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  1. Hi Flex727, Unitronics Ethernet card supports 4 sockets. According to your configuration you need to set in the master PLC two of the sockets to TCP master and one socket to TCP slave so that the PC will be able to connect it. (This will let the msater PLC to communicate with both slaves at the same time) For both slaves you need to set 2 sockets which will be TCP slave so that the PLC and the PC will be able to connect to it at the same time. Checking the status messages is good option. If you will reinitalize the Ethernet card then all the connections will be lost and you will need to reconnect both slaves. If you recognize communication problem then you can init the relvant socket. Take a look also on SIs 103 - 106 (keep alive) for setting in the slave PLCs.
  2. Hi, Are you sure this is the right gateway? Did you try to connect the PC to one of the PLCs directly and test the communication? Anyway please try to disable any firewall, antivirus or any other program that might block the connection.
  3. Hi BenB, In general these kind of errors are generated by watchdog timer in case the controller exceeds some predefined time and didn't pass trough Scan end. The reason can be internal loop, logical error. Does this error occur in all V130 PLCs? If yes then most probably there is some problem with the code. Are you using jump to label function? Make sure that there is no internal loop which will cause this kind of error. Anyway if you do not find the reason for this problem send the application to support@unitronics.com and we will check it.
  4. Hi Intermat, Thanks for the suggestion. We will consult it with Unitronics R&D.
  5. Ofir

    UniOPC read write

    Hi, Which PLC are you using? Can you explain in more details what is the relation between the VB application and OPC server? Does the VB application act as OPC client? Does it has OPC driver?
  6. Hi Vidmas30, If the device supports RS232 then you can connect it directly to the serial port of the V350. Of course tou must set the same communication parameters for both devices. (Baud rate, start bit, parity, etc..) Which protocol does Heat meter support? Does M-Bus is MODBUS? If yes then of course you can use FB MODBUS for the communication.
  7. Hi, Which values do you get in NMT status MI? Are you sure you are not chaning this MI anywhere in the applicaiton? See below NMT statuses and check whether they are match the status: 0 - Initializing 1 - Disconnected 2 - Connecting 3 - Preparing 4 - Stopped 5 - Operational 127 - Pre-Operational
  8. Hi fabios, Are you using Visilogic 9.0.1? Attach the application and I will test it with the parameters you are using.
  9. Hi Fabios, For example if your mail server is "unitronics.com" then try sending mail to account in unitronics.com (Example - fabios@unitronics.com) Are you using company mail server or public? did you enter username and password? Can you try using different mail server? Try upgrading the VisiLogic to version 9.2.0 and upgrade all the system files of the PLC.
  10. Hi Fabios, Did you try sending the mail to different mail address? Try sending the mail to account which is configured in the mail server. Please make sure you are using the latest system files.
  11. Hi, Which OS installed on the V280? Using which VisiLogic version the program was downloaded to the PLC? Try uploading the application using the same Visilogic version. You can try also uploading using different PC. Another try will be to download the latest VisiLogic version 9.2.0 and try uploading again.
  12. Hi Fabio, Try to check in the junk or spam box.
  13. Hi Andy, The limitation is not related to the Web Server but to the PLC handling files with SD card. Basically the path appears somewhere in the file.Try checking where you need to change the path to the file and also make sure to rename the file to be 8.3 format.
  14. Hi Andy, The Web files need to be stored in SD card which will be in the PLC. As you mentioned indeed the PLC can work with files only using format 8.3 and english characters. We have many customer who already inmplemeted the Enhanced web server using HTML and JAVASCRIPT using file names with 8.3 format.
  15. Hi Maayan, Indeed you are right. We passed this issue to our R&D for examination.
  16. Hi, If all the 8 PLCs and the PC are connected to the same switch then basically if you will set to each one of the deivces IP Address in the same gateway then you will be able to connect from the PC to each one of the PLCs. In the ladder code add the function TCP/IP card init after direct contact of SB2 and configure IP address, Subnet mask and default gateway according to your network settings. Add the function PLC name after TCP/IP card init and configure your PLC name. Download the application and reboot the PLC. Then using VisiLogic, Remote Access or any other Unitronics software you can access to controller via the IP address, PLC name and the port 20256 or 20257 if you did not change the sockets settings. Please note that you can also configure each one of the sockets to other port number and TCP slave and later use this port number for connection.
  17. Hi Denis, You can use Unitronics controllers either as MODBUS master or MODBUS slave. If you are going to use MODBUS IP then of course the V570 must comprise Ethernet port. Then as in any Ethernet network if you wish to connect more than 2 device then you need to use hub or a switch..
  18. Hi, Currently the fix has been made in new OS which is not official yet but if you need it please send a mail to support@unitronics.com and we will send you. Anyway the OS will be released soon.
  19. Hi active, You can use external timers and use the functions go to next step, start step, etc.. Anyway we passed it to our R&D for review.
  20. Hi Fabios, There is no option to set in the function write row the table as indirect. If you wish to use the write row function then you will need to use this function for each table and the condition to write will depend on the variable. Take a look also on then Direct function.
  21. Hi, I’m not familiar with the SCADA IGSS settings but if it supports MODBUS driver then you can try also set the PLC as MODBUS slave. Then instead of UniOPC use MODBUS. Please see the slave addressing in Help Topic MODBUS.
  22. Hi, In VisiLogic Font Handler add a new font which includes the degrees symbol and click it to select and mark it in blue. Mouse over the symbol and the Keystroke window will appear with the keyboard combination to insert it to your variable. If you want to insert the degrees symbol to you variable, choose the font that you added and use the combination keys..
  23. Hi Damian, As I mentioned the Ping Utility should be activated with direct contact and not using one shot. The activation of the module depends on the user request- for example: * One can keep pinging all the time to a server for checking networking. * One just want to ping one time for checking devices are online in the network. You can use the success bit for resetting the condition to ping.
  24. Hi, Are you able to connect the PLC via Ethernet using any Unitronics software? (VisiLogic , Remote Acces..) Please make sure that there is no firewall or any antivirus which might block the port you are trying to connect.
  25. Hi Tito, Unitronics software does not run under Linux/Unix.
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