and test the communication? Anyway please try to disable any firewall, antivirus or any other program that might block the connection.
  23. Hi BenB, In general these kind of errors are generated by watchdog timer in case the controller exceeds some predefined time and didn't pass trough Scan end. The reason can be internal loop, logical error. Does this error occur in all V130 PLCs? If yes then most probably there is some problem with the code. Are you using jump to label function? Make sure that there is no internal loop which will cause this kind of error. Anyway if you do not find the reason for this problem send the application to support@unitronics.com and we will check it.
  24. Hi Intermat, Thanks for the suggestion. We will consult it with Unitronics R&D.
  25. Ofir

    UniOPC read write

    Hi, Which PLC are you using? Can you explain in more details what is the relation between the VB application and OPC server? Does the VB application act as OPC client? Does it has OPC driver?
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