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  1. for 12 bit it should be 819-4095 How accurate is your pressure transmitter and meter? This does not seem to be a huge difference. You can always do a small calibration routine in the program to create an offset
  2. AI0 to AI3 can be wired as voltage or current inputs. For current connect the 4-20ma to "I" and the 0v to "COM" Make sure that the 0v of the transmitter is common to the 0v of the input module power supply
  3. Hi Alex It is one of those things that would be nice to have. Or something similar to the alarm banner that could be used to trigger information, events, advice, system warnings etc. I posted here just to get input from other members. Regards Denis
  4. I think it would be nice to be able to change the color of the alarm banner. At the moment it is green for no alarm and red for alarm. If we could configure it as follows it would be good. No alarm - Green Critical alarm - Red Minor alarm - Orange Information - Yellow ETC,
  5. Hi Bjarni Thats what I mean. You have wired the same at both ends, but I think the L and H of the connectors are not the same on the units. Regards Denis Sorry - I was looking at the wrong wiring diagram. Please ignore the advice above.
  6. Check the wiring on the CANBUS side. I think the connections on the unistream are not the same as EX-RC1. The blue and green wires might need to be reversed.
  7. Under the Numeric elements on the right you have "IP address edit" and "IP Settings Edit" Can you place these on the screen for the user to access? Can you also change these from the info mode?
  8. Hi Bob Once an alarm has been configured you should see an ALARMS STATUS STRUCT under global tags at the bottom. Click on alarms status struct and you should see a bit for any alarm active. Regards Denis
  9. Hi Borec Com 1 normally will not function if you are connected to your PC at the same time. Did you try communication with the danfoss drive on com 2 and using com 1 to connect the PLC to the PC. Regards Denis
  10. Hi Aus Saragani and Flex got there before me. I find this really handy if the customer wants a copy of the program as it contains all settings as well. Regards Denis
  11. Thanks Flex. Yes, I am aware of this but most places will never check a display until something goes wrong, With the Vision range I used to clone a program once I had a machine set up and all settings entered. This clone contained the program and settings. This program could be left with the customer on an SD card, If the battery or PLC ever failed, the program wold be uploaded to the new PLC along with all settings. I was not aware with UNISTREAM this had to be done with two files. Regards Denis
  12. Thank You. That should work. When all settings are complete I can copy the program and retained tags to DOK. On Battery fail the operator can load the project from DOK and then copy the retained tags back into the program. When I tested this, it copied the program and the Data Table along with the table retained values from the PLC to DOK and back. The other retained values were returned with the "import Retained Tags" command. Thanks for all your help.
  13. Thanks Saragani When the battery fails I will lose the Data Table. I have the Data Table is on the SD card but I still would not be able to load it because the element ^Load DT from file" also needs retained values. I think with Visilogic you could clone a program to the SD card. This allowed you to take the program with all set points etc. and copy them from one PLC to the next. Is this available on Unilogic? Regards Denis
  14. Hi All, I have a Data Table with fixed values that by reading a row and a column I can load a certain value into a program. I have set the Data Table to be retained and when I power down and back up all values are still there. - What happens when the PLC battery dies? Are values in the Data Table still retained? - There is the option to save the Data Table to SD card. Is it possible to load a Data Table, complete with values, from an SD card into the PLC on power up? Regards, Denis
  15. Hi I changed one of these about 6 years ago. You don't change the screen, just the digitizer. At the time the time the part quoted was SA/V570-Front I am not sure if this is an official part number or just the distributors part number. Cost around €50 for the part + delivery and easy to change. Regards Denis
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