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  1. Give a look at the "num" to ASCII under the strings menu. You can set an indirect position for the decimal place on the HMI. It may help you achieve what you want.
  2. Hi In your original post you said you tried to use the digital inputs and found that sometimes the count jumped by 5 or 10. This will happen if you dont use a positive transition contact to increment the pulse counter. if you use a nornal contact the counter will increment with each scan as for the duration of the pulse.
  3. sgull

    m91-2-ua2 Temperature in ladder diagram

    Hi With a thermocouple type input do you need to linearize as shown above? The attached files above show an input between 0 and 1023 and an output between 0 and 100. I dont think you can do this with a thermocouple type J.
  4. If you have the com settings being set by a power up bit on the program, it may be possible to use INFO mode to change the settings when the unit is running.
  5. sgull


    Hi Meetto If the port is COM17 in device manager then you must select COM17 in the unitronics program communication settings. However I think that the program only accepts COM ports up to 16. Try changing the COM port in device manager to an unused port below 16 and match the settings in the Unitronics program
  6. Hi You could use the formula function to do the calculation. Feed in the MI into the formula and divide by 100 and save as an MF, then multiply as normal.
  7. sgull

    RJ45 to wifi

    Hi All I purchased this device on ebay. The model number is "VAP11G Bridge Cable Convert RJ45" (probably many alternatives available) Cost around €15.00 Works a treat on unistream. Plug in the ethernet and power via the USB port. PLC can now be programmed with the panel door closed over wifi. Should also work with Vision but you would need a power bank or 5v power supply.
  8. Hi Acisre The PLC will evaluate all the code with each scan. I think the way the code is written it would be impossible to know what MI-1 will be. If you use a positive transition contact for the increment the value would be 2. With a direct contact of the compare the value will increment continuously for the scan time.
  9. Hi For RS485 connect pins 1 and 6 of the Unitronics end to pins 7 and 8 of the drive. Connect + to + and - to - so 1 to 8 and 6 to 7.
  10. Hi You need to have a 24v supply on 0 and V2. The program you attached has 0 to 4095 for the 4-20ma out. You may need to change this to 819-4095 Check the actual output with a meter and be careful to common all the 0v. Regards Denis
  11. sgull

    Ethernet IP addressing

    Had a quick look at this again today. I got communicating using the settings above but with INT32 instead of INT16 (thanks Joe) The results I am getting are really big numbers, much higher than what I would expect. I will now need to find out which parts of the result need to be swapped to give me the correct result. The documentation of the meter is quite poor on this topic. Thanks for all the help.
  12. sgull

    Ethernet IP addressing

    Thanks Joe I already tried subtracting the 40000 but didnt try the offset of 1. I will try this and post back any results. Regards Denis
  13. Hi Qassim If you want to use the linearization block just use MI or ML without the decimal place. For example if the input range is 15.25 to 95.35 just use 1525 to 9535. When it comes to display the result use the input screen to determine the decimal position. Regards Denis
  14. sgull

    Ethernet IP addressing

    Thanks Aus Im using port 502 for the Modbus TCP. I cant find anything in the manual or online to suggest a different port. I will try playing around with different values to see if I can get a response. Regards Denis
  15. Hi I am trying to read from energy meter (Socomec DIRIS A40) to a unistream via MODBUS TCP. I have set up the device as per the images. I can access the meters built in webserver while connected to the same hub as the PLC so the addressing and cabling appears ok. The result returned for each parameter is 0. I think it may be an addressing issue but I am not sure what to try next. Regards Denis 536181B_GB_Ethernet-1.pdf