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  1. Hi Damian, If you ping from command line to this device - Do you get constant reply? Anyway the condition to ping should be on as long you wish to keep pinging.
  2. Hi Vidmas, If the PLC is configured to TCP slave then of course it cannot establish connection with the PC. (only TCP master can initiate connection). Anyway in your case if the PLC is slave then you just need to use the keep alive and not keep connection operands. If the PLC is configured to master then you need to use Keep connection. There might be a case where the connection was not closed properly and the PLC socket is still open. This is the reason why the PC cannot connect becasue the socket was not closed properly. Using Keep Alive will make sure to close the socket if there is no data trasport for the predfined time.
  3. Hi Vidmas, Please see explanation from help file: SI103-SI106: (Keep Alive) Enables the PLC to disconnect if there is no communication from the connected device. When TCP/IP connection is established (SI 145-148 = 6) check data transport (SDW 14 – 21). If no data transport occurred during the defined time – perform ‘Socket Init’. Keep Alive counter is SDW 38 SI107-SI110: (Keep Connection) Enables the PLC to reconnect when there is no communication from the connected device for the defined time. Note that the value per socket should be higher than the regular “keep alive” (SI 103 – 106) Counter of the operation in SDW 45
  4. Hi, Which communication are you using? (Serial, Ethernet..) I'm not familiar with Citect SCADA but if you wish to use UniOPC server then if you are using serial connection, you need to set the PLC com port for connection with UniOPC. If you are using Ethernet then you need to set IP settings and PLC name to the PLC using TCP/IP card Init and PLC name functions (Under com menu). Then in UniOPC you need to create the channel with the right communication settings and add a PLC. (See UniOPC help) Later the syntax in the SCADA for configuring tags will be :<PLCName> <ItemPrefix> <Address>. For example if the PLC name is "kurtv" and you wish to read MI100 then the syntax will be kurtv.MI100
  5. Hi, You can download the example from our website at this link: http://www.unitronics.com/Data/Uploads/software%20utilities/_CommDriver%20Example.zip Please note that this example is for vision series – in order to communicate with Jazz you will need to change the communication parameters to 9600, 7, Even, 1.
  6. Hi, Try the following: • Download the latest OS 5.04(07) using 57600 • Reset & Initialize the EX-RC1 • Then try to download blank application • Next download his application If you have communication problems then: • Set all the dip switches to OFF and power on the EX-RC1 then it should be in stop mode. • When the EX-RC1 will be in stop mode you should be able to communicate without any problems.
  7. Hi, Status 3 - Synch sent. Status 6 - TCP connection established. If you are unable to get SB149 on (socket 2 connected) then try to connect other device which is in listen so that we will be able to understand whether you have issues with the mail server or with any connection.
  8. Hi, All the sockets are initialized by default - the sockets which you did not use Socket Init will initialize with its own default settings. As I understand you are using Socket 2 for connection - Did you set Socket 2 to Master TCP? Please check after trying to connect the mail server that SB149 is on. Only after getting SB149 on, try to send the Email. If it still fails, check what is the status of MI which is linked to the status messages of the Email function. Please note that Gmail mail server indeed based on SSL encryption which Unitronics do not support. We support mail servers that require authentication type login or plain and of course mail servers which do not require authentication.
  9. Hi, Please note that Gmail mail server indeed based on SSL encryption which Unitronics do not support. We support mail servers that require authentication type login or plain and of course mail servers which do not require authentication.
  10. Hi Ziwi, Good point. Yes, indeed you can read 7 registers and use only the relevant in your logic.
  11. Hi, We never did it before - and it seems to be not an easy task to accomplish. For displaying trends you will need the parameters (time and values) from the PLC - so you will need keep those values in DT and then read it back to operands. Then probably using javascript there is option to draw a graph.
  12. Hi Roland, Are you using VisiLogic 9.0.1? If you are facing issues with updating the PLC OS then try the following: • Power off the controller. • Press and hold your fingers on <i>+<ESC> keys. • While pressing power on the controller. • Then the PLC should be in BOOT mode. • Set the baud rate in VisiLogic to 115200. • Connect the programming cable to port 1 and download OS again via connection menu --> communication & OS --> OS tab. • Download your application.
  13. Hi Boetje, Are you using the Ethernet functionality in your applicaiton? Did you set TCP/IP card Init ? Please make sure that the IP address, Subnet Mask and default gateway have legal values. (If you do not use the Ethernet you can set the IP settings to default in Info mode) Does this error disapears after resseting the PLC?
  14. Hi Malcolm, Does it happens on specific event? Please check the application that there is no condition somehow that disconnect the socket. (for example socket Init) Please make sure also that SB168 is set on as power up value. Which socket are you using for Remote Operator? Which Remote Operator version are you using? Please download the latest version. Please try increasing the time out in Remote Operator communication settings.
  15. Hi Vidmas, According to our expirience the slave sometimes needs short silence between the commands and this is the reason why we recommend to set a small delay between the commands. I think first it is better to test it with the delay in order to know whether indeed this is the issue.
  16. Hi Vidmas, Does all the 4 registers are consecutive? If yes then set the length of the RHR command to 4. If not then try to set a delay between the commands and test again.
  17. Hi Ben, If you wish to convert the number in MI to DW then you need to use the function "Copy Memory". This function copies the bitmap of the number and you will get the right value as unsigned. You can find this function under Vectors menu --> Use Offset --> Copy memory
  18. Hi, You can download it from Unitronics web site download page: http://www.unitronics.com/Data/Uploads/Support/UniVision%20Licensing%201.0.1.zip
  19. Hi, Which VisiLogic version are you using? First of all please note that the PLC name is not the serial number. When you are in Boot mode please try the following: Place the battery back. Set in VisiLogic serial connection and baud rate 115200. Then go to the OS tab in connection menu and press on check when the Wizard appears click on next to download all relevant updates. After downloading all - download application which contain TCP/IP settings and PLC name. Now try communicating with the PLC according to the TCP/IP settings and PLC name.
  20. Hi Fort, Please make sure that the UAC is turned off. Please try to turn off any windows firewall or Antivirus programs which might block communication. (I know about kasperski which blocked communciation) Did you tried cross cable from PC directly to the PLC?
  21. Hi Paul, The only way updating BOOT file is using serial connection. If there is no way to access the PLCs for updating them with the new version then you can stay with VisiLogic 8.6.3 VisiLogic version 9.0.1 mostly realeased for the new V1040 and new PTO functions.
  22. Hi, As the support of Sd card functionality is based on BinLib and Boot then there is no way the sd card can function while updating those layers. As you know before updating, the system deletes the current version and then installing the new one. At the moment that the BinLib and Boot are deleted the SD card stops functioning.
  23. Hi Damian, In general you are right but since there was major change between version 8.6.x to 9.0.x then there is a need also to to update the BinLib and Boot. As I mentioned above there is no option to clone boot and BinLib since the SD card works on those layers. Please note that the Boot and the BinLib versions are changed very rare compared to OS version. Possible workaround: First you can prepare 2 clone files - one for version 8.6.x and one for 9.0.x Then you need to check the versions of the Boot and BinLib of the new PLC and download the relevant clone. Version 8.6.x - Boot 2.2(02), BinLib 1.3(04) Version 9.0.x - Boot 2.2(05), BinLib 2.10(00)
  24. Hi Roland, In General you are right but VisiLogic version and Boot & BinLib versions are not stricly related. If for example there was a bug found in Boot and we fixed it, we are forcing also for updating the boot.
  25. Hi Roland, Indeed the clone file contains also the OS but it does not contain the BinLib and Boot. When upgrading from VisiLogic 8.6.3 to 9.0.1, you must update also the BinLib and Boot. (Same for vice versa) There is no option to clone boot and BinLib since the SD card works on those layers. After you already updated the system files, next time you wish to update a new OS and application you can use the clone file.
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