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  1. Hi, It seems that the keypad image was not downloaded to the PLC. In VisiLogic toolbar there is an icon "System images" (you can find it also under project menu), select this option and once the window of the system images is option choose "Restore all system images to default". Now download the application to the PLC and test whether the keypad can be opened. P
  2. Hi, The V700 comprises a special Ethernet card that offers 8 sockets. Note that your V700 applications implement Ethernet differently from applications using other Vision controllers. Please review help topic in VisiLogic - Vision700 - Using Ethernet. It includes explanation how to use the V700 Ethernet statuses. You can find also example for V700 Ethernet under VisiLogic help menu --> examples.
  3. Hi, Indeed the UniCAN send element support only vectors of MIs but if you wish to send diffrent types of operands (for example ML in your case) you can use the Struct ladder element to collect diffrent types of operands and place it in vector of MIs. then when the other PLC receives the data , you will need to use extract (also using the Struct )in order to parse back the vector of MIs to the operands. You can find the struct ladder element under the ladder Vector menu.
  4. Hi, First of all after downloading application or performing any communication with VisiLogic, please make sure that you are activating the COM INITand protocol you are using to communicate with the motor. Then as Joe mentioned you can monitor the communication (transmit & receive messages)in INFO mode. in order to get to the Monitor do the following: Touch the screen for 4 seconds select "Enter INFO mode" default passowrd is 1111 select Serial select monitor (button at the bottom right) There you should be able to view the TX and RX.
  5. Hello, Do you mean that one will download DataXport from our website and access the data tables? When using DataXport, you can define which data tables can be retreived. in this case you can define only the data tables which does not include the information you wish to secure. Please note that you can block access to the PLC using SB314. whenever it is on no one will be able to access the PLC using both serial and Ethernet connection.
  6. Hi, There are few options: 1. You can set a password to the UniApps. Look for Password management in the Solution Explorer. (system tree at the left). 2. Use UAC (User Access control) - You can create Groups and users. Then you can configure that a user has no access to UniApps. this means that when this user is logged in the menu for UniApps will not be accessable. You can find detailed information about the UAC in UniLogic help file.
  7. Hi, We will take care to update the help file with: "The HMI display bit should either (recommended) be XB or have power up value RESET"
  8. Hi, In the next version of UniLogic which will be launched soon , there will be a new HMI widget - "File Selector Browser". One wll be able to select a file from the HMI and get the file name and path into an ASCII String. Regarding the rename for User Logs via File Browser - we passed it to our R&D. Anyway you can use the Ladder Element "Rename File". (please make sure yo include in SD folder also the sbu folder of the UserLogs. ie Txt)
  9. Hi, I looked at the project and the problem is that in Ladder SD Create Delimited Line the start of vector (for stroring the line data - Date , Time, Float and Binary Text) is MI24 and you need to keep at least 20 MIs (40 characters) free - meaning from MI24 up to MI44. In this case you are using MI25 (final number of bytes)and MI26 as status. This overwrtes the data you are storing. Make sure to change the "outputs" of the SD Create Delimited Line to other MIs.
  10. Hi , Updating Jazz firmware can be done only via Unitronics tools such as U90Ladder. The update is done using special Unitronics protocol and cannot be done via MODBUS. MODBUS is a protocol for exchaning registers and coils and not updating OS or application.
  11. Hi, The V700 currently does not support Profibus card. The development for V700 is not finalized yet, and once it is, we will announce it. Sorry for the inconvinience.
  12. Hi, There is no option to access the string library via communication driver. Note that you can assign indirect MI in the string library so this might help to solve the problem.
  13. Hi Nildo, Did you already solve the issue above? If not then please send a mail to support@unitronics.com with the latest version of the applications and we will help accordingly!
  14. Hi We are considering making a flat V1040. It was not decided yet. A large potential customer / project would probably get us to do it. Vision series is here to stay, and will continue to advance. Can you explain what exactly is the use of the Profibus? Can you aso explain what are the issues you are facing with the UniStream dimensions?
  15. Hi, Does the motor drives support Explicit messaging? or only implicit messaging? What is the maximum number of drives you are going to use? What is the speed you need to communicate with the drives? Please send also mail with this request to support@unitronics.com Thanks!
  16. Hi, It seems that somehow the socket was were not closed properly and this might be the reason there is no option to reconnect . Please set a power up value of 50 to SI103 – SI106 Keep alive according to the socket number you are using. (This is in units of 100ms) For example if you are using socket 0 then set a power up value of 50 to SI103. This enables the PLC to close the socket if there is no communication from the connected device.
  17. Hi Flex, It is not planned at the moment, but as you know things are always in progress.
  18. Hi What is the error message you receive in VisiLogic? (message box) did you try changing the baud rate in VisiLogic to 115200? Are you using USB to Serial or built in com port? you can try also communicating with the V570 using port 2 of the PLC.
  19. Hi, Usually when the PLC is in stop mode the default baud rate is 115200. Try to set in VisiLogic communication & OS menu the baud rate to 115200 and then try to download application. if you are still unable to connect - let me know what error message do you get?
  20. Hi, In VisiLogic under View menu select the option "Operands not referenced in the project". Then you can select each type of operand and clear the operands that are not referenced in the project.
  21. Hi, I woluld check all the instances of this MI (which is Operand A as you mentioned) in the program using the find tool. If you dont find it .. check if there are MIs before this address that somehow overwrite this MI. For example if the address of this MI is 104 and in other place of the program you are perfroming for example RTC to ASCII and the result goes to MI100 , it can overwrite MI104. In case you dont find the reason - send the applicaiton to support@unitronics.com and we will check it.
  22. Ofir

    Add up Array

    Hi, What do you mean by "add up the calues of an array"? Do you wish to sum all the values of an array? If this is the case then of course you can write a simple logic that loads each time a value from the array according to offset and add it to some integer. What is the operation NOT for an integer? what shoud be the result? If you wish to toggle all the bits of the integer you can use the utility XOR where A is the number and B should be FFFF.
  23. Hi, The tag which is linked to "Is Active" property of a display will turn on immediatelly when the display is shown on the HMI and it will be reset when the display is no more showing on the HMI. in this case for example you can use a positive transition of this tag to call a function that you will prepare such as screen loading. You can also of course run a function while a display is shown using a direct contact of the "Is Active" to call this function.
  24. Hi, Are you refering to EX-RC1? if not then what is the interface of the remote IO? For example if it is third party remote IO which support Ethernet - you can connect routers , one at the PLC side and one at the Remote IO side and communicate over Ethernet. iIf you are referring to EX-RC1 then we dont have expirience with CANBUS wireless adapters but if tehy are transparent then the configuration should be the same as in our examples.
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