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  1. Hi, There is no option to use bridging over USB. Basically if you wish to perform bridging over RS485 , the PC must be part of the RS485 network but... the PLCs cannot be configured to MODBUS. (the serial port should be configured to PCOM - default protocol). As Ausman mentioned above you can connect both PLCs using CANBUS and connect the PC to one of the PLCs using RS232 or Ethernet and perform the bridging.
  2. Hi, Can you explain what do you mean by "probs"? Which Smaba model are you using? SM35 has built in RS232 port and you can add Ethernet and CANBUS ports. SM43 and SM70 have built in mini USB for programming and you can add Ethernet and CANBUS ports. In general you can communicate with the Samba both usingRS232 and Ethernet with different protocols such as MODBUS RTU, MODBUS TCP, ASCII etc..
  3. Hi, We will add your request to our wish list.
  4. Hi, There is no attachment file here. Are you using MODBUS TCP or RTU? You will need to check that the communication settings are properly configured (Baud rate, parity, stop bits etc.. IP address, port) Check also the value of the status register that is linked to the MODBUS command - this can tell you if the problem relates to communication , register address, etc..
  5. Hi, First of all if you replace the IO-DI8-TO8/RO8 to IO-DI16 ,you will not have outputs. If you are not using it then you will need to remove this module in the hardware configuration and add the new one. BTW if you do need the outputs you can use the IO-DI16A3-TO16
  6. Hi, 1. In the next version of UniLogic you will be able set Periodic or Aperiodic per MODBUS command! This way you will be able to configure all the commands that you wish to send periodically and for example as you mentioned write commands to be triggered by ladder element. 2. I will add this request to our list.
  7. Hi Jon1711, Attached is an example for sending file from Vision PLC to FTP Server. Using SD card suite - SD card Explorer you can copy files from the PC to the Vision PLC. V570_FTP_client.vlp
  8. Hi, Attached is an example. you will need to press on the fill in order to fill the data table with values and then the graph will be draw. V700 Draw_Grap_XY.vlp
  9. Hi, As I understand you wish to send continues pulses to the drive. In this case you can use PWM output of our PLC, once you set the Run MB it will not stop generating the pulses until you will reset this bit. The frequency and other parameters are model depended.
  10. Hi, As I understand you are using UniStream and try to perform port forward for the VNC port. This should be possible as many of our customers already did it before. Basically you just need to configure it with the internal IP and external port 5900 and internal port 5900. (The most important is that the internal port will be 5900). If you set the external port to other port than 5900 , you will have to configure you VNC client to this port. Please check if this port is not already configured anywhere in the router setting or it is kept for other use.
  11. Hi, Can you explain in more details how exactly you wish to mount the USP-156-B10 ?
  12. Hi, What is the register size of the control word? (16 or 32bit) If it is 32bit , please make sure that the register defined is also 32bit. If I'm not wrong 40001 should be address 0 You can also try to write the data using MODSCAN32 (PC application) in order to find out where is the issue.
  13. Hi, You can configure in the SMS phone number as String. Then you can prepare a data table which will be the phone book and each time load different number according to the logic. you can use the status of the SMS struct in order to know when you are able to send the next SMS.
  14. Hi, As you can see the IP address is formatted to UINT32. First of all in online mode you can select in the grid the format IP in order to see it as IP address. If you wish to display it on the HMI , you can use the ladder element in Strings menu - I"P to String"
  15. Hi, You are correct. When saving Data table to file and parameter F is selected it will generate 3 files: 1. UDTF - This is data table format of Unitronics. You can use this file later when you wish to load the data back to the PLC. 2. CSV.zip and CSV - At start we had only CSV.zip since we wish to compress the file to save storage but then we got requests to have a CSV not zipped. (some smartphone could not open zip that was sent by mail). Anyway I believe you should not have any issues of space in the SD card. BTW you can use File Operation - Delete file to remove files.
  16. Hi, You can try the following: Open UniDowload Designer Link the VDF file. Select the checkbox "Download data for Upload" Create UDC and download it to the PLC using UniDownloader Then using VisiLogic select to upload the project.
  17. Hi, Currently in UniLogic there is no ladder function or other way to change the baud rate from the program. Is there any way to configure the energy meter to work with the same baud rate both for RX and TX? Please send a mail to support@unitronics.com including the spec of the energy meter.
  18. Hi, You will need to download blacnk or other application in order to remove the existing password for the UniApps: 1. You can contact the person you bought the PLC froma ns ask for the IP address. Note that the default IP address is 2. Download application via USB. Which windows system are you using? Do you see the notifier in the system tray? When you connect the the UniStream to the PC does the notifier shows any message? You can send a mail to support@unitronics.com and we will contact you for further assintance.
  19. Hi Michal, When configuring a counter in the UID-0808THS the bottom field lets's you choose the frequency measurement interval (from 1 ms up to 10000ms). Then look at struct created - one the tags created is Frequency. There you will find the measured frequency. Note that there are other scenarios you can configure. For example if you choose scenario "Measure length" (pulse counter) you can count pulses from the moment that sensor detects until it stop detecting.
  20. Hi Mark, You can read the whole word to an integer (using R.H.R command) and then use the Ladder element NUM to Bits (You can find it under the logic menu in the toolbox). This element will convert the integer to array of bits. (Please make sure to create the array of bits in the correct length).
  21. Hi, First of all I want to point that for the next version of UniLogic we will add the option to the determine timeout for the MODBUS Panel.. Can you explain in more details why do you need to change the Slave ID and addresses? The Slave ID can be changed via UniApps --> Network --> MODBUS Mater serial . Then you can touch the area of the Slave ID and change it. Please make sure to use the latest version of UniLogic and UniStream firmware.
  22. Hi, You can do it as following: when sending data from UniStream you determine in your logic that the first integer will be message number. Each time you wish to send diferent data change the message number. Then when vision receives the data, check the value of the first integer and copy it to the right location. For example you wish to send 124 bytes: prepare 2 vectors of 62 each. When you wish to send the first 62 bytes set the first integer to 1 and copy it to the vector you defined in UniCAN node. Then when the vision receive the data check the integer value and copy it to the right vector. When you wish to send the next 62 bytes set the first integer to 2 and copy it to the vector you defined in UniCAN node. etc..
  23. Hi, The USB device port and the RS232 (port1) of the V430 are connected to the same serial channel. This means that only one can work at a time. I hope this is clear.
  24. Hi, Do you still need any help regarding this topic?
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