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  1. I must convert project from V270 with keyboard to V570 with virtual keyboard. In V270 project have control " List of text: By pointer" with constant strings operated by keybord arrows. In V570 project i have the same control, but how can i choose/change constant strings? Its not supported by instant virtual arrows? I must to add arrows on screen with my code?
  2. I work via Kepware. 5 digit addressing vs. 6 digit addressing. In my case O50 (Unitronics) => 005051 (KepServer). Its work. For example: MI18(Unitronics) =>400019 (KepServer) ML4(Unitronics) =>405109 (KepServer) (must calculate addres according to type). Very bad that is not table transformation addresses (SI,SB,O,I,T etc to Modbus addresses via KepServer) Thanks.
  3. Vision 280 Output coil O49 I try to read coil status via Modbus (Kepware). In Help address must started from 000000.I try 000049 and 005049, but its not work. Help...
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