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  1. Maybe it is. Now that I look at it, it should work. Thank you for the help and your patience.
  2. I guess it would be the peak value seen during a specified time of the process sequence. I don't know what the peak value would be ... what ever the highest value that the sensor sees.it would be a 0 to 1000 range. at some point during the process, it may see a peak value of 694. during the rest of the process time it varied between 325 and 505 (example). I want to store that peak value in a register, and also store the value seen at a specific time in the process. That part I can do, it is the peak value I am unsure about.
  3. Not quite. I guess I should have said the Highest value rather than max. I want to store whatever the highest value was.
  4. How can I write the logic to look at the values of an analog input and store the maximum value that it reached during a specific time of a sequence, then in another register store the end value during that time?
  5. I can connect using Ethernet, but not usb. tried different cables and different ports but nothing. it says it is searching for a plc, but does not find one. I am logged on as administrator.
  6. Those "Help" files aren't all that helpful.
  7. Thank You Shane! That helped. I had messed around and figured out a way of doing it with the divide by 100 and then using a subtract and feeding that into theInt to Real element. I was able to connect using usb on another laptop. The one I normally use can connect to a vision on Eth, but will Not connect to the unistream. I made sure to add the 2 unistream files for notification etc. to the allow portion of windows firewall, but it still did not work for either usb or Eth. Not sure why. IT's have stuff so locked up it's hard to get into some things in windows. I am using Windows 7 and the unilogics is the 1.15 Rev 70. I appreciate your help. I am doing a lot of math in the program to use analog inputs to provide the the settings for a PID loop to control a vfd speed and valve positioning, so having the input converted to a real number makes the calculations a lot easier. Again, thank You.
  8. I was using the INT to Real element. hovering over the parameter letters doesn't give me a clue as to what it needs to be . The A I put as the input value that I want to convert. No idea what is in B or C. Help file is worthless. Even with other things like the Formula element is basically worthless. I created basic formula A + B it doesn't work either. Is there anything that actually works? I'm not sure I understand how to "Then, take the modulous of the input over your scale (again, 100 in your case) to receive the remainder, or fractional, part of the REAL number and save this again into an INT register (we'll call this tag B )." For example if my input value was 3.92, the integer value of the input would be 392. divide by 100 to get the first part... 3 then?
  9. I 'm using a unistream 10" hmi and have analog inputs and outputs. the properties for the analog are int16. if I want a range of 0 to 5.00 for one, but can only put in 0 to 5 or 0 to 500, how do I use an INT to Real conversion block to change it. I use the int16 value of the an input as A, what is used on B and C so that I can have a real value of 5.00
  10. dsoper

    Opto 22 "Groov"

    Has anyone tried using an OPTO22 "Groov" to monitor and control a vision plc? or know if it will work with the OPC server
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