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  1. As far as frequency goes and watchdog numbers we are not sure as the unit is off site so we can get all the information we need. Right now the only response we got was that the screen right now says a watchdog error/fatal error. I'll check over the table data and linearization functions. Thanks for getting back.
  2. I'm taking over an project in which a start up bit is being accessed in a sub routine for a red lion display. It's writing a send protocol then connecting to an increment which is then outputting to a MI. Then that MI is not being used anywhere else in the program. Could this cause a watchdog error? The problem we are having is that V570 is showing a watchdog error, we are using two data tables and from what we can tell the tables and code are not the issue. The unit is not on site, and we are troubleshooting. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks I can attach the code for anybody that would like to look at it. AR 1217 SERVISAIR RAMP SERVICER WITH TLS.vlp
  3. I updated visilogic and updated os etc. on 1040. I still have small keypad. What am I doing wrong?
  4. Has the "new version" been released that addresses these small screen issues? If not do you have an idea of when it will be? thanks
  5. How soon because I am about to release an application to a customer and I would love to have that fixed? The small keypad really detracts from the feature of having a larger screen. Thanks
  6. Just finished an application for the V1040. I used a modified application from a V570. When the keypad for password or the alpha numeric keypad pops up it's tiny. How do I correct this? I'm sure that the display that is roughly twice the size of the V570 would utilize the entire screen for such actions but I don't know how this happens. thanks
  7. Using a V570 with a e3xb snap in module. App runs fine for awhile then crashes. Screen reads as follows: stop mode fatal error enum:0x00000801 ip:0x0035729A 00348f6a ldr:0x000000e8 desc. watchdog I've tried a different 570 and a different snap in but problem pops back up. I get no errors when compiling. I don't believe it's a wiring issue but perhaps. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. thanks Matt
  8. I am using a v570 with expansion modules. I need a frequency measurement from high speed counters. I've been trying to use the "new" fb immediate frequency measurement based on high speed counter. It seems that this fb can only be linked to HSC0 or HSC1 which I assume only pertain to snap in module inputs. Is this doable with hscs tied to the expansion modules? Do I have to go back to my old sample the value store in a buffer find the difference etc. based on a time constant, etc. etc. etc.?
  9. I need to send a memory float value to a serial printer using fb protocol send. If I send the actual MF I get erroneous output. I have considered using NUM to ascii but my memory float will always be changing in size and decimal point will always be moving. Am I missing a simple way to do this? Thanks for any input.
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