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  1. Voltage control is simpler and easier to measure online. However if you have the switches set to "I" and the correct output from the PLC, there should not be a problem with current. Can you post a quick sketch of how it is wired up? Are you using the 24v of the VFD or the 24v on the PLC supply? Dont worry about the dip switches in the snap in module, these are for analog inputs and not the outputs. Regards Denis
  2. Along with all the checks above you should also check the way the signal is wired. If the inverter needs a passive signal then you must connect the inverter 4-20ma common to the PLC 4-20ma commom (0v). However many inverters need to see there own powered loop. In this case you need to wire as an active input. The fact that the inverter rises rapidly from min to max frequency with such a small increase in the MI value suggests a "clash" of voltages. Regards Denis
  3. I think you have the choice of 2 digital outputs from the IFM unit or 1 digital and 1 analog. You need to decide how you are going to control. You can use two digital and use the sensor settings to control levels or use the 4-20ma to give you a level and program the PLC to switch at specific levels. If you use the analog you need to use an analog input on the PLC.
  4. Hi What addresses is the PLC saying are not supported? Is it O112 to OO127 or some other range?
  5. I think the position you put the RO16 will determine what I/O registers are expected in the PLC. The PLC looks at the modules as if they were directly connected. In the EX-RC1, if you are mapping the outputs to a different address to the expected the PLC will see this as being incorrect. The outputs should still work but you will keep getting this error on compile. See Attached regards Denis IO-RO16-IO-RO16L_540802102.pdf
  6. sgull

    HMI Freezing when playing video

    Hi Try using a positive transition contact on "Video Timer Out" on net 2 You may be calling the screen continuously with the direct contact. Regards Denis
  7. sgull

    Reboot PLC

    Hi Saragani I see it on the LED indications of the output modules (can also hear the relay outputs switching on/off) When I hit reboot on the software I don't think I can be in online mode and it happens too fast to see it on the HMI. Regards Denis
  8. sgull

    Reboot PLC

    Hi All This is mainly for the program designers, but it may be worth others being aware of this. I have a system with a unistream 10 and the latest software. When I issue a reboot command when on line (just for testing or implementing new code) the following happens. 1. The PLC switches off all outputs that were on. 2. The PLC then switches on the same outputs again for 1 second. 3. The PLC then switches off the outputs and restarts. Step 2 of this is a potential problem. If a large motor or specific sequenced process were being controlled by these outputs, then unintentional pulsing could cause damage. Regards Denis
  9. Hi Joe Never thought of doing it that way. Much nicer than set and reset and you never have to worry about power up state. regards Denis
  10. Hi Just use the compare function., compare the temperature to the min and max values. It the temperature is below the min value set the heater output coil. if the temperature is above the max value reset the heater output coil Regards Denis
  11. Give a look at the "num" to ASCII under the strings menu. You can set an indirect position for the decimal place on the HMI. It may help you achieve what you want.
  12. Hi In your original post you said you tried to use the digital inputs and found that sometimes the count jumped by 5 or 10. This will happen if you dont use a positive transition contact to increment the pulse counter. if you use a nornal contact the counter will increment with each scan as for the duration of the pulse.
  13. sgull

    m91-2-ua2 Temperature in ladder diagram

    Hi With a thermocouple type input do you need to linearize as shown above? The attached files above show an input between 0 and 1023 and an output between 0 and 100. I dont think you can do this with a thermocouple type J.
  14. If you have the com settings being set by a power up bit on the program, it may be possible to use INFO mode to change the settings when the unit is running.
  15. sgull


    Hi Meetto If the port is COM17 in device manager then you must select COM17 in the unitronics program communication settings. However I think that the program only accepts COM ports up to 16. Try changing the COM port in device manager to an unused port below 16 and match the settings in the Unitronics program