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  1. hi all, so i have this trouble regarding an application that uses a v120 and enfora modem. the plc receives messages no problem with it. what we encounter is that when i use a different sim card for sending an sms to the plc, it receives the message but the phone number is displayed as+0918******* and not as +63918******* which has the country code. this results in me not being able to trigger the receive bit in the plc. i can change the number to +0918*******, to command but the problem is that the plc won't be able to reply to the said number. has anone else experienced this? i can use the same network and the phone number has the country code, but a different network doesn,t
  2. hi tony, maybe we can talk through skype if we're both free, my id is cruzifixx_11, im from the philippines so i don't know if our times will sync, haha, or maybe we can chat on fb or skype, thanks
  3. hi emil, i considered the conflict of the two protocols that is why i want to use fb protocol and not modbus. if i use fb protocol, then i can initialize the com port for protocol fb. i can communicate with the first device via fb protocol but i don't know how to construct the messages in the attached picture for the second device which is the power meter
  4. hi all, i have a question about using protocol fb. i have a phoenix empro ma250 power meter which can aommunicate using modbus rtu. i can communicate with the power meter using read holding register modbus fb flawlessly. what i want to do is use protocol fb to generate the send and receive modbus frame messages. i am having trouble constructing the messages in protocol fb. i have attached a picture of the frame structure of the meter. iam using a v350 for this, with one port for modem and the other port for the device/s. i wish to use protocol fb instead of modbus fb because i want to connect other devices that don't use modbus protocol. i hope anyone can help me. thanks all protocol fb question.bmp
  5. this might be a simple and rather silly suggestion but, can you send the mi registers directly via unican send? use bit to num to convert your digital inputs to mi registers and use num to bit in your master plc. i use this instead of struct for my programs and it works. the only problem with this is that you can only send 16 mi's per send block and this will result in multiple send routines. give this a try and see if it works
  6. thanks joe, is it possible to view the saved trends on a pc?
  7. hi all, i would like to ask if is it possible to save all 8 trends from a v1210? i need to save at least 5. also how many tables can i save on the sd card? thanks
  8. hi all, how can i use the HSC of the IODI16 expansion module? does anyone have a sample application? also, i can only use an MI for the HSC, what if the value exceeds 65000 or something? thanks
  9. hi all, i am having problems communicating a v1210 to the new expansion adapter ex ax2. is there a hardware problem with these two? anyone experienced the same problem? thanks
  10. HI guys, How should i construct the logic for sending UniCAN messages from a V570 to seven EXRC1's ? can i use a 100ms pulse and sent the messages at the same time or is there a correct way Thanks
  11. hi all, has anyone used a hilscher profibus to modbus converter? iam having trouble making it work, can you send me a sample program for the converter if possible? i am using a nt100 re dp gateway. also a samle application to go with it, i am having a hard time making it work. thanks
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