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  1. Hi, There is no direct option to reset HSC which is on expansion unit. Attached is application which implements resetting HSC using virtual HSC. In the attached application instead of working directly with the MI that linked to the HSC (which you are unable to change/reset) working with the virtual HSC. Expansion HSC reset.vlp
  2. Hi, JavaScript will be good for viewing live data. If you wish to view the history of the Trend saved on the UTR file then you can create a link to the file and then download the file to the PC and view it using SD card manager.
  3. Hi, UTR files can be opened only using SD card manager (under SD card Suite). Basically if the UTR file is stored in the SD card in the TREND folder then you can creata a link to download the UTR file from the webpage. Another option is to use Javascript which will create a graph on the webpage according to the operand value. (This probably will require Html/Javascript expert)
  4. Hi, The operands which is in use for the enhanced Web Server are: T0 ML 0 -12 DW 0-2 XB 0 -56 XI all in use XL 0 -203 XDW5 MI 4,30,49,68,69,78 – 89, 108, 142,147,250 -260, 1000-1350, 3997.
  5. Hi, It seems the applicaiton calls a display evey scan. Check that all the conditions for calling a display are with one shot condition. As Dave mentioned also calling the alarm display (using Show alarm /shpw groups) should be activated with one shot condition.
  6. Hi, As I understand you are using the display text - you can choose the option "string from Library" and then you can write the text in the string library and use the second icon from the upper left (insert carridge return line feed) for adding new line of text.
  7. Hi Oliver, First of all it is good news that the system is working properly now! The Silence terminator is minimum time to have between the received strings. For example if you set 40ms that means there must be at least 40ms silence between the received strings.Since probably the time between the characters are less than 40ms the PLC collects all the characters and process it properly. Also since your received string contains the characters 0D0A you must include them in the message body.
  8. Hi Oliver, It seems that it is an issue with the delay between characters. First check is there is a configuration in the other device where you can decrease the delay between characters. If not then try setting a value in SI100 - Maximum Delay between characters (units of 2.5ms) and check whether it helps.
  9. Hi Oliver, Can you check the received string from the other device? If you get -1 it means that the string configured in Protocol Scan is different from the one you receive, You can check in INFO mode --> Serial --> Monitor --> port2 RX window whether the received string is exactly as configured in Protocol Scan. (you can switch to HEX mode to view all special charaters.
  10. Hi Oliver, Do you receive error 1 after power up? Try first to initialize the V350 and then check if you still receive the same error. I downloaded your application to V350 and I did not receive any error - I was able also to send the "S" and "T" commands. (I'm using Terminal application to simulate the other device). Make sure you are using the latest system files (BinLib, Boot and OS).
  11. Hi, Sorry for the misunderstadning my first post was refered to Vision series. If I understand you question then you need just to enter the number 9 in the last MI.
  12. Hi, You mentioned that you used the Yaskawa drive as MODBUS master. Does the same Yaskawa drive can perform as MODBUS master and slave? Please check what you need to do in order to set the Yaskawa drive as slave? Which port number does the Yaskawa is listen to? You can try first connecting the Yaskawa drive to the PC with MODBUS master simulator and check whether it communicates properly. Then you can set Unitronics PLC with the same settings as you set to the MODBUS master simulator.
  13. Hi, You can change it both using the software or directly from the unit. Unit: Press on the <i> key for 4 seconds Enter the default password 1111 --> Data Types --> System Integers --> change address --> change the value using the enter key Software: Using the software you can connect to the unit using the serial cable. Then using the tool bar at the top, press on the blue glasses to enter online mode. (debug mode) Now select operands tab at the bottom of the of the screen and select system integers. Go to the mentioned address and by clicking on the blue value you will have a window that you can change its value.
  14. Hi, You can change the contrast using SI7 (system integer 7). The range is from 0 - 100. Check also that the backlight intensity is set to 2 in SI9.
  15. Hi, The RTC values are in SI30 - SI38. The date is in SI32 so you can use it in your ladder code to compare it with your reuired value.
  16. Hi, What do you see on the HMI? After downloading applicaiton, do you see the right display? If you are able to communicate with the PLC, go online (debug mode) and check if SB16 turns on when touching the screen.
  17. What is the size of the setup file you have downloaded? Make sure that the download was completed successfull (the file size is around145Mb). Then make sure you are installing VisiLogic with administrator rights.
  18. Hi, Did you make any changes to the application or did you download it as it is? If you establish connection with the PLC via VisiLogic do you also lose ping after the connection is done? Try to do the same test with a cable connected between the PLC and our PC. (It doesnt matter if it is cross or straight) Beside of socket1 you have another 3 sockets which you can configure as you like. For example socket 3 by default is TCP slave port 20257 so you can use it for communication with VisiLogic. It is better to leave socket1 for the Web Server since the Web soubrutines logic is already linked to this socket.
  19. Hi Ari, Please note that the indirect phone number is in ASCII. Than means each MI contain two digits. If the maximum length of the number if 14 digits then you can set the maximum length to 14. Now each time you fill the vector with a new number, make sure to add null at the end of the number. For example if the vector starts in MI1000 and the number is +972544332211, MI1000 = +9 MI1001= 72 MI1002= 54 etc...
  20. Hi, As I understand you are trying to run the Advanced Web Server. In order to eliminate the router settings, try to connect your PC directly to the PLC. You do not need to change the socket setttings (Configured as TCP_RAW), just change the IP address, Subnet Mask and default gateway to match your network. Copy the files from the ZIP to the SD card in folder Web and download the application to the PLC. Now try to type the IP address of the PLC in the browser address bar and check if you can view the page. (first make sure you can ping the PLC )
  21. Hi John, When using the advanced web Server once you have applied a password, the application will request this password each time the user: * Accesses a new page hosted in the PLC * Enters or modifies data on a page In order to avoid this please read pages 9 & 10 of the attached documnet. Enhanced PLC WebServer.pdf
  22. Did you check with the supplier of this motor whether it is possible to change these parameters using SDO commands? If it is not possible then you can try doing it using CAN_LAYER2 protocol. Baiscally using "CAN_LAYER2 Send" command you will just need to enter ID and data you wish to send to the device.
  23. Hi, First of all make sure that the Node-ID and Bit timing parameters are not configured using dip switches. If indeed these parameters can be configured via SDO then take a look at EDS file and find the index which is related to NODE ID and the one that related to Bit timing. Now when you have this information first you need to set the device in to Pre-Operational mode. Then you can use SDO Download command for changing the Node-ID and Bit timing parameters. You can find an example for CANOPEN in VisiLogic--> help--> examples -->communication--> CANOPEN which includes function to switch the CANOPEN device to stop/Pre-Operational/Operational modes and also sending SDOs example.
  24. Hi, No, the Email function does not support SSL encryption. You will need to use a mail server that use login or plain and of course mail servers which do not require authentication.
  25. Hi, First make sure that you are using the latest system files of the V570 according to VisiLogic. PLC not reponding to the SMS message can be caused if: - The message was not sent exactly as configured in SMS configuration. - Signal quality was under 13 Anyway you can check status message operand of SMS configuration - see help SMS operands. If you are able to simulate the error you got please send a mail with the application to support@unitronics.com and we will check it.
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