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  1. Hi Marko Normally the decimal portion is the result of a divide function. You probably do all of your math with MI whole numbers and then divide to get the decimal portion. when you divide an MI the portion after the decimal point gets stored into SL4. You can then use a simple compare to determine if this value is big enough to be rounded up or not. You must use SL4 directly after each math function as it will be updated with each divide function. Hope this helps. Regards Denis
  2. Juan As Flex says the positive transition should only be for one cycle. As the name suggests it activates when the bit goes from low to high. You should be able to keep your finger on the button indefinitely and it should not activate a second time as now it is a closed contact regardless of the number of scans or the scan order. Check for other instances of F1 in your program in case you have a normal contact instead of a positive transition or in case you have a reset coil somewhere on F1.
  3. Hi Flex This is strange. If he is using the jump condition on the displays then they are already positive transition contacts. If you look at Visilogic where it says jump condition, the symbol for positive condition is shown. I assume that it is done this way to prevent this from happening. A look at the program would help.
  4. Hi Juan What you have done is probably ok. but just check that you are using a positive transition contact of F1 and not just a normal contact. A normal contact will switch several times during the scan time of the PLC whereas the positive transition will pulse once each time it is pressed. Regards Denis
  5. Hi Streamer Try downloading the latest version of visilogic. When I tried to open your program it said it was made with an older version. If the Samba is new the operating system installed may be newer than your visilogic version, This may cause problems with compatibility. Regards Denis
  6. The alarm function in the UniStream is really good and easy to configure. We currently use the vision series to control refrigeration compressors. When we get an alarm or a fault we save a large number of integers and bits to a data table to indicate temperatures, pressures and status at the exact time of the alarm. Of course we can still do this with the current UniStream and use ladder to trigger the store of data at the time of each alarm. However I think it would be a nice future feature to have a button on the current alarm history screen that would bring up a configured data table (or an automatic screen shot at the time of the alarm) whenever a particular alarm is viewed. Regards Denis
  7. USB stick (DOK) is not recognized by PLC

    Hi Aus I have always been led to believe that size doesn't matter. Always something new to be learnt on these forums. Regards Denis
  8. UIA-0402N Flow Meter Wiring

    Hi Sanyc From the document it says that the output can be passive or active. If it is passive the output is 4-20ma and you should connect the positive of your 24v supply to the + of the instrument (terminal 26) and the - of the instrument (terminal 27) should go to the input of you analog input card. If you select active than the - of the transmitter (terminal 27) is wired to the 0 common of the analog input and the + of the instrument (terminal 26) is wired to the input of the analog card. in this case you can select 0-20 or 4-20ma. Regards Denis
  9. UIA-0402N Flow Meter Wiring

    Hi Sanyc If it is an active transmitter then the transmitter has a separate power input. Make sure the 0v of the transmitter power supply is linked to 0v of the unitronics input. you should not put a resistor across the wires. If you still have trouble please post a sketch of your wiring and the transmitter details. Regards Denis
  10. Unitronics

    Hi All I recently attended a Unitronics training workshop given by Ofir Levi. This was a one day course on Visilogic. It was a really well presented course provided at the level appropriate to the participants. Later in the week I had a problem with establishing a connection to a UNISTREAM PLC. Contacted support and Reuven in support took control of my PC and sorted it in minutes. While also explaining what was wrong. I am 25 years in the refrigeration service industry. We deal with many suppliers. The service provided by Unitronics is second to none. Just wanted to take a minute to show my appreciation for a great service and product. Regards Denis
  11. Hi All, Can anyone provide a USB driver for UniStream on a Windows 10 based laptop with a 64 bit operating system (intel chipset) Regards, Denis
  12. Safety contact on outputs

    Hi Isakovic I have found that this can happen when loads are switched on or off. In your case multiple loads would come on and off with the KZ contact. All relays should have flyback diodes and all AC loads should have RC snubbers. Thers are some very good topics on this in the forum and I have got a lot of help from Joe, Keith others on this at the following forum. Regards Denis
  13. Info/calibration screen issue

    Hi Garry I have changed the front part of the V570 before. It is quite an easy repair and the part was quite cheap. The part quoted was "SA/V570-FRONT" Im not sure if this is the official part number or just our unitronics suppliers number. If you contact your spplier they should be able to advise you. Regards Denis
  14. Hi Aus I always thought the "L" in PLC stood for logic. With this in mind how can there possibly be a Girl one? oops, now I got hit too
  15. Hi Grimluck Is this subroutine being called in the main routine. Not sure it will do the calculations if not called but it probably not run any outputs. regards Denis