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  1. Hi You need to have a 24v supply on 0 and V2. The program you attached has 0 to 4095 for the 4-20ma out. You may need to change this to 819-4095 Check the actual output with a meter and be careful to common all the 0v. Regards Denis
  2. sgull

    Ethernet IP addressing

    Had a quick look at this again today. I got communicating using the settings above but with INT32 instead of INT16 (thanks Joe) The results I am getting are really big numbers, much higher than what I would expect. I will now need to find out which parts of the result need to be swapped to give me the correct result. The documentation of the meter is quite poor on this topic. Thanks for all the help.
  3. sgull

    Ethernet IP addressing

    Thanks Joe I already tried subtracting the 40000 but didnt try the offset of 1. I will try this and post back any results. Regards Denis
  4. Hi Qassim If you want to use the linearization block just use MI or ML without the decimal place. For example if the input range is 15.25 to 95.35 just use 1525 to 9535. When it comes to display the result use the input screen to determine the decimal position. Regards Denis
  5. sgull

    Ethernet IP addressing

    Thanks Aus Im using port 502 for the Modbus TCP. I cant find anything in the manual or online to suggest a different port. I will try playing around with different values to see if I can get a response. Regards Denis
  6. Hi I am trying to read from energy meter (Socomec DIRIS A40) to a unistream via MODBUS TCP. I have set up the device as per the images. I can access the meters built in webserver while connected to the same hub as the PLC so the addressing and cabling appears ok. The result returned for each parameter is 0. I think it may be an addressing issue but I am not sure what to try next. Regards Denis 536181B_GB_Ethernet-1.pdf
  7. sgull

    Password Protect on Formulas

    Thanks Joe I will need to do this now anyway. I tried to write a formula that was working in visilogic in unilogic. I tried for a few hours to get it to work but kept getting different values in the two PLC's. After submitting the project to support, they confirmed that there was an bug and would need to research this. I would advise checking the results of formulas in Unilogic for correct operation. See attached. The VLP is the formula working correctly in Visilogic The Test formula.ulpr is the one that does not work. The Test formula_ak.ulpr is the work around supplied by support. Regards Denis formula test.vlp Test Formula.ulpr Test Formula_AK.ulpr
  8. sgull

    Password Protect on Formulas

    Hi Joe I think this only protects the ladder and where the formula is called. The formula editor is lower down the tree and does not appear to have the protect option. Regards Denis
  9. Would it be possible to have the option to password protect formulas in the next version of UniLogic. Regards, Denis
  10. sgull

    UniLogic does not start

    Hi Alex There is a topic here where this is discussed. There is a RAR file attached to one of the posts. If you follow the instructions with this you should solve your problem. Regards Denis
  11. Hi I think if you choose PT100 it automatically converts the input to actual temperature values and you don't need to linearise. If you use the OHM setting you can use the raw value in the ladder and scale it to whatever you like. I assume the range of 0 to 320 ohm is the same for both. Would be worth setting up to test though.
  12. Hi I would say it is a wiring issue. Make sure you common the 0 volt of your supply with the 0 volt of the PLC.
  13. Hi I have used this many times with an MF as the input. Try changing C to Float. You should also be triggering an MB after the conversion is done (just attach it to the right hand side of the function block) You will need this MB when displaying on the screen. The values I have used with success are as follows. A=MF, B= Constant 6, C= float, D= constant 0, E= Constant 2, F=MI Regards Denis
  14. sgull

    Profibus & Profinet

    There is a Profibus card available for the V130,350,430 and for the V700 You can also use a modbus to profibus converter on other models
  15. Hi Joe Looking at the board there are no electronics or circuits in the 4 corners. It would fit if the corners were cut. This was obviously something done intentionally to prevent older snap in from being used on newer PLC's. Would it be possible to find out what the incompatibility issue was? Regards Denis